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Lastminute Looking back on the crash
On the fifth anniversary of the dotcom collapse, Chris Alden reflects on the hysteria and hubris that fuelled the boom.
Elton John and Mylo Mix and match
Technology is democratising the music industry, with aspiring musicians able to set up recording studios without spending a small fortune on overheads. Natalie Hanman reports.
Chips Shipping in the chips
Jack Schofield: It's official: the world will be moving to multi-core processors in the next couple of years.
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Virgin makes podcast debut
March 9: Virgin Radio is taking its breakfast show directly to the iPod generation by launching a daily 'podcast'. By Julia Day.

Blogger makes White House debut
March 9: On Monday the White House allowed Garrett Graff, editor of FishbowlDC, to attend its regular press briefing - the first recognised internet diarist given a pass. Here is an extract from his blog of the day.

Stringer takes the Sony controls
March 8: Welsh-born former journalist Howard Stringer was yesterday appointed the first non-Japanese head of electronics and entertainment company Sony. By Jane Martinson and Justin McCurry.

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The new internet Read this week's Online magazine
Click here for all the news, reviews and features from the March 10 edition of the Guardian's Online print supplement.
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Second sight
Glynn Moody: If you think computer patent law is boring, think again. Over the past year, factions for and against patenting of programs have fought a battle for the soul of European software, and ramifications of a recent EU decision on the subject are likely to be huge.

End of the line
Faster wireless networking looks set to lay cables to rest - if regulators allow it. Peter Judge reports.

It's never too late to learn
Sheltered housing schemes are wising up to the cost and social benefits of giving retired residents access to the internet. Mira Katbamna reports.

Get the message
Text messages are increasingly being used to conduct business, reports Mary Branscombe.

Rank and file
UK e-government scored well in a recent survey, but the real challenge to put public services online still lies ahead. Michael Cross reports.
Michael Cross: Public domain

Blog watch
The legal landscape is taking shape for the nascent blog community, and it isn't looking pretty. Round one in a fight over the leak of Apple's new products, has gone in favour of the computer company.

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More news and comment

Net pirates steal Who preview
March 8: Thousands of net-savvy Doctor Who fans have circumvented the first rule of time travel by seeing the first episode of the BBC's new multimillion pound revival of the series before it has even been broadcast. By Owen Gibson.

Dead ringer photo to beat phone thieves
March 8: A Japanese firm has come up with a novel method of preventing the theft of mobile phones, reports Bobbie Johnson.

Questions over Tesco PC vouchers
March 7: The value of computer equipment claimed by schools through Tesco's Computers for Schools promotion is substantially lower than six years ago, analysis by the Guardian has established. By Nils Pratley.

Vision of the future
March 7: BSkyB is banking on customers paying more for better sound and picture quality. Owen Gibson explains.

A law unto themselves
March 7: A US blogger has lost the first round of his fight to claim the same protections as journalists. Dan Tench investigates.

It makes no sense to try and censor
March 7: Rulings over television advertising make little sense in a world that is increasingly dominated by the internet, says Paul Carr.

Don't bank on HP's source of difficulty
March 6: According to the New York Times, Carly Fiorina - sacked ex-CEO of Hewlett Packard is one of the leading candidates to replace James Wolfensohn as president of the World Bank, writes John Naughton.

Shops turn to Ebay's virtual shelves
March 6: Ebay is being used by record numbers of small shopkeepers and market traders to shift excess stock. By Sarah Ryle.

Song swappers forced to pay up
March 5: Parents caught in net as recording industry agrees settlements with 23 accused of illegal downloading.
Labels hit illegal downloaders

Pleas for centre to investigate web porn
March 5: Police and children's charities have called on the government to set up a national centre to investigate computer child porn.
Internet child porn offences rise

Gates made honorary knight
March 3: The richest man in the world now has a title to place alongside his monolithic software empire. Sarah Boseley reports.

Internet degrees a disgraceful waste, say MPs
March 3: A government initiative to offer British university degree courses over the internet has been condemned bas a 'disgraceful waste' by MPs, reports Rebecca Smithers.

Culture online gets 3m bonus
March 3: The arts minister Estelle Morris has confirmed that the arts and heritage project Culture Online will receive an additional 3m to spend on interactive projects in 2005/06.

Tree of Lives
March 3: The launch online of the 1861 census for England and Wales, the oldest one yet available, is a cause for celebration for historians, genealogists or anyone who just wants to find out more about their great-great-aunt Mabel in Aberystwyth.

Games revel in rare acclaim
March 2: The great and the good of the video games industry, perhaps unfairly stereotyped as geeks in scruffy jeans and faded T-shirts, last night donned their dickie bows for the industry's Baftas. By Owen Gibson and Bobbie Johnson.
Gamesblog: from the Baftas

Seven die in online suicide pact in Japan
March 2: Seven people have killed themselves within hours of each other in Japan in the latest round of suicides committed after pacts made on the internet.

Apple Mac inventor dies at 61
March 1: Jef Raskin, a computer interface expert who conceived Apple's ground-breaking Macintosh computer but left the company before it came to market, has died.
Onlineblog on Jef Raskin
Talk time: Jef Raskin

Keystroke strategy for open access
March 1: The movement to increase free online access to scientific research will receive a boost today as academics, publishers and librarians thrash out a new plan for open access. By Richard Wray.

BBC web 'under threat from EC'
February 28: The European Commission is planning a frontal assault on public service broadcasters throughout Europe. By David Gow.

End of the line for phone boxes
February 28: British Telecom says it wants a review of its obligation to maintain its 70,000 loss-making boxes. Faisal al Yafai reports.

The bloggers shall inherit the Gonzo
February 28: Hunter S Thompson's life may have been incomparable, but a new breed of writer has taken up his challenge, says Paul Carr.

ITV and Channel 4 put in bids for Freeview slot
February 28: ITV and Channel 4 are to submit final bids today for a new slot on Freeview, which could cost the broadcasters up to 7m a year. By Jane Martinson.

YouGov continues its rise with a flotation
February 28: YouGov, the online polling company set up by two former aides to Jeffrey Archer, is hoping to list on Aim this summer.

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