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Welcome to a collection of rare and partly unkown Hard- and Software associated with the legendary Commodore 64/128. This page shows Information and Links about the incredible Graphics Booster 128, the mysterious Commodore Laptop and the rare Dual Disk Drive VC 1572.

New since 1999 are the legendary C-65 Prototype, a kickass Advertisement campaign from Commodore in 1985 and some Information on the German: GEOS V2.5.

If you are into rare and obscure Commodore Hardware, then you might want to visit Cameron Kaiser's Page about Commodore's Secret Weapons. The page features probably the most comprehensive collection of CBM hardware on the Net, including the Commodore LCD, the C65/DX64-Prototype and various others. Always worth a visit!

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C-128 Graphics Booster

Graphic Booster inside the C128

The C-128 Graphic Booster

Not only the C64 benefited from countless users willing to expand it's capabilites far beyond the original specifications. Check out what two wizards from Switzerland did with their C-128 back in 1986, banning Amiga and PC users back to cheaper seats.

Graphic BOOSTER 128 Advertisement #1

These two Images are Scans from the 64'er Magazine issuses 7/88 and 9/89 featuring Advertisements for the GRAPHIC BOOSTER 128. Click on the following links for a bigger picture or a Translation respectively.

Advertisement 07/1988:

Bigger Picture (40Kb)

Translation German --> English

Graphic BOOSTER 128 Advertisement #2

Advertisement 09/1989:

Bigger Picture (19Kb)

Translation German --> English

I would like to make clear that I am in no way, and have never been affiliated with Combo AG or their Products. I have never owned any of their Products nor do I know anyone who does. Apart from the items featured on this site I have no further Information on issue. For any additional Details I am afraid you will have to do your research. On the other hand, if you happen to have any Information on the Subject, feel free to contact me.

Commodore LCD Laptop

Commodore LCD Picture

The Commodore LCD Laptop

Click here to find out more about Commodore's second portable Computer besides the SX-64. I'm not sure if it ever went into series, or if there are only a few exibition models around, which seems more likely.

C-65 Picture

The Commodore C-65 Prototype

Yes, I know that there are several other pages on the Net which provide Information on this subject, but why should that keep me from making my own? I belive that my page is quite complete on the subject. But I must admit that if you're looking for programming information you should try somewhere else. Anyway I hope you'll find this informative in some way.

GEOS V2.5 Advertisement


Although nobody out there claims to have a copy, GEOS V2.5 does seem to exist, at least a German version of it. At least there was an extensive advertising campaign by the German distributor 'Markt&Technik' in early 1994 which went on for at least three months. There should be some people who had placed an order - which doesn't mean they ever got a copy. Please click on the image to find out more.


Picture of the VC 1752 and VC 1751 (13Kb)

Taken from an article about the Consumer
Electronic Show (CES) Chicago '85

There is a whole new collection of professional Hardware planned for the C128. Recently introduced was the double Disk drive 1572 which assembles from two horizontally aligned 5.25 inch Drives and is compatible to the 1571 and 1541. Per Drive it has a capacity of 410 KByte and is mainly planned for fast backups. Furthermore it has a built-in 6502 Processor, 8 KByte RAM and 64 KByte ROM including the DOS. The transfer rates are set to be 300 Cps for the C64 and 5200 Cps (Burst Mode) for the C128 and CP/M Mode. The Drive is said to be read and Write compatible with Kaypro, Osborne, IBM CP/M 86, Epson QX-10 and several other formats. The final price was not available at this point of time.

Click on the image (13Kb) for a larger View.

Commodore Ad from 1985 (264Kb)

Bad News for IBM and Apple

Check out these guys in 1985, you won't belive your eyes. It looks like at the CES'85 Commodore was out there to kick some ass. Well as we know today, IBM and Apple still exist - Commodore doesn't. Obviously something went wrong. Please click on the picture (99Kb) to view a larger version, so you can read the text. It will definately make you smile ;-) To get the whole sense of this collage, you might need to know that in the early 80's, IBM had a rediculous campaign running featuring Charlie Chaplin. A text-only version is available here.

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