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This lovely graphic creation by Kacaso of Area 51 - The X-files!

I love X-files. Well, not Season Nine, probably...not even sure if I'm going to watch it unless they bring Krycek back. But I love Seasons One through Seven and some of Eight. And I love smut. I love good, hot smut. I love good, hot MSR, I love hot M/K and I really love hot M/Sc/K. Hence this site.

I've archived my own smut here, as well as that of a few special smutting friends, my dirty-minded and wonderful husband, David, and my very special love, Shannon. I've also created a special page dedicated to smut that involves Scully and Krycek or even better, Mulder, Scully, and Krycek.

'Nuff talkin'. Follow the links to get your ya-ya's out.


Almost ALL of my fics, and all of my favorite fics, are rated NC-17 for graphic sexual content, so please if you are under 17, respect the wishes of your parents and read something else. Hey, there's plenty of other good stuff out there that ain't dirty. (wink) You also might run into some rather non-consensual sexual activities in a few of my stories, but you will be warned in the intro, so be vigilant.

The smut of my longtime love (and husband), David.

The smut of my new love, Shannon Kizzia.

The smut of the wonderful Fran Hartman (Mistress of dirty talk).

You can see the personal photo album I just started here.

I've received many wonderful online gifts from all of the fantastic friends I've met in the fandom. Come share in them here!

I've done some slideshows, and the dear kacaso has agreed to host them on her site! Click here to see them!

Feeling brave? Wanna see what blows my skirt up? Visit my Rec Room!

Okay. Thanks for hanging in with me this far. Wanna read my fic now?

Well, here you have it. All of my demented little X-files fantasies (well, the ones I've written down so far, anyway) in one place for your enjoyment. Dig in!

I write in different genres, from het to slash, sweet MSR to non-con. I have broken my work into subgenres so that you don't end up reading a scorching M/K when you're really looking for a sweet MSR. The one and only incredibly talented Kacaso of Area 51 - The X-files has provided me with some absolutely GORGEOUS banners for you to click on to get just the type of Ya-ya's you've come here for.

Please choose carefully and pay attention to warnings. I don't want to traumatize or squick anyone here.

Lastly, please remember that a fanfic writer's only payoff is the kind words of those who share their perversities.

Thanks for visiting!


If your tastes run to the shippy, click above and indulge.

If your tastes run to the slashy, click above and partake freely.

If your tastes run to the Mulder/Scully/Krycek kink, this is the place for you. Come frolic with us. My own MSK stuff, as well as that of my listmates and favorite authors, is straight ahead in MSKipperVille.

Finally, I actually have written one or two things that are *not* smutty. GASP. I know. If you are just so curious that you want to see what would make me do something so sick, click above.

Click the graphic, created by Jamie of Whispers of X, if you want to support our Arab-American neighbors.