Dragefestival Rømø 2003 
Pictures taken by me and my friend Robert on our trip to the Rømø kitefestival 2003.
Obviously a lot of the pictures will be showing us and the rest of our "gang" Jane & Christa, and the kites that we flew (especially the new ones we bought at Metropolis in germany on the friday (Christa: PKD Buster 2.0 Red, Jan: PKD Buster 4.0 & Level One 21st Centurey).
Go to the last pages to se some nice pictures taken at the night flight saturday evening.
Christas new PKD Buster 2.0 (sqm.) with my old Symphony 1.4 (m. width) for comparison.
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My new PKD Buster 4.0 ...
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... Dwarfing my Symphony 1.4
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A view over Lakolk Shopping center
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And Jane holding our first "kitefestival accessory"
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A little but very fun bat tethered to a stick.

After our first trip down to the beach, we found out that we also had to have a high "fishing pole" for the bat and a spinner, so we went back up to the shopping center and bought a 4m telescopic pole (se later pictures)
Now we were really ready for our first kitefestival :-)
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A look from the shopping center towards the beach.
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We are all big cat-fans so this picture was a must.
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Jane, myself and Christa walking towards some action.
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Sleeping teddy :-)
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