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CD-DEC90-SSTF-15 $150 Add $25 shipping fee for international orders (including Canada and Mexico) Technical Documentation included on disc For credit card purchasing via the web, click on the "BUY" button below. If you prefer to place your order by telephone (credit card or census deposit account payment only) call Customer Services, Bureau of the Census (Phone: 301-763-INFO(4636); FAX: 888-249-7295 (toll-free) or 301-457-3842). If paying by check, send a check payable to Commerce-Census to U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, P.O. Box 277943, Atlanta, GA 30384-7943. Released May 9, 1996

Subject content: Contains summary statistics for all persons 5 years and over in the United States. SSTF 15 has one table that can be cross-tabulated within the variables listed below to present data for non-movers; movers within State, county, and metropolitan/non-metropolitan area; and flows between States, or metropolitan/non-metropolitan areas. Also, marginal (non-cross-tabulated) data are available for the same variables.

Data items include: Age, Currently Enrolled, Educational Attainment, Employment Status Recode, Hispanic Origin, Household and Group Quarters Type, Household/Group Quarters Relationship, Income in 1989, Industry, Marital Status, Occupation, Poverty Status in 1989, Race, Residence in 1985, Residence in 1990, Sex and Tenure.

File format: ASCII and dBase III + "GO" display/retrieval software on disc

Geography: United States, State, Metropolitan Statistical Area/Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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Contact: Customer Services (orders), 301-763-INFO(4636); Population Division (content), 301-457-2454.

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