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Availability: Available as a 10 disc kit; individual discs may also be ordered. Additionally, you can access all the data in SF 1 in the American FactFinder or via FTP  

Subject content: Based on data tabulated from responses to the 1990 Census short-form questionnaire. Contains the most frequently requested data table from Summary Tape File 1. Extract files include 4 population tables and 8 housing tables, containing total population; White; Black; American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut; Asian or Pacific Islander; Hispanic origin; under 18 years; 65 years and over; total housing units; 1 unit detached or attached; 10 or more units; mean number of rooms; total owner-occupied units; mean value of owner-occupied units; total renter-occupied units; renter occupied units with 1.01 or more persons per room; mean contract rent of renter-occupied units; units with 1.01 or more persons per room; family householder-no spouse present-with 1 or more persons under 10 years; one-person households; and persons in occupied housing units.

Note: Complete Summary Tape File 1B data set available on CD-ROM in ASCII format.  Contact Customer Services Center for ordering information.

Geography: States and their subareas in hierarchical sequence to the block level (includes State, county, county subdivision, place, census tract/block numbering area, block group, and block). Also, State portion of American Indian and Alaska Native area (with trust lands and with no trust lands), county portion of AIAN areas, and Alaska Native Regional Corporations. It also has inventory (complete) summaries for: place, census tract/block numbering area, block group, consolidated city, Alaska Native Regional Corporation, State portion of MSA's, CMSA's and PMSA's, and State portion of urbanized areas.

File format & Software: dBase III+; disc has GO display/retrieval software.

Order Information

Census contact: Customer Services Center (orders), 301-763-INFO (4636); Population Statistical Information Office (content) 301-763-2422.


All States (Complete Set of 10 CD-ROMs) CK-D90-S1BS-09-US1   $270 CSC

New England & Mountain Division C1-D90-S1BS-09-1 New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont); Mountain (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming) $50 CSC Released September 17, 1992

Middle Atlantic Division C1-D90-S1BS-09-2   New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania $50

CSC Released September 15, 1992

East North Central Division (part) C1-D90-S1BS-09-3 Indiana, Michigan,Ohio $50 CSC Released October 22, 1992

East North Central (part) & West North Central Division (part) C1-D90-S1BS-09-4 East North Central (part) (Illinois, Wisconsin); West North Central (part) (Minnesota) $50 CSC Released November 5, 1992

West North Central Division (part) C1-D90-S1BS-09-5 Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota  $50 CSC Released November 23, 1992

South Atlantic Division (part) C1-D90-S1BS-09-6 Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia $50 CSC Released November 5, 1992

South Atlantic Division (part) C1-D90-S1BS-09-7 Florida, Georgia $50 CSC Released November 23, 1992

East South Central Division C1-D90-S1BS-09-8 Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee $50 CSC Released November 23, 1992

West South Central Division C1-D90-S1BS-09-9 Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas $50 CSC Released October 13, 1992

Pacific Division C1-D90-S1BS-09-10 Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington $50 CSC Released 9/11/1992