Just plain old hands guide miracle worker


By JOHN CURLEY / Evening Magazine

The popping sound, the grunting and the hands all belong to Dr. Johanna Hoeller. What she does has been described by some as nothing short of a miracle.

Dr. Hoeller is a chiropractor who specializes in a procedure where the atlas or C1 the small doughnut-shaped ring at the top of the spine is carefully adjusted back to center, thus balancing the spine.

Adjusting the spine without actually touching!
This practice is part of NUCCA National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.

But it's how the doctor does the adjustment that leaves many of her patients wondering.

Mike West, the morning DJ for KMTT, has been seeing Hoeller for more then 7 years.

I remember going on the radio and all of sudden, click, and I would have to crawl off the floor to go to the doctor to get her to fix, he said. I don't know what she does but it works.

What has West and other patients some from as far away as Alaska scratching their heads is the fact that Joanna Hoeller does not really touch them.

I'm not a witch doctor, said Hoeller.

First X-rays are taken. They are like a blueprint for the patient, providing guidance and information on how to bend and twist a persons spine.

I really dont want to be considered the doctor that doesn't touch, because I really think that is misleading for people, said Hoeller.

Its just plain old hands that know what they're doing.

Dr Johanna M Hoeller
NUCCA Certification Status:
Part 3 - Full NUCCRA Board Certification
board of directors NUCCA

Dr Peggy Munsey

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