3DFX Linux Framebuffer Driver Page

(for the Linux kernel, naturally)

After a long break, I'm trying to continue the development of the tdfx driver. Currently, it supports the Voodoo Banshee, Voodoo 3, and Voodoo 5 cards. The driver is reported to work on x86, MIPS, and PPC platforms.

Latest patch:  There are minor, non functional modifications since v0.2.2, so I didn't create a new version number for this one...

       3DFX FB driver version v0.2.2 +minor patches2    (2001-05-07, against linux 2.4.4)

       3DFX FB driver version v0.2.2 +minor patches    (2001-05-01, against linux 2.4.4)

How to use the patch:
    - download the patch
    - download and extract the kernel source undex /usr/src/linux
    - apply the patch:
        cd /usr/src
        gunzip -cd <patchfile-s name> | patch -p0
    - then compile the kernel. That's all.

Previous versions:
    v0.2.2:  (released 2000-10-07)    // against 2.4.0-test9
    v0.2.1:  (released 2000-07-25)
    v0.2.0:  (released 2000-07-17)

    Old releases: (released by Hannu Mallat)

    v0.1.3:  (released 1999-11-02)
    v0.1.2:  (released 1999-10-19)
    v0.1.1:  (released 1999-10-07)
    v0.1.0:  (released 1999-10-06)

3DFX card Register Specifications:

    Voodoo Graphics
    Voodoo Rush
    Voodoo Banshee

Other links:

    Linux framebuffer homepage
     Linux framebuffer HOWTO (for users)
     Jeff Garzik's Linux Video Drivers page (useful links to video driver resources)

If you find some bug, have some good document, or patch, please notify me here.