MAME cocktail cabinet.

My build of a MAME powered cocktail cabinet.

The original cocktail cabinets can be altered to carry modern PC components, but I decided to build one from scratch, to look like one of the arcade cocktail cabinets I remember playing on when I when I was a teenager.

I briefly thought about an upright cabinet, but I really prefer the table cabs, even though I suspect they are tricker to build, and besides the cocktail cab can at least be used as a table when not being played on. Some MAME cocktail cabs get pretty sophisticated, even having a rotating screen, but I wanted something simplier to build. Something along the lines of this original (and scruffy) astroids deluxe table.

I also liked the look of this mame cab, and this site gives cab dimensions for a very similar table. I decided to use these as the basis for my cab.

My only other criterea was that it would boot and run without having to use a PC keyboard (or open and shut Windows), and as far as possible the fact it was PC based would be hidden.


Basic details are (full details and piccies whan I find time): The body was built from MDF, screwed and glued together. The glass I had cut and made shatterproof by the local glass maker. The legs are 35 x 15 mm rectangular section I cut and welded into a suitable 'T' shape. The electronics are based on an old AMD powered PC. The case needed to be cut up to fit in the small space left for it, which basically meant chopping out the hardrive cage and fitting to the back of the chassis and cutting down the area around the expansion cards so it would fit. Everything else was chucked away. The remaining chasis was then framed with aluminium angle, which was screwed into the cabinet body for support.
As its a MAME based cabinet and has potentially several hundred games in it, I decided to squeeze in a 17 inch monitor in a landscape orientation (rather than the smaller screen portrait oriented the originals had) to make the most of the sideways scrolling games. Whilst its still not finished, a lot of the cosmetic work is still to be done, its 90% of the way there and is usable.



Still to do: Hinge lid, find clips to hold glass onto lid, make overlay to neaten up the cut-out round the monitor, wire up player 2 controls, find cover for leg tops, Find some nice artwork for the case. Lots and lots of tidying up to get it neat and looking finished.