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Return to Arms Available in Stores!
Champions: Return to Arms, the sequel to Champions of Norrath, has shipped to North American stores! Get your copy today!
A Special Price for Champions!
Experience the world of EverQuest in a whole new way! The Station Store is offering Champions of Norrath, the hit PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system action RPG, now only $19.99!
Five Champions to Master - Select from five races and five classes (Female and Male versions)
Thousands of Items - More than 10,000 in-game items with random generation and ability to create your own
Huge Combat World - 45 Levels to master with more than 50 areas to explore and conquer
Random Dungeon Generator - Randomly generated dungeons and monsters allow each game experience to be different. Never play the same game twice.
Champion Combat over the Internet or via Multitap - 4-player combat via Multitap or remote Network Adaptors
Champion Progression and Customization
  Hundreds of Levels of combat and magic skills and abilities to master
  Ability to select and specialize your skills, equipment and abilities
  Customize your champions name, face, hair, skin tone and more
Save Your Champion - Import and download characters via Memory Card
Master Cold Steel and Wicked Magic - Combination, weapon and magic attacks ensure thrilling non-stop action
Combat ViewCam -Total camera control allows you to zoom in up close or view the battles from above

Gamespot's Most Anticipated Game of 2005
Gamespot Associate Producer Ryan Davis isn't a big fan of PC RPGs ... with one exception. He has chosen Champions: Return to Arms to be one of Gamespot's most anticipated games of 2005.
Game Over Online Previews Return to Arms
Take a look at Jeff 'Linkphreak' Haynes' in-depth preview of Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms!
RtA Preview
Check out IGN Insider's preview of Champions: Return to Arms along with several in-game screenshots.
PlayStation Magazine's RtA Preview
The latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine has an exclusive preview of the upcoming CoN expansion, Champions of Norrath 2: Return to Arms. Also, check out the magazine's great RtA cover art. Buy your copy today.
Champions Media Coverage
Even right before E3, there was extensive media coverage of Champions: Return to Arms. Check out the previews at IGN, GameSpot, and GameSpy. After E3, in addition to Gamespot's Best MMORPG Award, RTA received IGN runner-ups in two award categories: Best Online Networked PS2 Game and Best Role-Playing Game.
Gamespot Interviews RTA Devs
Read Gamespot's interview with Champions: Return to Arms producer Clint Worley, and assistant producer Todd Carson. They discuss the upcoming sequel's story, new gameplay, new locales, and two new races.
Champions Sequel Announced!
Sony Online Entertainment has announced Champions: Return to Arms™, the sequel to Champions of Norrath. It will be available in the first quarter of 2005. For more game details, check out the RTA website.
Champions of Norrath is Back in Stock!
Due to its immense popularity, Champions of Norrath sold out quickly. The Station Store is proud to announce that a new shipment has come in and this much acclaimed new game is available right now!
Rob Hill interviewed on Gott Game
Champions Producer Rob Hill is interviewed on this week's edition of Gott Game, the weekly radio show focusing on video games.
Your first stop out of the box
AOL Games presents First Tip, your first stop out of the box. This gem of a movie takes a unique look at Champions of Norrath. Be sure to check it out!
Check Out These CoN Movies
Get a sneak peek at the game at its height of action. The Champions of Norrath movie section has many exciting moments for your viewing enjoyment.
Ubisoft's New Champions of Norrath Teaser Site
Check out Ubisoft's splashy new Flash-animated teaser for its upcoming extensive CoN site. Click here for the Discussion Thread.
Come join the community!
Special titles, message filters, and much more are available on the new Champions of Norrath Forums, a place for the community to gather!
Penny Arcade editorial on Champions
Today's editorial in Penny Arcade singles out Champions of Norrath as one of the top games out there this month. Check it out!
Now available!
The hack and slash action-adventure that reviews everywhere are raving about is now in stores. Select your Champion and prepare for battle - order today!
Champions FAQ from IGN
IGN has posted a great 4-page Q&A with Snowblind Studios about all the features of the game that everyone can't wait to play. Tide yourself over and read it!
Champions of Norrath Q&S; #8
In this latest EQVault feature, producer Rob Hill discusses hidden characters or classes in CoN. The exclusive screenshot shows three warriors in action.