Asahi Shimbun, Aug. 18, 1999

Man Arrested for Attempted Arson of Temple

Yokosuka (Japan)

August 17, Yokosuka Police Station arrested suspect Shinichi
Kuzuha (46 years old), a company employee, present address,
6 Chome, Miharu-Cho, Yokosuka City, on suspicion of attempted
arson of an existing structure when he tried to set fire to a
temple after spreading gasoline about. According to the
investigation, suspect Kuzuha was arrested on suspicion of
attempted arson after he tried to set fire with a lighter to
gasoline, which he had spread about the foyer and lobby of
Nichiren Shoshu Hoshoji temple (Chief Priest Eijun Ishii),
1 Chome, Hinode-Cho, Yokosuka City, around 9:55 a.m., on
the 17.

Suspect Kuzuha had driven a car right up to the entrance of
the temple; suddenly, produced a plastic tank filled with
gasoline, and began to spread gasoline about. An employee of
the temple (60 years old) caught him in the act, subdued him,
and handed him over to the police when they arrived. The
police reported that Kuzuha confessed stating, "I bought the
gasoline at the local gasoline station. I intended to set
fire to the temple." According to chief priest Ishii, Kuzuha
had been seen at the temple before, entering and existing it.
When Kuzuha was wrestled to the ground, he screamed at the
chief priest, "I’ll kill you. As long as I’m still alive, I’ll
kill you!" Kuzuha also had in his possession a knife.