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e didn't review a single RPG last month, so I've been having withdrawl symptoms. Luckily, Golden Sun has come along to be the cure for my turn-based blues. This isn't a sequel. It isn't a port. It's an honest-to-God new role-playing game, and I can safely say that Golden Sun rocks.
You start by being woken by your mother, which is the beginning of about half of all RPGs. From there, though, this epic tale is woven in surprising fashion, allowing you to make an unprecedented amount of choices along the way (though the results are arguable). Psyenergy is your magic, but it's used for much more than battle spells. Isaac can summon a magic glove to grab items out of reach. Ivan can read people's minds, which is extremely cool. Then there's the Djinni, which are little creatures who are blessed with elemental powers. They can be summoned or used in big attacks, and affect a character's status.

Equipment and shopping are easily done, and the menus are quite helpful. Battle Mode either lets you compete in a survival-type scenario in endless fights, or match up against human players. I had a blast with Golden Sun. Its greatness even exceeds the nostalgia I felt for Breath of Fire's GBA port. We have a new ruler in the GBA RPG realm.  -JUSTIN

ANDY   9
For RPG fans, Golden Sun is everything you could have asked for on your GBA and a little bit more. Featuring graphics that would have amazed Super Nintendo owners back in the day, Golden Sun is a visual treat. The story is slightly canned, but it does feature enough twists and turns that RPG fans will ignore the clichés and just enjoy it for the experience that it has to offer. And what an experience it is, with elemental allies called Djinni and lots of magic at your fingertips, it's easy to get wrapped up in the adventure. My only complaints are that the search button is the same button that brings up your command icons, and the battles are a little too easy. However, the good far outweighs the bad in this phenomenal GBA release. Easily the best original RPG on the GBA, but not just because it’s the only one!

Forget about porting 16-bit RPGs and start a brand new series
Very reminiscent of the SNES title Illusion of Gaia
Turn-based role-playing. You've done it a million times, so there should be no problems
Turn-based role-playing. You've done it a million times, so there should be no problems.
Clever elements like Psyenergy and Djinni put this ahead of the pack, especially on a handheld
Moderately Low
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