Welcome to a knit-along! Presented by Tonya of Natural Earth Farm.

20 yards of worsted weight wool yarn for the body color
5 yards of worsted weight wool yarn for the skin color
clean carded sheep's wool for stuffing
yarn needle
size 8 knitting needles

Need supplies? We've got a kit ready to go with everything you'll need to knit your baby gnome!

First Leg:

Cast on 10 stitches, leaving about a 10" tail for sewing up the leg

Knit 10 rows (garter stitch).

Cut yarn leaving a 5" tail.

Second Leg:

(push first leg to bottom of needles)

Cast on 10 stitches on same needle that first leg is on this time leaving about a 15" tail.

Like first leg, knit 10 rows (garter stitch).


Now knit both legs together (all 20 stitches). This will form the body.

Knit (garter stitch) for 16 rows.

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