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By Grayson Bain
Founder of
Rocky Mountain Bicycles;
Advisor to CCM® cycle
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Bicycles in Canada

For the last 101 years CCM® has manufactured over 10,000,000 bikes right here in Canada

Advice on Choosing a CCM®
You can appreciate the fun of cycling and improve your performance by making sure that your bicycle is built for you.

CCM® cycle's Past and Present
An amazing 100 Years
About CCM® cycle

Canadian Cycle and Motor – An amazing 100 Years!

The year is 1899, and Canada is only 32 years old, with huge tracts of unclaimed land in the prairies. It is in this year that Canadian Cycle & Motor –CCM® - started to design and manufacture Bicycles and Motorcars.

The CCM® Car Project in 1905. CCM® engineers designed and produced the very first Canadian made Russel car with a small 2 cylinder engine. The Russel Motor Car Company was formed in 1917, CCM® moved out of the automobiles and the bicycle became accepted as an inexpensive, pleasurable means of transportation.

A new invention, Tricycles! The CCM® company in 1922 again broke new ground with its Joycycle, a new three wheeler.

The Long Tour West. At the CCM® Factory, Weston Ontario, 1926. Dora and Frankie bought new one-speed CCM® bicycles with the money they had earned as secretaries and set out for Vancouver. They took along a small tent and cooked their food on an open fire.
There were hardly any roads on the Prairies, and sometimes the "gumbo" after the rains would be so thick that they had to stop and wait until the road dried. Even though they just had one speed CCM® bicycles they loved the pavement on the Rogers Pass though the Rocky Mountains! Sixty days after starting, the two secretaries from Ontario victoriously celebrated their arrival in Vancouver.

CCM® facilities are declared an essential war service - 1939-1945 During World War Two, CCM® cycle's manufacturing facilities were taken over by the Canadian government and two simple, one-speed bicycles were manufactured and then shipped in wooden packing crates to the Canadian army.

1960’s kids are “CCM® kids” Swingers, Cheetahs, Ramblers, Scramblers – they were the envy of the neighbourhood kids! In the late ‘60’s, the new Mustang hi-rise was designed complete with 3 speed console stick shift, banana seat and sissy bar.

The 1969 Mustang. There were the dragsters and muscle cars that every Canadian kid loved; and then there was the tough "muscle bike" called the CCM® Mustang. You had the seat dropped way low because that’s the cool thing to do. Reaching for the shifter, dropping your foot to the pedal – you dream you're flooring a Muncie-equipped Boss 429 Mustang. This was one sweet ride!

CCM® cycle now. Procycle Group Inc. bought CCM® cycle in 1983 and today is the largest bicycle manufacturer in Canada, building 200,000 CCM® bikes per year across Canada and the USA. With ISO 9001, an international manufacturing standard, special care is taken in the choice of each component and frame to ensure you're riding a safe and strong bike. CCM® cycle in the new millennium, is upholding the company's tradition of excellent quality.