Cumbrian Genealogy


The source of the entries appearing in the listings at the end of each entry are :-

(1829) - The Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland and Westmorland 1829 - Roland Grigg

(1847) - The Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland 1847 - Roland Grigg    

(1855) - Harriett Martineau's Directory of the Lake District 1855 - Edited by Roland Grigg

(1901) - Bulmer's Directory of Cumberland 1901 - An alphabetical index compiled by Roland Grigg


Abbatt to Allison Allnatt to Armstrong Arnison to Ayre
Baber to Barnard Barnes to Bathurst Batie to Belfield
Bell Bellamy to Bird Birkbeck to Blayton
Bleamire to Bowman Bownas to Briggs Bright to Brown
Browne to Bywater Cadden to Carron Carruthers to Chapman
Chapple to Climinson Close to Coulston Coulthald to Creighton
Crellin to Cutts   Dacre to Dawson
Day to Ditchburn Dixon to Dockray Dodd to Dyson
Eadie to Empson England to Fenwick Ferguson to Forrest
Forrester to Fyfe Gabbie to Giddens Giffin to Grafton
Graham to Grape Grave to Gyllencreutz Hacker to Hardisty
Hardon to Harrison Harrod to Helliwell Hellon to Hewitt
Hewson to Hodgkison Hodgon to Hodson Hogarth to Horan
Horn to Huish Hull to Hyslop Ianson to Ivison
Jack to Jackson Jacob to Johnson Johnston to Kelswick
Kendal to Kynnersley Labourne to Lawn Lawrance to Lietel
Light to Littledale Littleton to Lythgoe Mabon to Martin
Martindale to McCutcheon Mcdermot to Metcalfe Metherell to Mitchell
Mitchelson to Moss Mossop to Myles Nagle to Nicholls
Nicholson to Nixson Noble to Oxley Pagan to Pass
Patchitt to Pearson Peart to Poow Popham to Quirk
Raby to Reeves Reid to Ridgway Ridley to Robinson Isabella
Robinson J to Robinson W Robison to Rountree Routledge to Rymer
Sabbage to Scorr Scot to Sewart    Sewell to Sherwen   
Sherwin to Sitwell.htm Skead to Smith Lucy Smith Maria to Spencer
Spensley to Steels Steglitz to Strickland Strickling to Symn
Tadcastle to Telford Temple to Thompson J Tideyman to Torbock
Tompson to Tickle Tordiff to Twedle Tweeddale to Vost
Waddell to Wallace Wallas to Watman Watson to Weld
Wells to Whornby Wickham to Williamson Willins to Wilson J
Wilson to Windelar Winder to Wren Wright to Zeller


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