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Thursday 12/22 meeting NOW Available in Adobe Acrobat pdf format

A statement from Dr. Michael L. Brown to all graduates, students, friends, and supporters of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry regarding my firing on December 17th, 2000:

I was shocked and saddened to read the “Official Statement of the Board of Directors of Brownsville Revival School of Ministry” posted on the school’s website ( on December 20th. In the interest of the Body of Christ, the Brownsville Assembly of God, and above all, our precious BRSM students and grads, I will not reply to this statement in detail. I will only say that it presents a totally misleading picture of me, my character, and my relationship to the school board and Pastor Kilpatrick. To say any more would force me to cause further division and pain, and I will not do that. Rather, despite my sadness over this statement, I bless the Board of Directors and continue to love them deeply, recognizing their desire to please the Lord.

I would rather live with false accusations than bite and devour and divide. It is a small price to pay on my part if it will help preserve the unity of the Body, and perhaps it will encourage those who find themselves in similar situations to respond in kind. After all, is this not the example left for us by Jesus? (See 1 Peter 2:23.)

As to misconceptions that will arise due to the board’s statement, I rest confidently in the fact that God Himself knows the whole story. He was there in every meeting, He has heard every word spoken, and He knows my heart (Luke 8:17). I also take great comfort in the fact that the students and grads of BRSM know me very well. We are a close-knit family, and we have spent many hours together – praying, worshiping, laughing, crying, learning, sharing – and they can judge for themselves whether the picture painted in the official statement reflects the man they know. I will let them, along with the faculty who has labored so sacrificially with me for these many years, make their own decisions and do what is right before the Lord.

Within the next 24 hours, I will post answers to some of the many questions that have arisen in recent days (

To the student body looking to us to continue teaching, training, equipping and sending – to America and to the nations – I simply say this: We are here for you, we would never abandon you, and everything will continue with us as promised and expected.