Wilson Station Cemetery
Boyle County, Kentucky

In 1992, the Boyle County (Kentucky) Genealogical Association published "Boyle County, Kentucky Cemetery Records, 1792-1992". I was thrilled to find my BEADLES ancestors mentioned in this volume. Before and after my first visit to the area, I scoured maps, called people with the genealogical association, and drove through the area, but was unable to find the cemetery.

Fortunately, I was able to try again about 6 months later. This time I wasn't trying to drive and look for the cemetery at the same time. We resorted to stopping at several houses in the vicinity and asking for directions. Several kind residents in the area of Junction City and Alum Springs, Kentucky, were very helpful. We finally located the cemetery. Since it is on private property, we obtained permission from the current occupants of the farm house to visit the cemetery.

The cemetery is located between Alum Springs Cross Pike and Steward Lane, a few miles west of Junction City, Kentucky [see the map].

It's on the top of a hill and overlooks a valley to the north, east and west. To the south are the knobs. The "Station" House [see photo] for which it is named sits almost straight north of the cemetery across the watercourse called Clarks Run. The old boundary between Lincoln and Mercer Counties (before Boyle County was formed in 1842), ran very near the Wilson's Station in the forks of Clark's Run [Ref. 2].

The photo shows the cemetery as viewed from part-way up the hill from the Moore farm, looking northwest. If you look closely, I'm in blue under the tree to the left. At my feet are a pile of stones, including those of my Beadles ancestors. The bigger tree to the right also stands above some stones. Yes, this cemetery has seen better days. The rest of the photos will look funny. Several years ago, I read about a technique to enhance photos of tombstones. Basically, you fill the grooves in the stone with shaving cream to highlight the carving, take your photo, and rinse the shaving cream away with water. I've since been told this is a bad technique, as chemicals in the shaving cream deteriorate the stones.

Underneath the larger tree are some large stones and a small one shown here in a photo. This is clearly a Bible verse and using one of the electronic versions of the Bible, we were able to determine this verse is 2Kings 20:1 (King James Version). An almost identical verse is found in Isaiah 38:1.

In those days was Hezekiah sick unto death. And the prophet Isaiah the son of Amoz came to him, and said unto him, Thus saith the Lord, Set thine house in order; for thou shalt die, and not live.

BEADLES, John. I was unable to find a stone with the full name of John or any dates [quoted in the book]. There was one footstone (smaller stone with initials) inscribed with the letters J. B.

BEADLES, Karl. This entry in the book has always puzzled me. In all my years of searching I have never found a Karl BEADLES. I suspect this stone was mis-read - perhaps it said Mary. However, I don't know who Mary would be either! I could not find any stone like this in the cemetery, so it remains a mystery.

BEADLES, Rice. The entry in the book says "*Sr. Hemorg* of Rice Beadles". I had NO idea what this meant. While on a visit to the Kentucky Historical Society library in Frankfort, one of the staff members suggested this was a mis-interpretation of "In Memory". After seeing this stone, I believe it does say "In Memory of Rice Beadles who departed this life June xxxxxx". The footstone "R.B." is also apparently his.

BEADLES, William. This entry in the book says "*Sr. Hemorg* of William Beadles". Once again I believe the stone says "In memory of William Beadles who departed this life november xxxx

BEADLES, Lewis W.. This is one of two stones for Lewis W. Beadles. "Lewis W. Beadles, died august 3d 1827 an only child". Both stones have the same date.

BEADLES, Elizabeth F. For this I found only a footstone. This may be the only stone reported in the book, though it is difficult to tell.

BATIST, Hannah. (Book says BAPTIST, but stone is BATIST). Hannah Batist was born November 28?, 1756 died September 17? 1832. Also footstone: H.B.

CARDWELL, Sarah Elizabeth. Sarah Elizabeth Cardwell born Oct. 18th, 1839. Died Sep. 12th, 1870.

DePAUW, Rachel A.. Rachel DePauw Born Dec. 20th 1818. Died Jan 10th 1821.

GOODE, John C. born Aug 29, 1778 died 23 Jun 1801 Footstone J.C.G.

HARRIS, James. I saw only the footstone.

McFERRAN, James Born July 16, 1775 in Virginia died Nov 26, 1835. This is a very large stone.

Wilson, James I saw only the footstone J. W.

Wilson, Sally I saw only the footstone S.S.W.

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