What was the most important thing you learned from your coach?
  "I have no limits. What stopped me in the past was my limiting beliefs. My beliefs were spilling into my business. Now I take full responsibility for creating an empowering belief system that moves me forward."
Mike Schneider, President Ki Sales

"I have become more positive about everything. My positive attitude is not based on hype, it is based on a stillness from within."
Gordon Bahary, President Electric Kingdom

"How to run my life versus how to run my business. My marriage shifted with one phone call to my coach. My marriage was recreated and saved. I have the clarity to design my life and make it effortless."
Tom Aagaard, owner Wendy's

"How to create and maintain a structured system to obtain goals and measure the soft things that may slip by. Making my health a priority by bumping my self care up to first class!
Mike D'Agostino, President Horizon Foods

"I never fear the unknown. I never worry any more because I know there is always a solution."
Fred Greases, President East Coast Paper

"I have all the answers I just need someone to give me the confidence that my answer is the right solution." Dr. Seth Lederman

" I need to learn more about myself so I can satisfy all my needs.
Pete Fioretti, President Mountain Funding