What role does money play in your life?


1. Threatens, identifies, measures, and seduces you .
2. Empowers, motivates, excites and challenges you.
3. Strengthens, grants, serves and supports you.

At level #3, money becomes money, versus meaning anything or having a hold on you like a cattle prod or a fluctuating measure of self-esteem. When you understand your relationship to money you can make progress up to level #3 very quickly. At level #3 you don't need to "get" more of it and you usually attract lot's of it.

Understand the quality of money that you earn and have:

A. Annuity or investment money - This is money that "pays you on an ongoing basis". You want a portion of your money to be annuity money - both in spending and earning. You want the money you spend to give you a lifetime of enjoyment, not just a moment of thrill. You want the money you invest to give you an ongoing versus temporary or sporadic returns. (Mutual funds, your own business, self-investment or training.) You want the money you earn to be consistent and in sync with your values versus pushing yourself to make money. You want the money to give you a future and a present.

B. Quality of life money - Lifestyle or reward money you spend. (Your home, car, treats, adventures. ) This money is used to make you feel great and be happier with your life.

C. Maintenance money - Money used to maintain your lifestyle, investments, insurance, groceries, taxes, obligations, etc. Money that keeps your life engine oiled so that you can enjoy A & B. It's just a tool.

Lack of money is a guaranteed source of energy which motivates even if it is unhealthy or emotionally or spiritually expensive. It works really well, but so does caffeine and speeding . . .

Either you have a problem with money or you don't. If you think you might - you do! It is important to admit it and deal with it versus creating a lifestyle around it. Money is energy. Money either threatens or feeds the Ego. When one completes their Ego, money concerns usually disappear.

Having plenty of money is an issue of self responsibility. If you don't have enough money and it's running your life, then it's time to take complete responsibility. Responsibility - My ability to respond! It's a clear signal that it's time to get to work! How to turn your money concerns around -

1. Establish profitability and savings within 30 days! This may mean cutting expenses 30-80%. Sometimes the possessions, lifestyle, etc. are actually draining you. Cut until you feel it and start complaining. Now real growth can begin. I know this may be very radical and you must think you're losing something (your ego), but the fresh air you will feel from the space you've created will revive you.

2. Create a consistent and reserve source of revenue. Have a large enough reserve so that you have money versus money having you. Increase your value to your bread and butter clients.

3. Simplify your life. Drop 50-100% of your non-income-producing projects. You will feel a loss, but you will have more time to do a better job with what will give you your future. You might have viewed these projects as a vehicle for your real passion. It unusually turns out that the passion only feels like passion because it gives you a reason for being, meets lots of needs and gives you a good reason not to be financially responsible with a lot of expensive energy! Put integrity (cash/reserve) ahead of needs and wants. When your integrity is solid most needs and wants will disappear.

4. Charge for everything you do. There is quite a transition when one begins to charge $100 an hour for what they used to give away. Don't charge what you deserve (why limit yourself!) Charge what others are charging.

5. Let someone else look at and cut your budget. Ask them to cut it by 40% just as and exercise.

6. You have better things to do than be run by money - make freedom your priority!