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Springfield Township (PA) Library Web

This could be a great blog, but all of the valuable information is dumped into a single long and somewhat overwhelming post per month or so. Also, it looks like at least three librarians/library workers are posting under the same username, so it's difficult to tell who's responsible for the posts. Having each librarian post under her own username, and giving each topic/ book review its own post would make a big difference for this useful and entertaining blog.

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Library Blogs

It seems that the library blogs I have looked at so far are not taking full advantage of the possibilities for blogging. Many blogs, even the ones powered by Blogger, tend to use one username for all of the librarians who post, and none of the ones I have looked at have patrons posting. Also, they tend to lump together all of the information in one post, so a couple of book reviews by different librarians will be in the same post as an update on various activities at the library and a reminder to check out the used book sale cart.

I'm collecting these links for a paper I'm writing about using blogs to build library communities. The paper will have four major sections so far: why libraries need embrace the web and build communities, examples of libraries on the cutting edge, best practices, and a look at the future. Unfortunately, I'm not finding those cutting-edge libraries. I expected to find more patron blogging in the teen/YA departments, but even there, there's not much so far. I will keep looking. If you know of such a site, please post the URL here or trackback this post! Thanks!


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Alexandrian Public Library

The Blogger blog of the Alexandrian Public Library, in Posey County, Indiana. The posts are all credited to "Alexandrian Public Library," but they appear to be written by at least two people. No patron blogging-- the thing I am looking for might not yet exist.


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Teens @ APL

The YA department of the Posey County, Indiana Alexandrian Public Library has its own blog. This blog consists of book annotations and reminders of upcoming events. Another Blogger blog.


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The blog for the teenlibrarian site. I'm listing this on the blogblog rather than the teen read blog because it appears to be more oriented to adults who provide library service to teens.

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Jen's Library Blog Blog

A collection of blogs maintained by public, private, and school libraries. Preferred sites are blogs maintained by more than one person, and updated regularly, or recently. Articles about library blogs, web design, and community building with blogs will also be linked here. Any criticism in these entries is solely the opinion of the author and is intended only for good.

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