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Pringle Creek

The Pringle Creek watershed drains a large portion of Salem south of Mill Creek, including Clark Creek as a tributary.  The west fork begins in the south hills and flows through Woodmansee Park.  The east fork and middle fork are part of a complicated drainage system, including open channels and some pipes in the area of Fairview and the Airport.  After collecting the waters of all three forks, the main stem enters downtown along the east side of Bush Park, flows under the Memorial Hospital, along Pringle Park and into the Willamette River under the Boise Cascade building.  Pringle Creek provides habitat for fall chinook salmon, trout and other aquatic species.

The Clark Creek tributary begins near Browning Avenue and Crestview Drive, winds north-easterly through residential areas and joins Pringle Creek in Bush Park.  Clark Creek is enclosed in concrete pipe over much of its length.  Though it lacks many qualities of a natural stream, maintaining good water quality is important for downstream and habitat.

All of the 15 square mile Pringle Creek watershed lies within the city's urban growth boundary.  High storm flows and pollution from urban runoff are concerns.

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