Immoral Study #2

Immoral Study #2

Manufacturer ScooP
Genre Adventure
System Requirements !486SX 33MHz
8MB of RAM
Windows 95/98/ME
640x480 at 256 Color Resolution
Microsoft Compatible Sound Card
Microsoft Compatible Mouse
2X CDROM Drive
Retail Price $35.00
Our Price $35.00-

Immoral Study: Scenario 2, Yuka Ijima is here!

Game Features:

- Voice support

Game Synopsis:

The main character is Professor Hitosuji, an excellent and well-known tutor. He can turn failing students into straight A students.His target this time is Yuka Ijima, the only daughter of the factory CEO. Until recently, she's been getting pretty good grades, but now she's been slipping quite a bit. She has attitude problems...I have to find out why she's getting bad grades. I will take her killer body at the same time.

Review by (Rurika)


Review by (Nitrox)

It's Dissapointing that the H-scenes and the vital parts of the body are censored but the gameplay is good

Review by (Jak)

Short game, overall graphics is below average, it's censored, i know most people don't like it, including me.. music is below average. If you've played the 1st game, this one isn't much of a difference, started out same and very predictable and unoriginal. The perverted teacher always gets the girl. It's good if you want to add to your collection, but if you expect a lot from this game, you'll be disappointed. No replay value whatsoever. 2.5/5

Review by (yuka)

very good game

Review by (Kuricoloken)

Immoral Study 2 was the first H-game I bought, and boy, was I worng in getting it.

The story is simple. A teacher must make personal lessons to a rather annoying and hostile in order for her grades to improve. Unfortunately for the poor girl, the teacher has other lessons in mind...

The graphics are ok, even if they belong to the now outdated and plain GIF images. The H-scenes are cencored (mostly because they involve animation), and thus spoil the mood a lot. The music is less than mediocre, the game is too short, and there is no replay value at all (only one ending).

So, is there any reason to buy it? Well, the thoughts and sarcasms of the teacher, as well as an outstanding comedy scene in the middle of the game make up for the bad a way. Think of it as a short erotic comedy which is less than mediocre, but is worth a look.

I give it a 2 out of 5.

Review by (Bigdog)

Okay lets start by saying that I liked the first Immoral study and that is why I bought the second.

The story starts out similar to the first you are a professor who is hired by the a rich tycoon who's daughter is failing in school. You arrive at their mansion with alterior motives and the story goes from there. Fairly unoriginal, but I like professor/student games.

--Story-- 5/10

The graphics in this game were better than the first (assuming you played the first before this one), and it had approx. the same amount of scenes as well. Some of the H-scene were animated which I found to be a bonus. Though I expected it since they did this in Immoral 1. I also thought the main girl was cuter than the one in Immoral 1, I am partial to redheads though ^^.

--Graphics-- 9/10

The games had some decent background music, and about 30% of what the girl said was voiced. So they coulda improved in this department a bit.

--Sound-- 4/10

Well if you played the first one, you know there is not much gameplay. Basically there is ONE point in the game where if you don't answer the question quickly then you get a game over, and a couple other points that if you answer wrong game over as well (but no timelimit on these). You should not have much problems finishing this game, and It should take you about a hour to beat.

--Gameplay-- 4/10

Extras wise, when you beat the game you can see any scene, plus text through their CG gallery.

--Extras-- 5/10

There is about zero replayability since you can see any scene through the CG gallery (plus text). So I doubt anyone would go through the game again.

--Replayability-- 1/10

I would like to finish by saying that I liked the first one, but the second Immoral study ranked about so-so. Nice graphics, and super easy to get H-scenes. But it was missing something. I would recommend to anyone who wants easy to get animated H-scenes, and anyone who like teacher/student stories.

--OVERALL-- 5/10

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