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Issue 10 - August 2004
God Vs. Civil Rights
Tag, You're It!
Ask Dr. Spin
Open Letter to Senator Dayton
Bar Exam - Stand Up Frank's
Somewhere, Over the Contrail
Book Review - Villa Incognito
Fringe Website Review

Issue 9 - May 2004
Coming Home
Ask Dr. Spin
Hearts and Minds
The Fear
Bar Exam - Molly Quinn's Irish Pub
Fringe Website Review

Issue 8 - March 2004
Ask Dr.Spin
Open Letter to Governor Pawlenty
They Tore Down the Old School
Uncle Sam Wants You
Bar Exam - Fhima's
The Bimonthly Mixtape
Fringe Website Review
Suicide Girls Burlesque Show Review

Issue 7 - January 2004
A Day in the Life
While You Were Out
Unsafe at Any Speed
Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge Review
Podland - Review and Interview
Fringe Website Review

Issue 6 - November 2003
Pay to Play
Interview with an Exotic Dancer
Goin' Medieval on your Ass
Fringe and Porn Site Reviews
Bar Exams

Issue 5 - September 2003
Bush/Nazi connection
State Unfair
Galvanic Alien Review
A Police State of Mind
Marble, Parchment, and Porn

Issue 4 - July 2003
Putting Your Opinions Where They Count
Spike and Mike's Sick And Twisted Review
How to Organize a Mob
Exposure on the Fringe
Unending War
Bar Exam - The Starting Gate

Issue 3 - May 2003
Rumsfeld Fiddles while the Beltway Burns
The Spit-Spattered Banner
Underground - Interview with Max Action
Henry Rollins at the Pantages
Bar Exam - Elsie's
Band Interview - Dooley