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13th March 2005
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Character: Larry Woodhouse
Actor: Andrew Curry
Shady character
Larry or 'Woody' as he was called by his friends was Steph Scully's ex-boyfriend. Steph lost touch with him when he was sent to prison. But he made contact sometime later and dragged her into one of his dodgy deals. Admittedly he was being blackmailed but why involve Steph? That's my main gripe with the boy.
Dodgy dealings
He borrowed her motorbike to pick up some stolen jewellery. Steph managed to persuade him to do the right thing and go to the Police which he did. The guy he was due to testify against, Kev Kelly I think he was called, sent some rather unsavoury characters after him.
The Scully's ended up on the receiving end when they let Woody move in with them. It was decided that the safest option was a witness protection program. Poor Steph was in two minds about whether to go with him but couldn't bring herself to leave her family.
The two couldn't stay away from each other though and in the end decided to run off. On the way Woody was ambushed. His car crashed and exploded. Steph was devastated she assumed he was dead. But of course that would be far too simple.
Living dead
He turned up a year later. By this time a guy he'd met in prison - Mitch Foster (an even more unpleasant individual), had made his move on Steph. It was only when Woody told her he was a murderer that she finally saw sense. If I remember correctly she decided to steer clear of both of them and rightly so.
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