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American Council on Science and Health

Review Date: December 30th, 2004 Rating: 20 out of 25 (Better than Most)
Sponsor: American Council on Science and Health Accuracy of Information: 8 out of 10
Depth of Information: 6 out of 7
Site Last Updated: 3 out of 3
User Experience: 3 out of 5
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Intended Audience: Consumers

Sections Reviewed: • News Center • Health Issues - Food Safety - Nutrition/Lifestyle

The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) is a consumer education consortium made up of scientists, physicians, and policy advisors; they hope to add a scientific voice of reason to the formation of US health policies. Recent press releases and editorials appear in “News Center,” and “Health Issues.” The purpose of many of these articles is to blunt the effects of current food scares, such as the approval of meat irradiation and the claims that milk is not a healthful part of the American diet. We are curious about why ACSH prominently features a link to the site “Facts and Fears” and then claims that the contents are not necessarily representative of their opinion.

This site aims to arm consumers with the facts necessary to make wise decisions about health, but be aware that the information here is biased and represents a very conservative interpretation of current science. Consumers looking for a balanced debate on health issues will have to look elsewhere.

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