Themes from the Future Search Conference for Princeton Youth

The Coalition for Peace Action  participated in a Future Search Conference held in December 1998 for Princeton Youth.  Over 100 'stakeholders', including youth, came together to map out a common vision for the future.  The information below represents a list of common themes that resulted from the Conference.   Several committees were formed to carry out the vision.

  • Communication must be improved
  • Cooperation must be from the entire community
  • Active community
  • Volunteerism and community service
  • Celebrate diversity and talent
  • Youth as an active part of the decision making and youth voice in government
  • Accessibility for all people
  • Intergenerational
  • Need for more recreational facilities
  • Education and lifelong learning
  • Teens need to gather and do good things
  • Uniting Youth!!
  • Central Data / Resource list - web site
  • Coordination of services
  • Combined agency news letter
  • Jobs for youth
  • Volunteer clearing house
  • Place a teen on every board in town
  • Improve information delivery to all teens and school
  • Improve relationship between youth and merchants
  • High School Volunteer Fair
  • Jobs for teens: Develop a job clearing house.  Get teens involved with human services.
  • Transportation:
    • Who: Youth, seniors, disabled, etc.
    • Benefit: Cleaner environment, reduced noice, and congestion
    • Goals: Shuttle service, expand existing service.
  • Community Center
    • Pro:  Inclusive, economy of scale - fill needs of all ages
    • Con:  Not primarily for youth
    • Long term solution: Build community center to serve needs of all.
    • Short term solution: Find immediate existing space for youth center
    • Other: Connect community center to Princeton HS and John Witherspoon MS
  • Community Center Complex to include:
    • Social service representation
    • Senior Center
    • Health resource center
    • Student / Youth Center
    • Athletic fields
    • Indoor pool
    • Recreation
    • Auditorium
  • Youth Community Center
    • Study center
    • Canteen
    • Recreation
    • Media resource
    • Social service center
    • Job / volunteer center
    • Weight room
    • Athletic fields

The Future Search Web Page is under construction by a committee formed for that purpose.  This information is  provided  as a service to other community builders by the Coalition, but is not to be confused with the official Future Search Web Page.  A link will be made to that when it becomes available. 

For more information about the Future Search Conference

 contact  Jill Kaufmann at

The Coalition for Peace Action sponsored the Community Connection Peace Education pilot project with a series of monthly community building workshops from September 1998 - February 1999.  The project was an effort to implement solutions to youth violence which were offered at a  Conference on Youth Violence  sponsored by the Coalition in November 1997 at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University.  

 The most popular activities will continue  to be offered in  cooperation with other  community building inititatives.  The following home page contains Community Connection resources and activities :