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Welcome to Random's Gate

You know, making a fake Heaven's Gate webpage (Who am I trying to kid? This isn't even close!) wasn't the greatest idea I ever had, but it was one of the better. Would you like to join us at Random's Gate? The reason for random is simple - it just is. Or maybe it isn't, we'll never know. Our 4 years, or is it 5? of randomness on AOL in Hecklers Online has been wonderful. All the time we post random topics, and under the guidance of our leader HO Myrrh, we receive tokens (or tockens, for our German friend in the game) for our hard (and not so hard) efforts.

If you study the material on this website you will hopefully understand what the meaning of random is.

We are so very thankful that we get tokens.

Keys to Becoming Random
How fitting for a Heaven's Gate spoof.. unix? Eunuchs? :P UNIX Tricks Some interestingly random UNIX tricks.
Who's your daddy? The Random Game.. ..where corn is your daddy. (AOL only)
Well, I'm not nearly as bad as Clinton... yet. A Bit About Me, Conade Exactly what the link implies.
Yoink! The Unoriginal Junk Drawer © Now with extra graphics! Muahahahaha! These are various goods that don't fit anywhere else. Featuring The Random Book of Tales, a marvelous literary compendium.
Help meeee... help meeee.... A Randomeer's Guide to Site-seeing A fancy disguise for "My Favorite Bookmarks."
Advice, 25 dollars/problem Ask Doctor Coney Love life gone to hell? Have no friends? TOO BAD! But you can bother me with your whiny-ass problems anyway.

You're number

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