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Indian Ocean tsunami disaster: interactive guides
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Special report: Indian Ocean tsunami

Indian Ocean tsunami: archived articles

Indian Ocean tsunami: audio reports

Indian Ocean tsunami: comment and analysis

Indian Ocean tsunami: in pictures

Tsunami disaster: interactive guidesHow the tsunami happened
Find out how the shifting of tectonic plates caused the underwater earthquake that killed tens of thousands.
Wave small pictureHow tsunami warning systems work
Unlike the Indian Ocean, the Pacific already has a tsunami early warning system. Found out how it works here.
Banda AcehThe devastation of Sumatra
Use our click-through guide and satellite photographs to see the damage caused in the north-west of Indonesia's Sumatra island.
Tsunami disaster: interactive guidesHow the wave spread
See how the tsunami spread from the epicentre of the earthquake under the Indian Ocean.
Tsunami disaster: interactive guidesHow the tsunami affected each country
State-by-state guide to the areas worst affected by the disaster.
Tsunami disaster: interactive guidesHow earthquakes happen
Find out why plate tectonics can cause such devastation.


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