Spike watched them from a distance, they were walking up the middle of the road, Angel, a boy, and some girl dressed as a cat.

"…Sure she came this way?" The boy asked Angel and he turned to look at him as he carried on walking.

"No." Angel replied coolly.

"She'll be okay." The girl dressed as a cat addressed Angel next, Spike couldn't quite tell if she was trying to reassure Angel or flirt with him.

"Buffy would be okay, whoever she is now she's helpless. Come on." Angel walked faster. Spike let his eyes follow them for a while longer before turning towards the group of small demons beside him.

"Did you hear that my friends?" He looked down at them and they growled in response. "Somewhere out here is the tenderest meat you've ever tasted and all we have to do is find her first."

Clinging to the wall of the alley Buffy tried to figure out where she was, there were demons everywhere; they had even chased her from the house that the nice people had taken her to. Scrambling to her feet she hugged the wall as she continued up the alley, a noise behind her caught her attention and she turned slowly.

There in the entrance to the alley was a shadowy figure; a man was following her, his movements fluid and predatory. Heart fluttering against her ribcage she picked up speed as best she could along the alleyway. Desperately trying to open every door she came across she had little success--every one in this era seemed to be very mistrusting.

Spike allowed himself a little grin, here she was, the Slayer, all weak and scared. Stalking her slowly as she frantically tried each door she passed, he was confident that he had her now, there was no way his quarry was escaping him--at least not in that dress.

Steadily closing the gap between them, Spike allowed himself time to relish the growing look of panic and fear that crossed her face every time she looked back at him, it was delicious.

Finally finding a warehouse that was open, she stumbled into it, immediately weaving her way through the masses of large wooden crates that were taller than her. Hiding around a corner, she pressed her back against a crate and listened hard. The only sound that reached her was that of her own ragged breathing, and she was about to slump to the floor when she heard the door open and then slam shut, a bolt ground into the lock.

"Slayer…" Spike cooed as he tried to catch her scent--he'd seen her come in here, locked the door so she couldn't get out and now all he had to do was find her. "…Come out and play, love."

Oh god. He's going to find me. He's going to kill me. Panicking as she heard him nearing her, Buffy didn't know what to do. Instinct was telling her to faint, but she realised he was the type of man who took advantage of girls who fainted.

"…Come on pet…" Spike purred as he rounded another corner and looked both ways up a long avenue of crates. "…You know you wanna come out to play…promise I won't hurt you…" Much.

She shifted slightly on hearing those words, something inside her said that maybe he wasn't going to kill her--gentlemen rarely broke their promises. As he rounded the corner with a wide grin on his face, she reminded herself that he wasn't a gentleman.

Swallowing hard, she backed as far against the crate as she could go. Eyes darting about, she saw no opportunity for escaping him; she was trapped.

Smirk etched across his face, Spike sauntered slowly towards her. Weaving in a rough zigzag, he kept his eyes fixed on her face the whole time.

"Who…who are you?" She stuttered at him.

His hands skimmed along his belt and he hooked his thumb into it, bucking his pelvis slightly as her gaze fixed there. She blushed violently and it was all the invitation he needed. Closing the gap lightning fast, he slammed his hand against the crate by her head, she squealed and Spike grinned.

Dipping his head slightly he bought his mouth to her ear, his cheek practically grazing hers. He could feel how badly she was shaking, he could feel the heat radiating off her as her heart beat wildly. Closing his eyes for a split second, Spike took a long drawn out breath and let her fill his senses. He could feel fear reverberating through her, and the sweet scent of Slayer blood was mixed in with something else--something he couldn't put his finger on.

"Your worst nightmare, love." Spike whispered softly.

She froze, a new sensation swept through her, she felt her insides burning hotter than the sun over his dulcet tones breathed in her ear.

Grinning to himself, Spike couldn't help thinking how easy this was going to be, slipping gracefully into game face he growled and moved to bite her soft inviting throat. His fangs had barely scraped her skin when he felt something hot pressed against his chest, he could feel her rocketing heartbeat resounding through him.

Pulling back, Spike looked down to see her small hand resting softly against his left pectoral, he arched a brow and slid back into his human guise--there was the something he'd been fighting to put his finger on, desire.

"Well…bloody…well…" He couldn't help sounding surprised--here was this delightfully innocent creature pressing her perfect little fingers against him. As she moved her fingers gently, he blinked like she was sucking him into a trance.

Raising his eyes to hers, he took in the sight of her, large green eyes wide with wonder and dark tresses all tousled, her skin creamy and soft. Hand moving of its own volition, Spike ran it gently over her hair, letting his fingers play in it and following them with his eyes. His fingertips skimmed softly over her neck and down to her chest, where he pressed his palm against her, feeling her blood rushing close to the surface as she panted.

Pursing his lips, Spike tried desperately to figure out what was going on--he was meant to be killing the bint, not thinking about how innocent and pretty she was. Shaking his head, he tried to clear it of the million lines of poetry that were welling up inside him.

Backing away until there was a more satisfying ten feet between them, Spike stared hard at her and she stared hard in return. He licked his lips to moisten them but found little success, his mouth had gone dry.

"No!" Spike yelled and slammed his fist back against the crate beside her head.

Buffy closed her eyes and winced slightly, her breathing becoming fast and ragged.

Narrowing his eyes as he stared at her, face only inches from hers Spike recounted their previous meetings. Something about this girl had his motor running hot every time he saw her and it was becoming hard to resist her--even harder to resist her when she looked so innocent, all dressed up in a tight pink satin bodice and full skirt.

Not quite registering what he was doing until it was too late, Spike leant in and kissed her, exploring her soft full mouth with his lips. She tasted like heaven, warm and sweet like honey. Feeling her hand trembling as it wrapped around his neck, he deepened the kiss, tenderly teasing her into giving him what he needed. His fingers grasped her waist.

As he ran his tongue over hers something changed, she tasted different, metallic somehow. Frowning as he pulled back, he recognised that glint in her eye--he was dust for sure now.

They stared at each other, the vampire and the Slayer, neither one willing to make the first move and neither one willing to understand what was going on between them. Buffy could remember everything that had happened, he'd gone to bite her only to end up kissing her. Some part of her had wanted him, wanted his strong body on hers, his arms around her, wanted him to give her everything that her other vampire couldn't.

Spike swallowed noisily, she was just looking into his eyes--maybe she didn't have a weapon. He almost laughed at himself for that one--a Slayer, unable to find a weapon in a room full of wooden crates?

As he was pondering this line of thought two hands had worked their way up to his neck. Blinking himself back to reality, he found Buffy pulling his mouth back to hers and kissing her was different now, it was urgent and full of passion.

Closing his eyes tight, he felt his demon trying to surface at the taste of a Slayer under his lips, forcing it back down inside he pulled her tight against him. Moving his kisses along her jaw line, Spike kissed down her smooth throat. Buffy threw her wig to the floor and curled her fingers through his hair, holding him to her.

"Tasty little Slayer…" Spike purred softly in her ear and she cuffed his head.

"Buffy…" She whispered hotly into his ear, before sucking on its lobe and then nipping at his neck.

Grinning into her throat, he purred again. "Tasty little Buffy…"

Buffy sighed heavily at the sound of his accented tones whispering her name by her ear. She pushed his leather duster off his back so it hung loosely around his arms.

Spike pulled back and slipped his coat off.

"Buffy?" He arched a brow questioningly as he held her waist again.

"What?" Buffy ran her fingers up his arms softly, teasing his skin with their warmth.

"Just a little weak sounding…" He shrugged and waited for her to bite.

"Weak? I'll show you what a Slayer's made of."

Pushing him backwards, she watched him fall over and land on his ass, breath expelling in a sigh as he hit the concrete.

Before he could move, Buffy was straddling his hips, her head swimming with desire as she ground herself against him. He was there below her, body hard and singing in response to hers, the feeling of him under her fingers was incredible. She couldn't have one vampire, maybe it was time she traded up--besides, the one below her right now was pretty damn hot and compared to Angel, he seemed more than willing to show her the wicked ways of the world.

"Bloody hell, I've died and gone to heaven…" Spike grasped her hips with his hands to still them, her heat was soaking through to him and it was divine.

Chewing her lip Buffy took the leap that presented itself to her, standing up she wrestled with her skirt until she reached her underwear. Spike looked up to see nothing more than a tiny scrap of material staring back at him, grinning wide he batted her hands away and snapped the flimsy elastic sides. Bunching her wrecked panties up in his hand, he lay back and brought them to his nose, breathing in the scent of her arousal.

Buffy felt herself grow even wetter at his actions, crouching down she hurriedly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. Spike arched a brow at her urgency and watched her pull his jeans down so they were around his knees. Raising himself up he pulled his top off over his head and threw it over to where is duster lay.

Her gaze was instantly on his erection--she'd never realised men were so damn big. Looking down at herself, she frowned slightly then up at Spike. He fought the desire to reach out and stroke her soft rosy cheek, something about this girl was pulling him in and he found himself wanting to reassure her.

"Just go slow." It dawned on Spike in that moment that the pretty girl who was about to shag him senseless was about as innocent as a girl could get.

Catching her hand, he bought it to him and ran it over his cock; she licked her lips and stared at it. Teasing its tip with her fingers, she smiled when he moaned--this wouldn't be so hard.

Taking hold of her hands again, Spike positioned Buffy so she was poised above him. He slipped his hands under the folds of her skirt and held himself at her entrance.

"Slow…" Spike breathed as she started to lower herself onto him.

Relaxing as best she could, Buffy inched down on his cock, feeling herself trying to expand to take him all the way in, she leant back slightly to try and ease the tension between them.

"Bloody hell…" Spike growled and Buffy paused.

"Oh god…what?" She wondered if she was hurting him--did Slayer strength cover all parts of her, could a vampire take it.

"Nothing…just good…hot…god…" Spike almost whimpered the last word as she sunk further onto him.

Buffy licked her lips in response--the feeling of him inside her was incredible. Spikes hands grasped her hips and raised her up again slightly, then down. Buffy felt him sliding in and out of her, her tightness easing with each rise and fall of her hips.

Pressing her hands against his stomach, Buffy followed the rhythm he was setting. Panting down at him, she smiled as their eyes met. Spike swallowed hard, she was so hot and wet, it was taking every bit of restraint that he had to resist flipping her over and shagging her senseless. Moving her hips with his hands, he picked up speed and Buffy bit back a moan.

"Moan away, sweetheart, makes you feel good." Spike smiled up at her and she blushed.

Passing a pain barrier, Buffy found it was starting to feel good--incredibly good. Her thighs were quivering against his hips as she slowly rode his cock, her body felt hot and flushed as she lost herself in his eyes.

Tightening his grip on her waist, Spike wanted more. His fingers holding her, he moved her a little quicker and on her next down stroke, thrust up hard inside her until he was buried to the hilt in her tight heated depths.

"Ungghhooohhhh!" Buffy moaned hotly as she felt his cock strike deep inside her--she hadn't realised he wasn't all the way in.

"Sorry bout that…" Spike mumbled up at her and she pushed her hands harder against his stomach.

Buffy looked down at him and blinked, her fingers traced the tight muscles of his abdomen and he smiled. The way he looked caught her off guard. She knew he was evil, but the sweet look he gave her and his amazing physique was pushing it into the far recesses of her mind.

Gaining rhythm again, Buffy found that on every down stroke Spike was bucking his hips to meet hers. It felt divine; her body ached and throbbed around him. Spike thrust up inside her again and growled.


Hearing his breathy moan she obeyed, not quite sure how fast he wanted it she gradually picked up speed until he started spitting obscenities and she felt like she was on cloud nine.

Arching her back Buffy rode him with longer strokes, tensing her muscles around his cock and moaning softly as she did so.

"Mmmm Spike…"

It was all she had to say. Spike growled deep and flipped her onto her back, somehow remaining inside her. As he delved into her, she moaned and bucked under him, her eyes hooded with desire.

Leaning down so his mouth was by her ear, he thrust into her harder; she was so hot all around him, her moist skin tasted sweet under his lips. Raising her legs so they wrapped around his waist, Buffy sighed over how the change of position put him deeper inside her still.

"Show me…what…you're made…of…love…ungh…" Spike whispered huskily in her ear as he moved inside her.

Obeying again, Buffy tightened up her muscles around his cock. The feeling of his pelvis banging hard against her clit and his balls slapping her ass caused her to moan.

"Spike…more…gonna…ungh…wanna…oooh…" She held him tighter against her, breathing in his scent of tobacco.

"Cum…wanna…cum…precious…Slayer…unghhh…" He grunted in her ear with each stroke and she tensed up further as he delved into her with increasingly harder thrusts, her juices coating his cock like liquid fire.

Buffy felt lost somehow, so near completion but needing it so badly it seemed unattainable. Bringing her head up, she kissed and licked at his neck as he thrust his cock into her. She clenched and unclenched her muscles around his shaft in an attempt to get what she needed from him. Licking his neck again, she bit down hard and he roared loud in her ear, his down thrust causing stars to explode in front of her eyes.

"Rough…naughty…girl…" Spike bit her hard with his blunt teeth in return and Buffy moaned hoarsely.

"Naughty…ungh…need it…Spike…Spike…harder…" Buffy panted up at him, not quite believing how much the thought of being bitten was thrilling her.

The sound of her breathing his name with such desire went straight through him, causing his own desire to overwhelm him. Moving to her neck, he bit her hard again with his blunt teeth and kept them there while she bucked against him.

"…Harder…ungh…ohh…ohh…Spike…" As he bit down on her neck harder, Buffy raised her hips and was pleasantly surprised as the tip of his cock hit something inside her that made her feel like yelping.

Shutting her eyes tight, she let her head move to one side, exposing her throat to him as he pushed into her over and over, continually striking the same point while his pelvic bone slammed against her swollen clit.

Heart rate accelerating, Buffy felt the rush of her blood towards him, a tingling sensation swept through her like a tidal wave and she felt like cloud nine was about ten miles below her.

"Ohhh…Spike…Spike!" Digging her fingernails into his back as she climaxed, Buffy savoured the feeling of her muscles contracting and milking his shaft.

Thrusting again, Spike let his fangs elongate into her neck and pulled her blood while growling possessively. Slowing the movements of his hips as he spent his load, Spike sucked her neck one last time before withdrawing his fangs. She was panting hard under him and either hadn't noticed his vamping or hadn't cared.

Meeting her eyes, he stroked her hair softly and smiled down at her, she was glistening with sweat--she was beautiful. Reaching up, Buffy ran her fingers over his lip and looked at the red staining her them. Capturing her fingers in his mouth, he sucked them clean before looking the tiniest bit awkward.

"I understand." Pulling him back down to her, Buffy cradled his head in the nook of her neck, his length still firmly inside her and his arms about her.

Spike smiled and sighed out through his nose, adjusting to feeling close to a human--to the Slayer of all humans. Closing her eyes, Buffy listened to their mixed breathing echoing in the silence of the warehouse. She felt so comfortable as she softly stroked his back, his cool skin causing hers to hum.

Spike tensed slightly and raised himself up.

"What?" Buffy searched his eyes, she'd never noticed just how blue they were--they were amazing.

He motioned her to listen; outside she could hear Willow calling her name. Buffy tensed for a moment before remembering Spike had locked them in.

"Looking for you, love." Spike looked down at her with slight unease etched on his face.

"So let them look." Buffy gave him a warm smile before catching him around the back of his neck and pulling him down into long deep kisses. "Because I'm staying right here."

~*~ End ~*~

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