Saturday, January 29, 2005


A Tim Blair Compassionate Head Tilt: "We're Sorry"

Ah, The Diplomad has upset the ignorant left! That makes us happy. We are very happy; we dance the Diplomadic dance of joy -- a dance seen only twice before, to wit, on the occasions of the dates of the HowardianBushite election wins.

It seems that the leftoblogs (you can find them in our comments section, our trackbacks, or at are in a hissy-fit because our little non-profit blog has dared to poke fun at their sacred for-profit UN and their untouchable for-mucho-profit Global Warming Franchise. It seems the UN hasn't shared its Oil-for-Food gains with its supporters as yet, so they have been unable to go out and buy a working brain with the optional sense-of-humor chip installed. We have been called "liars," "fantasists," and -- our favorite -- LUNATICS. Great stuff! Keep it up. Call us names but keep reading our blog: the left takes a lickin' and our site meter keeps a tickin'!

We have decided to dedicate this posting to the Great Tim Blair, Blogger Without Peer, Discoverer of the Leftist Compassionate Head Tilt, Unrepentant Aussie Patriot, Defender of the West and Promoter of the Earth Warming Muscle Car. In his honor, we direct a totally insincere Compassionate Head Tilt and a completely fake-as-the-fake-turkey-story "We're Sorry" to our lefty "friends," and submit this very real posting combining scorn for the UN and Global Warming all in one easy-to-read-piece as submitted by our Deputy Vice Chief Diplomad for Offending Effete Lefty Elites With the Truth of What's Happening in the Real World.

Once again, our posting relies on personal experience with the UN and the Glow-ball Vorming crowd.

How are Diplomads so in the know about all this global-warming business you might be asking yourselves. Well, the answer is: WE were there at the creation (almost). No, not when the earth's crust cooled, or even when our Neanderthal forebearers were lighting big fires to prevent themselves from freezing to death. But we were there at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 -- which was the bar mitzvah, the confirmation, the rite of passage for what has grown up to be today's truly rabid Global Warming Cult. You betcha. We had Global Warmers before then, of course, as manifested by the now almost forgotten UN's Brundtland report of the 1980's, which seems almost quaint by current standards with its restrained language, concern for poverty and the impact of environmental concerns on poor countries, and, of course, its long OBEd expositions on the threat to the world posed by the nuclear stand-off between the superpowers. It, at least, recognized that other issues were more pressing; it also was wrong in nearly every prediction it made . . . but never mind.

Our Diplomad, a young pup then, was at the June 1992 Rio Earth Summit Conference, one of the Great International Victories of the New Marxists. It was set up to ensure that the USA would be the villain. It would attack the US on global warming AND on the biotech industries then emerging in the USA -- this was a two-pronged attack: 1) stop experimenting with biotech; 2) give away your patents and research so others can have them. It was your basic UN international conference, complete with a parallel "summit" by thousands of NGO reps, enormous waste of money, time and effort, and fawning media coverage aimed at convincing the world that it was a more important event than Moses getting the Ten Commandments at Mt. Sinai, or the 1969 Miracle Mets winning the World Series. It was replete with probably hundreds of emissions-spewing limos ferrying about deeply concerned enviro-worriers and warriors to and from their five-star lodgings.

The Earth Summit was the event that set up the Kyoto Agreement and the biodiversity treaty, both of which left President George H.W. Bush mightily unimpressed. But -- unfortunately-- he went to Rio anyway -- apparently to be a good sport and allow himself to get mugged (figuratively speaking) by most of the self-proclaimed cogniscenti of the world. [Note: Why we attend such things is beyond the Diplomad; Secretary Powell did the same thing by attending the Racism Summit.] President Bush (senior) probably thought, correctly, that the climate change people did not factor in enough of the idea of economic impact, while the biodiversity people cared not at all about the protection of intellectual property. He and his Administration actually took a principled position against both those deals--and took incredible heat for it. The mistake the USA made, of course, was assuming that the people who set up these conferences actually want to have a conference where ideas are expressed and debated. Nope. The UN's idea of such meetings is straight from the Soviet Parliamentary Handbook.

The real mugging, not figuratively speaking, was being done just out of the view of the Earth Summit delegates, where the regular Rio city people lived and worked. As it turned out, the main attraction for some of the visiting US congressmen was to be photographed with real live Rio slum dwellers, as if to impress their constituents with their world-class guilt. Our Diplomad watching this go on wondered why US congressmen should worry about Rio poverty more than, say, the Rio millionaires who lived in the high-rise condos in plain view of those very slums . . . but that's a discussion for another day.

But back at the main events, many of the current-day heavy hitters on the Democrat side were there. Then Senator Al Gore was pushing "his" environmental book (Earth in the Balance -- can you even find that thing anymore?) and smack in the middle of it all took the call from Bill Clinton asking him to be his running mate. Gore was already a celebrity among the enviro-Woodstock set that had descended upon Rio, and all of a sudden he was on track for a higher-level of tree-hugging. John Kerry was there, but didn't make much of a splash; the Earth Summit was, however, where he met and had his first date with Teresa Heinz, whom he later married. Pre-face lift Nancy Pelosi was there, and, we'll admit, was actually quite nice to everyone.

At the summit, pretty much every leader of every country you could think of was there. It was remarkable that the Brazilians, in such a chaotic city as Rio, managed to hold it all together logistically, but they did. And soon afterwards their President got impeached for corruption.

These mega-UN conferences are really more like circuses than they are like significant diplomatic meetings. They become self-fulfilling prophesies of bigness, much bigger on form than on substance. They often produce negatives, for example the conference on racism generated a lot of anti-semitism. The Diplomad's solution: cancel every UN summit-level conference from here on in. Let leaders meet in New York every September when they address the General Assembly, and that's it. But no free parking.

What came out of this colossal conference? The Conference whose Chairman Maurice Strong of Canada declared (from our notes),

"Nothing less that the future of our planet as the home for our species and others has been the object of our work. The World will not be the same after this Conference. The prospects for our Earth cannot, must not, be the same. We came here to alter those prospects. Ee cannot allow those prospects to have come through this process without having been decisively altered and changed to a more promising and sustainable future."

Where were we? Ah yes, what came out of the most important event ever? This! THE RIO DECLARATION ON ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT. You can go read up on it; it's very short, very bland, and totally meaningless - - except that it helped launch the current Global Warming Franchise which has given so much employment to so many NGOs, bureaucrats, and pontificators. It is remarkably similar in its conclusions and recommendations as the ludicrous and just-released Byers-Snowe Report.

For very readable and decisive debunking of much of this leftoid nonsense go to the Hoover Institution which has put out two excellent reports on the issue of Global Warming, including one by the respected scientist Fred Singer.


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