Secondary State Routes
Route Log and Locations Highway Log
Begins: ORE-201 Ends: IDA-52 Idaho Border near Adrian  Begins: Succor Creek Highway (Homedale Spur) #450
near Adrian Ends: Succor Creek Highway (Homedale Spur) #450 
Begins: Succor Creek Highway #450
near Adrian Begins and Leaves: Succor Creek Highway (Parma Spur) #450
JoinsUS-20 US-26 in Nyssa Ends: Succor Creek Highway #450 
Joins: Central Oregon Highway #7
LeavesUS-20 US-26 in Cairo Leaves: Central Oregon Highway #7 
Begins: Olds Ferry-Ontario Highway #455 
JoinsUS-30 BUS in Ontario Begins and Leaves: Olds Ferry-Ontario Highway (Ontario Spur) #455 
Ends: US-30 BUS Crosses: I-84 US-30 in Ontario Crosses: Old Oregon Trail #6
Begins and Leaves: ORE-52 in Payette Junction Begins and Leaves: Olds Ferry-Ontario Highway (Payette Spur) #455
Begins and Leaves: US-95 SPUR in Weiser Junction Begins and Leaves: Olds Ferry-Ontario Highway (Weiser Spur) #455
Ends: ORE-201 Crosses: I-84 US-30 in Olds Ferry Crosses: Old Oregon Trail #6 
Ends: Olds Ferry-Ontario Highway #455 
Begins: ORE-202 US-101 BUS Crosses: US-26 US-101 in Astoria Crosses: Oregon Coast Highway #9 
Begins: Nehalem Highway #102
Leaves: US-101 BUS in Astoria Joins and Ends: Warrenton-Astoria Highway #105
in Jewell Begins and Leaves: Fishhawk Falls Highway #103
Ends: ORE-202 Crosses: ORE-47 in Mist Leaves: Nehalem Highway #102 
Joins and Ends: Mist-Clatskanie Highway #110
Begins: ORE-203 Crosses: I-84 near Baker City Crosses: Old Oregon Trail #6 
Begins: Medical Springs Highway #340
JoinsORE-237 in Union Ends: Medical Springs Highway #340 
Joins: La Grande-Baker Highway #66
LeavesORE-237 in Union Joins and Ends: Cove Highway #342 
Ends: ORE-203 Crosses: I-84 US-30 near La Grande Crosses: Old Oregon Trail #6 
Leaves: La Grande-Baker Highway #66
Begins: ORE-204 Crosses: ORE-11 near Weston Crosses: Oregon-Washington Highway #8 
Begins: Weston-Elgin Highway #330
Ends: ORE-204 Crosses: ORE-82 in Elgin Crosses: Wallowa Highway #10 
Ends: Weston-Elgin Highway #330
Begins: ORE-205 near Frenchglen Begins: Frenchglen Highway #440
Ends: ORE-205 Crosses: ORE-78 near Burns Crosses: Steens Highway #442 
Ends: Frenchglen Highway #440
Begins: ORE-206 Crosses: I-84 US-30 in Celilo Crosses: Columbia River Highway #2 
Begins: Celilo-Wasco Highway #301
Crosses: US-97 near Wasco Crosses: Sherman Highway #42
in Wasco Ends: Celilo-Wasco Highway #301 
Joins: Wasco-Heppner Highway #300
Joins: ORE-19 in Condon Joins: John Day Highway #5
Leaves: ORE-19 in Condon Leaves: John Day Highway #5
Joins: ORE-207 in Ruggs Joins and Ends: Heppner-Spray Highway #321
Ends: ORE-206 Crosses: ORE-74 Leaves: ORE-207 in Heppner  Ends: Wasco-Heppner Highway #300 
Crosses: Heppner Highway #52
Begins: ORE-207 Crosses: US-26 in Mitchell Crosses: Ochoco Highway #41 
Begins: Service Creek-Mitchell Highway #390
Joins: ORE-19 near Service Creek Ends: Service Creek-Mitchell Highway #390 
Joins: John Day Highway #5
Leaves: ORE-19 near Spray Leaves: John Day Highway #5 
Begins: Heppner-Spray Highway #321
Joins: ORE-206 in Ruggs Ends: Heppner-Spray Highway #321 
Joins: Wasco-Heppner Highway #300
Ends: ORE-206 Joins: ORE-74 in Heppner  Ends: Wasco-Heppner Highway #300 
Joins: Heppner Highway #52
Leaves: ORE-74 in Lexington Leaves: Heppner Highway #52 
Begins: Lexington-Echo Highway #320
near Echo Leaves: Lexington-Echo Highway #320 
Begins: Hermiston Highway #333 
Crosses: I-84 US-30 near Hermiston Crosses: Old Oregon Trail #6 
Crosses: US-395 in Hermiston Crosses: Umatilla-Stanfield Highway #54
Ends: ORE-207 Crosses: US-730 near Cold Springs Ends: Hermiston Highway #333 
Crosses: Columbia River Highway #2
From: ORE-219 near Farmington 
To: ORE-6 in Beaverton 
Comments: This route was retired in the 1980's with the extension of ORE-10 along Farmington Highway #142 to Farmington.  This was due to an Urban Renewal project in Downtown Beaverton that realigned downtown streets and railroad crossings. 
From: ORE-62 in Crater Lake National Park at the Annie Springs Junction. 
To: ORE-58 near Crescent Lake 
Comments: This route was retired in the mid 1950's and, for the most part, was turned over to the Forest Service and the National Park Service.  It started at ORE-62, followed the western section of Rim Drive around Crater Lake, came out the North Entrance of Crater Lake National Park where it joins the current North Umpqua Highway #73 ORE-138.  North of Diamond Lake, this route followed what is now Windigo Pass Road (currently maintained by the Forest Service) to Crescent Lake, where it follows what is now Crescent Lake Highway #429.  It is not clear if this entire route was a state maintained highway at the time, but it most likely was.
Begins: ORE-210 Crosses: ORE-219 in Scholls Crosses: Hillsboro-Silverton Highway #140 
Begins: Scholls Highway #143
at Tigard City Limits Ends: Scholls Highway #143 
Begins: Scholls Ferry Road (Washington County)
Crosses: ORE-217 in Tigard Crosses: Beaverton-Tigard Highway #144
in Beaverton Crosses: Beaverton-Tualatin Highway #141
Ends: ORE-210 Crosses: ORE-10 in Raleigh Hills Crosses: Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway #40 
Leaves: Scholls Ferry Road (Washington County)
Begins: ORE-211 Crosses: ORE-99E ORE-214 in Woodburn Crosses: Pacific Highway East #1E, Hillsboro-Silverton Highway #140 
Begins: Woodburn-Estacada Highway #161 
Crosses: ORE-213 near Molalla Crosses: Cascade Highway South #160 
Joins: ORE-224 in Estacada Joins: Clackamas Highway #171 
Ends: Woodburn-Estacada Highway #161 
Leaves: ORE-224 in Eagle Creek Leaves: Clackamas Highway #171 
Begins: Eagle Creek-Sandy Highway #172 
Ends: ORE-211 Crosses: US-26 in Sandy Ends: Eagle Creek-Sandy Highway #172 
Crosses: Mount Hood Highway #26
Begins: ORE-212 Crosses: I-205 ORE-213 Leaves: ORE-224 in Clackamas Joins: Clackamas Highway #171 
Crosses: East Portland Freeway #64
Leaves: ORE-224 near Clackamas Leaves: Clackamas Highway #171 
Begins: Clackamas-Boring Highway #174
Ends: ORE-212 Crosses: US-26 near Boring Ends: Clackamas-Boring Highway #174 
Crosses: Mount Hood Highway #26
Begins: ORE-213 Crosses: I-5 ORE-99E in Salem Joins: Market Street (City of Salem) 
Crosses: Pacific Highway #1
in Salem Leaves: Market Street (City of Salem) 
Joins: Lancaster Drive (City of Salem)
in Salem Leaves: Lancaster Drive (City of Salem) 
Joins: Silverton Road (Marion County)
in Silverton Ends: Silverton Road (Marion County) 
Joins: Cascade Highway (Marion County)
Crosses: ORE-214 in Silverton Ends: Cascade Highway (Marion County) 
Joins and Ends: Hillsboro-Silverton Highway #140 
Begins and Leaves: Silver Creek Falls Highway #163 
Begins: Cascade Highway South #160 
Crosses: ORE-211 near Molalla Crosses: Woodburn-Estacada Highway #161
Joins: I-205 in Park Place Ends: Cascade Highway South #160 
Joins: East Portland Freeway #64
Begins and Leaves: ORE-212 Joins: ORE-224 in Clackamas Joins: Clackamas Highway #171
Leaves: I-205 in Clackamas  Leaves: East Portland Freeway #64
Leaves: ORE-224 in Clackamas Begins: Cascade Highway North #68 
Leaves: Clackamas Highway #171
Crosses: US-26 in Portland  Crosses: Mount Hood Highway #26 
Crosses: I-84 US-30 in Portland  Crosses: Columbia River Highway #2
Crosses: US-30 BUS in Portland  Crosses: Sandy Boulevard Highway #59 
Crosses: US-30 BYP in Portland  Crosses: Northeast Portland Highway #123
Ends: ORE-213 in Portland at Portland International Airport Ends: Cascade Highway North #68 
Begins: ORE-214 Crosses: I-5 Begins and Leaves: ORE-219 in Woodburn Joins: Hillsboro-Silverton Highway #140 
Crosses: Pacific Highway #1
Begins and Leaves: ORE-211 Joins: ORE-99E in Woodburn Joins: Pacific Highway East #1E 
Begins and Leaves: Woodburn-Estacada Highway #161
Leaves: ORE-99E in Woodburn Leaves: Pacific Highway East #1E
Crosses: ORE-213 in Silverton Joins and Ends: Cascade Highway (Marion County) 
Ends: Hillsboro-Silverton Highway #140 
Begins: Silver Creek Falls Highway #163 
Begins and Leaves: Cascade Highway South #160 
Ends: ORE-214 Crosses: ORE-22 near Aumsville  Ends: Silver Creek Falls Highway #163 
Crosses: North Santiam Highway #162
From: ORE-211 Now ORE-211 ORE-213 near Molalla 
To: US-99E Now ORE-99E in Oregon City 
Comments: This route was retired in the 1950's and followed what is now ORE-213 between Molalla and Oregon City.  When this route was in existence, ORE-211 followed the route of ORE-213 from Molalla to Salem.
Begins: ORE-216 Crosses: US-26 in Warm Springs Junction Crosses: Warm Springs Highway #53 
Begins: Wapinitia Highway #44
Joins: US-197 near Maupin Joins: The Dalles-California Highway #4 
Ends: Wapinitia Highway #44
Leaves: US-197 in Tygh Valley Begins: Sherars Bridge Highway #290 
Leaves: The Dalles-California Highway #4
Ends: ORE-216 Crosses: US-97 in Grass Valley Ends: Sherars Bridge Highway #290 
Crosses: Sherman Highway #42
Begins: ORE-217 Crosses: I-5 in Tigard Crosses: Pacific Highway #1 
Begins: Beaverton-Tigard Highway #144
Crosses: ORE-99W in Tigard Crosses: Pacific Highway West #1W
Crosses: ORE-210 in Tigard Crosses: Scholls Ferry Road (Washington County)
in Beaverton  Begins and Leaves: Beaverton-Tualatin Highway #141
Crosses: ORE-10 in Beaverton  Joins and Ends: Farmington Road (City of Beaverton) 
Begins and Leaves: Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway #40
Crosses: ORE-6 in Beaverton Crosses: Tualatin Valley Highway #29 
Ends: ORE-217 Crosses: US-26 in Cedar Hills Ends: Beaverton-Tigard Highway #144 
Crosses: Sunset Highway #47
Begins: ORE-218 Crosses: US-97 in Shaniko Crosses: Sherman Highway #42 
Begins: Shaniko-Fossil Highway #291
in Antelope Joins and Ends: Antelope Highway #293
Ends: ORE-218 Crosses: ORE-19 in Fossil Ends: Shaniko-Fossil Highway #291 
Crosses: John Day Highway #5
Begins: ORE-219 Crosses: I-5 Begins and Leaves: ORE-214 in Woodburn Joins: Hillsboro-Silverton Highway #140 
Crosses: Pacific Highway #1
Joins: ORE-99W in Newburg Joins: Pacific Highway West #1W
Leaves: ORE-99W in Newburg Leaves: Pacific Highway West #1W
Begins and Leaves: ORE-210 in Scholls Begins and Leaves: Scholls Highway #143
Begins and Leaves: ORE-10 near Farmington Begins and Leaves: Farmington Highway #142
Ends: ORE-219 Crosses: ORE-6 in Hillsboro Ends: Hillsboro-Silverton Highway #140 
Crosses: Tualatin Valley Highway #29
From: Sumpter 
To: ORE-7 Now ORE-7 ORE-245 in Salisbury 
Comments: This route used to run from Sumpter to the current junction of ORE-7 (Whitney Highway #71) and ORE-245 (Dooley Mountain Highway #415) in Salisbury and was retired in the early 1980's with the construction of the Whitney Highway #71.  This was know as Sumpter Highway #410 for its entire length.
Begins: ORE-221 Crosses: ORE-22 in West Salem Crosses: Willamina-Salem Highway #30 
Begins: Salem-Dayton Highway #150
near Hopewell Joins and Ends: Bellevue-Hopewell Highway #153
in Dayton  Joins and Ends: Amity-Dayton Highway #155 
Ends: ORE-221 Crosses: ORE-18 in Dayton Ends: Salem-Dayton Highway #150 
Crosses: Salmon River Highway #39
From: US-99E ORE-22 Now ORE-22 ORE-99E BUS in Salem 
To: ORE-54 Now US-20 ORE-126 in Santiam Junction 
Comments: This route was retired with the extension of ORE-22 from Salem to Santiam Junction in the 1950's.  The route left Salem on State Street to Four Corners, where it joined Lancaster Drive which turns into Aumsville Highway to Aumsville.  From there, it followed Mill Creek Road to Sublimity, Cascade Highway to Stayton, and Old Mehama Road to Mehama.  It then followed what is now ORE-226 across the North Santiam River to Lyons and followed the Lyons-Mill City Highway to Mill City.  It then crossed back to the north bank of the North Santiam River, following what is now ORE-22 through Detroit to Santiam Junction.
Begins: ORE-223 Crosses: US-20 in Wren Crosses: Corvallis-Newport Highway #33 
Begins: Kings Valley Highway #191
near Bridgeport Begins and Leaves: Monmouth Highway #194
Begins and Leaves: ORE-223 SPUR in Dallas Begins and Leaves: Dallas-Rickreall Highway #189
Ends: ORE-223 Crosses: ORE-22 near Dallas Ends: Kings Valley Highway #191 
Crosses: Willamina-Salem Highway #30
Begins: ORE-223 SPUR Crosses: ORE-223 in Dallas Crosses: Kings Valley Highway #191 
Begins: Dallas-Rickreall Highway #189
Ends: ORE-223 SPUR Crosses: ORE-22 near Rickreall Ends: Dallas-Rickreall Highway #189 
Crosses: Willamina-Salem Highway #30
Begins: ORE-224 Crosses: ORE-99E in Milwaukie  Crosses: Pacific Highway East #1E 
Begins: Clackamas Highway #171
Joins: ORE-213 in Clackamas Begins and Leaves: Cascade Highway North #68
Joins: I-205 in Clackamas Joins: East Portland Freeway #64
Leaves: I-205 ORE-213 Begins: ORE-212 in Clackamas Leaves: East Portland Freeway #64
Leaves: ORE-212 near Clackamas Begins and Leaves: Clackamas-Boring Highway #174
Joins: ORE-211 in Eagle Creek Begins and Leaves: Eagle Creek-Sandy Highway #172
Leaves: ORE-211 in Estacada Joins and Ends: Woodburn-Estacada Highway #161 
Ends: ORE-224 near Three Lynx Ends: Clackamas Highway #171
From: US-99 Now ORE-99 in Sutherlin 
To: ORE-38 in Elkton 
Comments: This route was retired with the creation of ORE-138 in the 1960's.
Begins: ORE-226 Crosses: US-20 near Crabtree  Crosses: Santiam Highway #16 
Begins: Albany-Lyons Highway #211
Ends: ORE-226 Crosses: ORE-22 in Mehama Ends: Albany-Lyons Highway #211 
Crosses: North Santiam Highway #162
Begins: ORE-227 Crosses: ORE-62 in Trail   Crosses: Crater Lake Highway #22 
Begins: Tiller-Trail Highway #230
Ends: ORE-227 near Trail Ends: Tiller-Trail Highway #230 
Begins: Tiller-Trail Highway (Douglas County)
Begins: ORE-228 Crosses: ORE-99E in Halsey Crosses: Albany-Junction City Highway #58 
Begins: Halsey-Sweet Home Highway #212
Crosses: I-5 near Halsey Crosses: Pacific Highway #1
Ends: ORE-228 Crosses: US-20 in Sweet Home Ends: Halsey-Sweet Home Highway #212 
Crosses: Santiam Highway #16
Begins: ORE-229 Crosses: US-20 in Toledo  Crosses: Corvallis-Newport Highway #33 
Begins: Siletz Highway #181
Ends: ORE-229 Crosses: US-101 in Kearnville Ends: Siletz Highway #181 
Crosses: Oregon Coast Highway #9
Begins: ORE-230 Crosses: ORE-62 near Prospect Crosses: Crater Lake Highway #22 
Begins: West Diamond Lake Highway #233
Ends: ORE-230 Crosses: ORE-138 near Diamond Lake Ends: West Diamond Lake Highway #233 
Crosses: North Umpqua Highway #73
From: US-99 Now I-5 ORE-99 in Divide 
To: US-99 ORE-58 Now I-5 ORE-99 ORE-58 in Goshen 
Comments: This route was the old route of US-99 and was created in the 1950’s with the construction of the new US-99 two lane highway around Creswell and Cottage Grove.  The new US-99 was upgraded in the early 1960’s to interstate standards for I-5, at which time US-99 was moved back to this route.
From: ORE-209 Now Rim Drive in Crater Lake National Park at Rim Village 
To: US-97 Now Sun Mountain Road near Sun Mountain Pass 
Comments: This route originally was the old east entrance to Crater Lake National Park.  In the late 1940’s, US-97 was moved from the Sun Mountain Road alignment to its current alignment to the east and ORE-209 was assigned to US-97 old alignment.  The route was retired and the highway turned over to Klamath County in the early 1980’s.
Begins: ORE-233 Crosses: ORE-99W near Amity Crosses: Pacific Highway West #1W 
Begins: Amity-Dayton Highway #155 
near Dayton Joins: Lafayette Highway #154 
Leaves: Amity-Dayton Highway #155 
Ends: ORE-233 Crosses: ORE-18 near Dayton Ends: Lafayette Highway #154 
Crosses: Salmon River Highway #39
Begins: ORE-234 ORE-99 BUS Crosses: I-5 ORE-99 near Gold Hill  Begins: Sams Valley Highway #271 
Begins and Leaves: Rogue Valley Highway #63 
Crosses: Pacific Highway #1
Leaves: ORE-99 BUS near Gold Hill  Begins and Leaves: Sams Valley Highway (Gold Hill Spur) #271
Ends: ORE-234 Crosses: ORE-62 near Eagle Point Ends: Sams Valley Highway #271 
Crosses: Crater Lake Highway #22
From: US-99 Now I-5 ORE-99 near Dillard 
To: ORE-38 Now ORE-99 ORE-38 in Drain 
Comments: This route was the old route of US-99 and was created in the 1950’s with the construction of the new US-99 two lane highway around Winston, Roseburg, Sutherlin, Oakland, Yoncalla, and Drain.  The new US-99 was upgraded in the early 1960’s to interstate standards for I-5, at which time US-99 was moved back to this route.
From: ORE-62 in Eagle Point 
To: US-97 in Klamath Falls 
Comments: This route was retired in the 1940's, but the highway (Lake of the Woods Highway #270) was assigned ORE-140 when that route was created in the late 1960's.
Begins: ORE-237 Crosses: I-84 US-30 in North Powder  Joins: La Grande-Baker Highway #66 
Crosses: Old Oregon Trail #6
JoinsORE-203 in Union Joins and Ends: Medical Springs Highway #340 
LeavesORE-203 in Union Leaves: La Grande-Baker Highway #66 
Begins: Cove Highway #342
Ends: ORE-237 Crosses: ORE-82 in Island City Ends: Cove Highway #342 
Crosses: Wallowa Highway #10
Begins: ORE-238 Crosses: US-199 ORE-99 in Grants Pass Crosses: Redwood Highway #25 
Begins: Jacksonville Highway #272 
Begins and Leaves: Rogue Valley Highway #63 
Begins and Leaves: Redwood Highway (Grants Pass Spur) #25
Ends: ORE-238 Crosses: ORE-99 in Medford Ends: Jacksonville Highway #272 
Crosses: Rogue Valley Highway #63 
Begins: ORE-240 Crosses: ORE-47 in Yamhill Crosses: Tualatin Valley Highway #29 
Begins: Yamhill-Newberg Highway #151
Ends: ORE-240 Crosses: ORE-99W in Newberg Ends: Yamhill-Newberg Highway #151 
Crosses: Pacific Highway West #1W
Begins: ORE-242 Crosses: ORE-126 in Belknap Springs Joins: McKenzie Highway #15 
Begins and Leaves: Clear Lake-Belknap Springs Highway #215
Ends: ORE-242 Crosses: US-20 ORE-126 in Sisters  Joins and Ends: Santiam Highway #16 
Leaves: McKenzie Highway #15 
Begins: ORE-244 Crosses: US-395 near Ukiah Crosses: Pendleton-John Day Highway #28 
Begins: Ukiah-Hilgard Highway #341
Ends: ORE-244 Crosses: I-84 US-30 near Hilgard  Ends: Ukiah-Hilgard Highway #341 
Crosses: Old Oregon Trail #6
Begins: ORE-245 Crosses: US-26 near Unity Crosses: John Day Highway #5 
Begins: Dooley Mountain Highway #415
Ends: ORE-245 Crosses: ORE-7 in Salisbury Ends: Dooley Mountain Highway #415 
Crosses: Whitney Highway #71
Comments: Although these routes are shown on many maps including the latest Rand McNally Road Atlas, the new National Geographic Road Atlas, and the recent Official State Map of Oregon, a recent trip to central Oregon over Thanksgiving Weekend 1997 did not find these routes marked as they were displayed on the maps.  These numbers do correspond to Oregon Highway numbers of the displayed routes.  For a more detailed explanation of these routes, please consult the Oregon Highway Pages associated to these routes: 

Antelope Highway #293 
O'Neil Highway #370 
Century Drive Highway #372 
Paulina Highway #380

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