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Why Were The Pyramids Of Ancient Egypt Built?
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Ques: Why Were The Pyramids Of Ancient Egypt Built?

Ans: The Pyramids Of Ancient Egypt Were Used To Make Connection With The Anunnaqi
Eloheem Or Neteru, Our Ancestors, Who Once Dwelt In The Orion Star Constellation. They
Were Imitating The Civilization That Was Found In Heaven Or Orion, Which In Greek Is
(Ouranos) As Found In (opccvoq). Orion Is Where The Anunnaqi Emigrated To, Because Of The
Dwindling Atmosphere On The Planet Rizq, The 8th Planet In The 19th Galaxy Called Illyuwn.
This Was Due To The Plutonium Bomb Or Shield Depleter That Was Placed There By The
Disagreeable Reptilian Tarnush Or Zuen. (Refer To The Holy Tablets, Chapter One Tablet 4).
That's Why All Of The Great Pyramids Line Up Perfectly With The Stars Of Orion. The Pyramid
Attributed To Pharaoh Khufu Lines Up With Al-Nitak Which Is Known As Zeta Orionis. The
Pyramid Attributed To Pharaoh Khafre Lines With Al-Nilam, Epsilon Orionis And The Pyramid
Attributed To Pharaoh Menkure Pyramid Lines Up With Mintaka Which Is Also Known As
Delta Orionis. All Three Stars Form The Belt Of Orion, Which Is On A Slant And Points To The
Dog Star, Sirius, Which Muhammadans Also Stole And Placed In Their So Called Holy Book
Koran 53:49.
The Shaft Or Tunnel Of The Queen's Chamber In The Great Pyramid Aligned Perfectly With The
Sirus Star, Called Sothis By The Greeks. It Was Also Considered The Star Of Aset (Isis), Just As
Orion Was Equated To (Usir) Osiris. The Sirius Star Is Found In The Canis Major Constellation
Just Below Orion, And Is The Brightest Star In The Sky. Also The Rising Of The Sirius Star
Was The Beginning Of The Nile Flood, And Also Coincided With The Summer Soltice In A Past
Epoch, It Was Therefore The New Year For The Egyptians. The Dogons, An African Tribe Of
Mali, Also Recognized This Binary Star, And Perform A Ceremonial Dance Called The Bado
Rite, Which Occurs Every 60 Years Called A Sigui. This Dance Is Symbolic Of The Complete
Rotation Of Sirius B Around Sirius A, As It Rotates On It's Own Axis Around Itself. Every Nine
Thousand Years Sirius A And Sirius B Criss-Cross In Front Of Each Other, Thereupon Sending
Energies To The Planet Earth. The Dogon Knew About This And Tracked The Movement Of
Sirius B, A White Dwarf Star. This Is A Puzzle To Modern Scientist Because It Is Not Visible
By The Naked Eye And Was Just Discovered In 1862 A.D. And Photographed By The Modern
Astronomer Irving Lindenblad In 1970 A.D. With A Very Powerful Telescope, And Still It Was
Barely Visible. The Egyptians Were The Greatest Astronomers Of Ancient Times And Knew
About Sirius C Which Was Linked With Anubus, Even Before The Predynastic Time Of 3200
The Olmecs, Sumerians, And Egyptians, Who Are All Moors, Built Thousands Of Pyramids And
Mounds All Over The World. Most Of Them Lined Up At 33 Degrees, 32 Degrees, The Tropic
Of Cancer, Which Also Lines Up With Orion. This Also Includes The Pyramids And Mounds In
America, Then Called Atlan Or Amexem Built By The Olmecs, Long Before The Five Families Of
Europeans Who Are: The Irish, French, Polish, English, And Scottish Came Here. These
Pyramids Were Used For Many Things Such As: Landing Sites For Our Ancestors, And
Descendants From Beyond The Stars, Called The Anunnaqis, And Also Astronomical Use.
Pyramids Hold Alot Of Power, Which You Will Learn About As You Read On.
What Most People Don't Overstand Is That Pyramids Are Electromagnetic Antennas, That Create
Standing Columnar Waves, To Prevent The Wobbling Of The Earth. After The Destruction Of
Atlan (oik**) The Original Name Of Atlantis, The Lost Continent Of North American, Renamed
By The Greeks, Atlantis. The Earth Needed To Be Balanced. The Pyramids At Giza Were Built
To Balance The Magnetic Fields And Land Masses Of The Earth After The Axis Shift, Of 23
Degrees, Which Takes Place Every 50,000 Years Called An Epoch. The Axis Needle Completes
A Cycle Every 24,000 Years, Called An Equinox, And Every 50,000 Years, The Crust Of The
Earth Shifts, Like The Skin Of A Grape.
Pyramids Are Also A Tool To Help Humans Advance Into A Higher State Of Consciousness.
Around Everybody, There Is An Aura Or In Nuwaubic, Halut (TiLC LTi), An Electromagnetic
Field. The Aura Has A Negative (-) Electrical Charge. If You Study And Advance Into Our
Fraternal Order The Ancient & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek (A.M.O.M) And Overcome
Matter, The Individual Must Change His Or Her Matter, To A More Positive (+) Electrical
Charge. Thus The Pyramid Is Also A Tuning Device To Help Humims Children Of Neteru
(Nature) To Achieve This Change.

Ques: How Were The Stones Layed For The Pyramid?

Ans: It Was The Custom When Transporting Especially Large Important Monuments, To Set
Out Offerings Upon Them And To Burn Incense, In Order That ANU, Or AN/ON In Al Kham
(Egypt), Who Is THE MOST HIGH And His Neteru Or Eloheem Who They Put A Lot Of Faith
In Should Look Kindly Upon The Operation And Bring It To A Successful Ending. It Is Thought
That Upon Building The Pyramid, The First Course Of Stones Were Laid In A Square On A Site
Already Surveyed And Leveled. When The First Layer Was In Place, The Second Level Was
Added By Hauling The Stones Up A Ramp Of Sand And Brickwork. When The Third Layer
Was Added, The Ramp Was Raised, Its Angle Remained Constant, So That By The Time The
Structure Was Finished, It Was Hidden On All Four Sides By Sand Ramps, Sloping Out For
Hundreds Of Yards From The Pyramid. Workmen Smoothed The Sides Of Stone Blocks Very
Carefully And Laid Them In Place With A Thick Layer Of Mortar. Most Of The Interior Rooms
And Passages Were Built While The Exterior Was In The Process Of Construction. Monumental
Architecture Requires Advanced Techniques In The Preparation Of Materials, And Some
Overstanding Of At Least Basic Architecture And Mechanical Principles. We, Nuwbuns Had All
Of These, Besides The Sufficient Manpower To Accomplish All Of These Wondrous
Monumental Structures.

Ques: Who Built These Pyramids, And Why?

Ans: Modem Scholars Say That The First Kings Of Egypt Built Rectangular Buildings Called
"Mastabas," Mastaba ft.-'—) Is An Arabic Word, In Egyptian Dialect Meaning "Bench" Made
Of Brick. According To Them, Mastabas Served As Tombs Before The Idea Of Pyramids
Became A Reality. This Is Only Half True. The Reality Is The Pyramids Were Built With The
Help Of Our Descendants From The Skies, Extraterrestrials As You Would Call Them,
Anunnaqis, As The Sumerians Called Them, And The Neteru As The Egyptians Called Them.
These Beings Were The First Kings, Rulers Or Pharaohs Of Ta-Merra, Egypt, And The Pyramids
Were Built As Beacons, So That They Would Know Where To Land Their Ships, And Once
There, It Could Recharge. These Pyramids Were
Rebuilt Or Reconstructed Several Times. The Thing That Egyptologist, Historians And
Archeologist Are Missing, Is That If The Ancient Egyptians Actually Built The Pyramids, You
Would See Depictions Of This On The Walls, Just Like You See Depictions Of Their Everyday
Life. The Great Pyramid Of Giza Was The First Pyramid Built In Egypt, However The Pyramids
In Nubia Predate The Giza Pyramid. This Great Pyramid Of Giza, As You Have Been Taught
Was Not Built By Pharaoh Khufu But By Adafa (Enoch), With The Help Of Extraterrestrial. He
Kept The Records Of His Old Friend In They Pyramids. Refer To The Holy Tablets Chapter
Eleven Tablet One, Verse 128-130. Pharaoh Khufu Reconstructed This Pyramid, That Is Why It
Is Attributed To Him. We Are Informed Through Out Many Ancient Egyptian Text Such As " The
Book Of The Dead Coming Forth By Day", " The Book Of Two Ways", " The Book Of Gates", " The
Ways" "The Book Of Gates", "The Book Of What Is In The Duat", "The Coffin Text" And What Is
Know As The "Pyramid Text", About The Secrets At Giza, However Till This Day Archeologist
Have Only Found Closed Secret Chambers In The Southern Shaft Of The Queen's Chamber
Found Originally By Two French Architects, Named Gilles Dormion And Jean-Patrice Goidm,
And Then By A Japanese Scientific Team Led By Professor Sakuji Yoshimura. Their Findings
Were Kept Secret, Until It Was Publicized By The German Archaeologist Rudolf Gantenbrink,
And A Robot He Constructed Named Upuaut II. Also A Secret Chamber Is Said To Be Under
The Back Paw Of The Sphinx, Found By Graham Hancock And Robert Bauval, By Deciphering
Certain Pyramidal Text, Astronomical Correlation And Computer Assimilation.

Ques: So What Are The Mastabas?

Ans: The Mastabas Were In Fact Used As Tombi Not The Pyramids As You Have Been Taught.
Later On In This Scroll, As You Read About Each Pyramid Of Egypt You Will Find That None
Of Them Held Tombs, Mummies Or Dead Bodies, However As You Read On You Will Find
That Some Pyramids Did Have Empty Sarcophagus In Them, That Is Not To Say That These
Pyramids Were Built As Tombs. An Empty Sarcophagus Could Have Been Placed There By A
Number Of Persons, Not Necessarily Its Original Constructor, And For Any Number Of Reasons.
If You Noticed When Archeologist And Egyptolcgist Uncover, Study, Or Dissect The Bodies Of
Different Pharaohs, And Their Officials, They Are Not Found Inside Any Pyramids. In The
Valley Of The Kings, Most Of These Tombs Are Found Under Cliffs, Inside Corridors Or Secret
Chambers, They Were Hiding Their Bodies, Sc The Empty Sarcophagus Could Even Be A
Diversion. You Would Not Be Hiding Anything In A Big Gigantic Pyramids For The Whole
World To See, Not To Mention That That Arche^logist Have Not Found Any Evidence, Or Any
Connection, Of Any Kind Of Pyramids Being Bvrial Tombs. Again If You Look At The Plans
For The Royal Tombs Found In The Valley Of The Kings You Will See That They Resemble
What Is Referred As Mastabas, Not Pyramids, And These Tombs Are Found Off On The Side
Miles Away From The Pyramids.
The Egyptians Wanted To Build Safer Burial Structures To Ensure A Better Afterlife; Therefore,
They Learned How To Build Mastabas. Mastabas Were Rectangular, Flat Topped And Slope-
Sided Tombs Made Of Brick. Mastabas Served As A Means Of Preserving The Body From
Destruction And Provided Safe Storage Space For The Dead Man's Possessions. The Tombs
Were Called Mastaba Because They Resembled The Benches That Stood Outside Egyptian

Ques: Previously You Mentioned That The Anunnaqi Were The First Pharaohs Of Egypt,
But Wasn't Menes The First Pharaoh?

Ans: No, Menes Was Not The First Pharaoh, Nor Did He Bring In The First Dynasty.
Archeologist Say That They Base This Assumption On The Writings Of An Egyptian Historian,
Named Manetho, However They Chose To Ignore The Predynastic Times And Names Of Deities,
That He Recorded. Manetho Was A Devout High Preist Of On (Heliopolis) Born In Sebennytos
(Ancient Tjeb-Neter, Now Samannud) In The Delta. Manetho Served Under Ptolemy II
(Philadelphus) 285-246, And For That Reason You Will Find That The "King List" Was
Recorded In A Greek Writing Called "Egyptian History". No Complete Copies Of Manetho's
Work Has Ever Been Found, And You Will Also Find That Many Historians Such As Josephus
Flavius (37-101), Eusebius Pamphili (260-340), Sextus Julius Africanus And George Syncellus
Have Distorted Manetho's List.
According To Manetho, In The Beginning, Seven Deities Ruled Egypt For 12,300 Years: Ptah
For 9,000, Ra For 1,000, Shu For 700, Geb For 500, Osiris For 450, Seth For 350 And Horus
For 300 Years. The Second Dynasty Of Deities Included Thoth, Maat And Ten Others, Who
Ruled For 1,570 Years. The Third Dynasty Consisted Of Thirty Demi-Deities Who Reigned For
3,650 Years. The Fourth Period Lasting 350 Years Was A Period Of Chaos, When Egypt Was
Disunited And Had No Ruler, It Ended With A Reunification Under Menes. You Were Never
Taught This, This Is The Kind Of Information That Is Kept From The Public. Not To Mention,
That According To "Egypt Before The Pharaohs" On Page 129, The Narmer Palette Was Found
"In A Place Directly Associated With An Apparently Protodynastic Level, Which Would Date It
A Generation Or Two Before The Unification Of The Two Lands, In 3100 B.C. But Two Years
Earlier In The First Report Published On Hierakonpolis By Quibell It Was Labled As Cowing
From The Main Deposit Proper, A Feature That May Be As Late As The Middle Kingdom) Ca
Menes, Also Known As Narmer, Was The Pharaoh That Reunited Egypt, As Can Be Seen From
Other Sources Such As, The Table Of Abydos, An Inscription On The Walls Of The Temples Of
Seti I, And Of Rameses II At Abydo In Upper Egypt, The Table Of Saqqara, Found In The
Tomb Of A Scribe Named Thunery At Saqqara; And The Urin Canon Of Kings, A Papyrus
Hieratic Script, Dating Back To The Reign Of Rameses II. It Begins The History Of Egypt With
Deities, And Demi-Deities, And Then Gives A Long List Of Pharaohs Names Beginning With
Menes, And Lastly, The Palermo Stone, A Stone Stella Of Black Diorite Measuring 43 Cent.
High 25 Cent. Wide, And 6 Cent. Thick, And Is Inscribed On Both Sides. This Stone Also List
Pharaohs Before Menes.
Archeologist And Egyptologist Have Chosen To Ignore Our Ancient Descendants, As Rulers Of
Egypt, And The Same With Deities Ruling In Sumer, They Say They Were Mythological, Yet
They Will Show The Later Mulatto, Egyptian And Greek Pharaohs, That Came From The Same
Line Of Descendancy. This Is The Same Thing That Religious Scholars Have Done When It
Comes To The Anunnaqi/Eloheems Of The Sumerian Tablets Such As The Enuma Elish, And
The Gilgamesh Epics, From Which The Bible, Was So Obviously Plagerized From.

Ques: What Were The Pyramids Used For?

Ans: As Mentioned Earlier, The Pyramid Is A Tool To Aid Humans In Advancement Into A
Higher State Of Consciousness. There Is An Electromagnetic Field Around Each Human Body,
Called An Aura Or Halut (T 4-<T Ui). The Earth And The Human Body Has A Negative Aura
Around It. All Points On The Earth Points To The Malevolent Ones, Luciferians. The Pyramid Is
A Tuning Device To Help Humans, Children Of Nature To Achieve This Change. The Energy
Released From The Top, The Capstone Of The Pyramid Is A Standard Columnar Wave
(SCW). This Double Helix Is Generated By The Sides Of The Pyramid Bending Light And
Creating A Vortex. This Is The Energy That Governs The Universe.
The Pyramids Also Refocus Light Into Its Sub-Atomic Particles Which We Call Tachyon
Energy. According To The American Heritage Dictionary, Tachyon Means:
Tach-Y-On (TaK/e-6N') N. A Hypothetical Subatomic Particle That Travels Faster Than The
Speed Of Light.
Tachyon Comes From Word Tachy MeaningTachy - Pref. Rapid; Accelerated: Tachymeter.
[Greek Takhu-, From Takhus, Swift.]
Tachyon Energy Is The Glue Of The Universe. It Is The Bond Between The Spiritual And
Physical Realms Of Reality. The Pure Energy Fields In Which The Particles Of The Atom Spiral
Are Called Tachyon Pairs. The Tachyon Pairs Carry An 'Electromagnetic Charge. The 3
Electromagnetic Charges Are 1. Positive, Positive, 2. Positive, Negative, 3. Negative, Negative.
(Refer To "El Maguraj,-The Journey Within", Scroll #171). I Am Not The First Person To,
Tell You About Tachyon, In The Nexus Magazine Dated December 1996- January 1997
There's A Article Titled "The Life Force Of The Universe" Where It States And I Quote "// Has
An Incredibility Ability To Restore Order Out Of Chaos And Has Been Shown To Have
Dramatic Effects On Virtually Anything From Pain Relief To Enhanced Mental Abilities And
Athletic Prowess." They Have Now Found A Market For This Amazing Energy By Having A
Whole Product Line Which Has Been Developed In Japan.

Ques: Were The Elders Advanced In Other Sciences?

Ans: The Elders Were So Advanced That They Were Able To Teach The Mortals Of Egypt And
Other Parts Of The World Air Travel, How To Drive Chariots By Gases, And Airplanes. How
To Conduct Electricity, Advance Metallurgy Which Is The Science Of Separating Metals From
Their Ores And Preparing Them For Usu By Melting, Refining, Etc., Levitation, The Process By
Which The Pyramids Were Built, And Chemistry. They Knew Of And Took Into Account
Geothermal Energy (Having To Do W th The Heat Of The Earth's Interior), Archaeology, And
In The Field Of Medicine, They Had Established Temples Of Healing, Where They Used
Anesthesiology, And Electric Knives For Bloodless Surgery. In Geography, They Knew That
The Earth Was Not Flat But Round; They Also Knew Just How Large The Earth Was And Were
Able To Divide The Earth Into Longitude And Latitude Using Units Of Measurements That Are
Just Presently Being Overstood And Used In Today's Society.
In Addition To These Achievements The Elders Had Built Aircrafts, And Ships For Traveling To
Their Different Stations Across The Globe. For Example, What Are Known As The Nazca
Drawings Which Are Thought To Be Calendars. These "Earth Designs" Were Actually Landing
Sites For The Elders. The Different Images Symbolize The Different Schools. The Pyramids
Were Also Used By The Elders As Transmitters Like Telestar Is Today. These Men Had The
Intelligence To Communicate Back And Forth From Pyramid To Pyramid By Using Their Sixth
And Seventh Senses. Scientists Call It Telepathy Today. The Elders Knew That Neither
Distance Nor Time Affects Telepathy. This Is Why They Could Be Classified As "Antennas" Of
The Earth.

Ques: Were There Strategic Areas That Pyramids Were Built?

Ans: The Construction Of Pyramid Requires Precise Dimensions And Accurate Calculations.
Before Building A Pyramid A Constrcution Site Had To Be Located. The Site Was A Very
Important Factor. Before The Egyptians Would Lay Down The Foundation Of The Pyramids,
They Determined The Axis By The Stars. Pyramids Were Constructed So The Tip Of The
Pyramid Pointed In The Direction Of The Farthest Star: The North Star. The Site Of The
Pyramid Had To Be Near A River In Order To Make The Transportation Of Stones Possible.
Also, It Had To Have A Hard Core, From Which A Pyramid Could Be Built Upon Such As A
Hill Or Rock. The Pyramids Were Built Geometrically Twenty-Three Degrees From The Center
Of The Earth. The Construction Was Based On What You Call Today Pythagorean Theorem
Which Is Pythagorean Arithmetic Regarded Numbers As Sums Of Units Or Points And
Consequently Has Often Been Interpreted As An Abstract Form Of Atomism.. Our Ancestors
Knew That In A Right Triangle, The Square Of The Hypotenuse Equals The Sum Of The Square
Of The Other Two Sides. When Pythagorus Visited Egypt, He Acquired This Information, And
Named It After Himself. He Saw It Was By This, That The Elders Or 'Deities' To Them, Were
Able To Construct Such Unique Structures. However The Ancient Egyptians Kept The Mystery
Of How The Pyramids Were Built From The Top Down Lock In The Secret Chamber Of The
Pyramids, And Like Pearls, It Was Not Cast Onto Swine.
Pythagoreans Believed That The Soul Is Immortal And Separable From The Body; It Is
Reincarnated In Different Animal Bodies Until It Completes The Cycle Of All Creatures. For This
Reason They Practiced Vegetarianism. By Leading A Pure Life, An Individual Might Secure The
Release Of His Or Her Soul From All Flesh. Most Pythagorean Thought Is Concerned With
Numbers And Mathematical Practices. The Universe Was Created When The One Or The Limit
"Breathed" In Some Void And Separate Things Were Distinguished. The Basic Principles Of
Things Are The Limit And The Unlimited; The Structure Of The Cosmos Is Based On The
Fundamental Musical Ratios 4:3, 3:2, And 2:1. Some Later Pythagoreans Linked Odd And Even
Numbers, In Tables Of Opposites, With Good And Bad, Male And Female; Virtues Are Equated
With Numbers. Unlike Plato, However, Pythagoreans Apparently Never Hypostasized Numbers
As Existents Separate From Physical Objects.

Ques: What Kinds Of Mathematics Did The Egyptians Use?

Ans: The Earliest Knowledge Of Mathematics Is Preserved In Egyptian Papyruses, And
Babylonian Cuneiform Tablets. They Indicate That The First Mathematical Concerns Involved
Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, And Trigonometry. Among The Earliest Surviving Mathematical
Texts Are The Famous Rhind Papyrus And The Golonishev Papyrus. They Reveal That The
Egyptians Used A Decimal System; The Unit Was Represented By A Single Line, And Tens,
Hundreds, And Thousands By Hieroglyphic Symbols. Arithmetic For The Egyptians Was
Essentially Additive Repeated Doubling Was Used For Multiplication. Except For The Fraction
2/3, For Which There Was A Special Hieroglyph, All Fractions Were Expressed As Unit
Fractions Of The Form 1/N; A Relatively Simple Fraction Like 2/59 Was Always Handled In The
More Complex Though Equivalent Form 1/36 + 1/236 + 1/531 = 2/59.
Unit Fractions Were Extremely Cumbersome And Would Not Have Facilitated Computation Or
The Advance Of Arithmetic. Even So, Egyptian Mathematics Was Apparently Suited For
Applications In Commerce And Agriculture. To Deal With Such Problems As Storing Grain Or
Apportioning Loaves Of Bread, The Egyptians Even Applied A- Rudimentary Algebra., Although
It Did Not Advance Beyond The Simple Linear Equation In One Unknown.
Through The Ages Many Scholars Have Attempted To Untangle The Parable Of The Pyramids.
How Were They Built? Herodotus The Greek Historian Said That It Took 12,000 Men, And 20
Years To Complete The Pyramid. This Might Have Been Acceptable During His Time, By Those
Who Believe In Myths. However, We Know This Is Impossible Because Common Mathematics
Shows, That There Are Also, Approximately 2,600,000 Blocks Of Stone In The Pyramid, Which
Are Approximately Two And A Half Tons Each. This Means That At Least 3,152.5 Ton Blocks
Had To Be Placed In The Pyramid Each Day. A Work Day Of 12 Hours Meant, That 30 To 40
Blocks Each Weighing Two And A Half Tons, Were Positioned Each Hour, A Rate Of One
Block Every 91.5 Seconds. This Is Impossible.
The Unit For Measurement Used In The Pyramids And Now Called The 'Pyramid Inch' Was
Adopted Because It Is Equivalent To A Polar Diameter Inch. Polar Diameter Of The Earth Is
500,000 Pyramid Inches, From The South Pole To The North Pole. The Pyramid Inch Is The
Basis Of The So-Called British Inch. The Only Difference Between These Two Units Of Measure
Is 1/1000 Of An Inch.
An Interesting Fact About The Pyramid Inch Is That A Circle Inside Of The Great Stone Circle
Of Stonehenge Has A Diameter Of 1163 Britiesh Inches Which Is Estimated At 1162.6 Pyramid
Inches. This Value, Is The Diameter Of The Solar Circle Of 3652.42 Inches Circumference Or
The Value Of The Solar Year, Multiplied By Ten. Now We All Know That The Ancient
Egyptains Charted A Solar Year Called ?, But What About The Celts, Who Are Known To Have
Built The Stonehenge. This Dimensions Of The Stonehenge Circle (116.6 Inches And The
Circumference Of 3,652.42 Inches) Are The Dimensions Of The Ancient Egyptian Aroura, A
Unit Of Land Meausre And Represented In The Dimensions Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza.
Theses Fact Affirm The Fact The Original Celts Were Either Egyptians, Or They Were
Descendants Of The Egyptians, Because The Stonehenge Circle Of England Was Built 1,000
Years After The Great Pyramids Of Egypt.

Measurements .Of The Great Pyramid

Height Of Great Pyramid From The Top Of The Platform-480.95 A-B =
B-C =           Thickness Of Platform = 21.6535 Inches
A-C =           482.75751 Feet = 1/43,2000 Of The Earth's Polar Radius

When The Distance Of Platform Is Added To The Height Of The Pyramid Above The New
Height Is 482.75751 (This Figure Is Multiplied By 43,200).

The Following Is An Example Of How Close The Figures Are To The Polar Radius:

Expected Figure 3949.9081

Calculated Figure 3949.831

Difference 0.0741 Or 391 Feet

These Figures Give Us A Very Accurate Image Of The Size And Shape Of The Earth, Inclusive
Of The Flattening Of The Peoples And The Equitorial Bulge. Many Archaeologists Have Given
Measurements For The Great Pyramid Of Giza And Many Of Them Are Incorrect. Why?
Because, When They Were Taken In The 19th Century The Base Of The Pyramid Was Covered
With Debris. Once The Debris Was Cleared Away The Most Accurate Measurements Were
3,023.13 Feet Or 921.453 Meters. For Its Circumference And 755.78 Feet For The Average Side.
The Height Was 480.95 Feet Or 146.59 Meters. It Is Interesting To Note That The Great
Pyramid Of Egypt, Measurement's Equals Approxiamately The Value Of Pi, 3.1415926. For
Instance, The Original Height Of The Pyramid Was 480.95 Feet, And When The Perimeter Is
Divided By Twice This Figure, The Total Figure 3.1428 Is Very Close To The Value Of "Pi".
The Pyramid Of Giza, Was Constructed At The Center Of The Land Mass Of The Earth, This
Means That The Latitude And Longitude Lines Which Pass Over The Earth Cross Near Giza.
This Was Not A Coincidence, The Elders Knew Exactly What They Were Doing. They Knew
Science, Astronomy, And Geography Of Each Continent On Earth. It Was Their Fields So That
They Could Construct Similar Schools Of Learning Like This Around The World. Remember,
The Purpose Of Their Descension Amongst The Mortals The Mixed Ancient Egyptians Which
Were Dark Olive Toned People With Thick Woolly Hair, Was To Re-Educate Them About The
Beauty And Power Of The Most High, And Remind Them Of Their Responsibilities As
Descendants Of Kadmon The Anunnaqi/Eloheem To Their True Way Of Life; NUWAUBU.
The Pyramid Of Giza Is Located At The Peak Of The Delta Of The Nile. The Four Sides Face
The Cardinal Points Of The Compass North, South, East, West; This Is Further Evidence That It
Was The Elders Who Possessed This Unbelievable Engineering Skills. As Ones Sent By The Most
High, They Had The Mental Knowledge Of How To Devise Instruments That Would Aid Mortal
Man In Achieving The Precise Measurements. The Methods Which Were Used Then, Are Still
Being Analyzed By The Scholars Today, Yet They Cannot Decipher Them!
As Old As This Pyramid Is, It Still Glistens As It Stands. The Pyramids Were Originally Covered
With Huge Blocks Of Fine Grained White Limestone. The Outside Of These Surfaces Were
Stitched So Each Side Was A Smooth Shiny Surface. An Interesting Fact About The Pyramid Of
Giza's Mortuary Temple Is That The Walls Were White Limestone, Basalt Pavement And Red
Granite Pillars. The Building Was White, Red And Black. These Three Colors Are The Secret
Colors Of The Native Americans And Dogons Of Mali, And Nuwaubu. Coincidence? Nope.
Remember According To His-Story, These People Had Nothing To Do With Each Other And
Never Had Contact.
During The Fourteenth Century This White Finishing Was Taken Off And Used To Build Palaces
And Masjids In Cairo. A Few Original Casing Stones Are Left At The Base Of The North Side.
Ques: How Much Does The Pyramid Weigh?
Ans: The Great Pyramid Originally Covered An Area Of 13.11 Acres. Its Stones Weighed 70
Tons. The Total Weight Of The Pyramid Is 6 Million Tons. If The Stones Of The Pyramid Were
Cut Into Blocks One Feet On An Edge And Laid End To End, They Would Stretch Two Thirds
Of The Way Around Earth At The Equator. Thirty Empire State Buildings Can Be Constructed
From The Stones Of The Pyramid. Each Block That Was Used In The Great Pyramid Had Six
Surfaces. The Top, Bottom, Outer Face, And The Two SideS'Were Precision Out By Laser And
The Back Was Left Slightly Rough. Archaeologists Say That This Pyramid Is Like A Man-Made
Mountain. And The Procedure That Was Used Gave The Scientists Of Today The Clue To
Cutting Gems. Yet The Scientists Will Never Be Able To Duplicate The Fine Machinery And
Techniques, Which The Ancient Egyptians Used To Construct The Pyramids. This Is Why It Is
Called "The Seventh Wonder Of The World". All Of These Achievements Show Quite Clearly,
That The Pyramid Builders Were Highly Skilled In Geographic Science. It Is Ridiculous,
Therefore, To Make A Statement That The Measurements Of The Pyramids, And Of The Earth
Are Coincidental. There Is No Such Thing As A Co-Incidence. After Two Incidences, It Is Can
No Longer Be A Coincidence.

Ques: Does The Pyramid Have Any Other Symbolic Meanings?

Ans: The Three Points On The Pyramid Represents The Three Groups Of People That Came
Here And Formed The Freemasons. l.The Jews, 2. The Irish, And 3. The Italians. They Are
Responsible For All Of The Confusion On This Planet. The Jews Represent The Money. They
Control All Of The Funds. By Way Of The Rothschilds Who Is A Famous Family Of German
Jewish Bankers. They Are The Bankers. The Italians Represent The Crime. The Italian Mafia,
Inclusive Of The Coreleone Family, Came Together In The 1900's And Became The Criminals.
They Switched Over From Being The Bootleggers, And Prostitution Ring To Being Criminals
Because They Wanted To Take Over The Whole Country America Being That The Whole
Foundation Of America Was Based Upon Stealing.
Then You Have The Third Point Of The Pyramid Which Are The Irish Who Represent The Law,
Then Penal System. They Are Your Judges, Lawyers, Policemen, Etc. Of Course, As A Part Of
Their Master Plan, Where Are You In This Triad? That's Right! You Are Stuck In The Middle Of
Their Trap, Their Triad. Here's How They Planned It. They Pretend That They Do Not Get
Along With Each Other, However, If You Watch The Movie "The Godfather" You Will See
That The Italian Family Had An Irish Lawyer And Went To The Jew To Talk About The
Business. They Are All One Brotherhood. The Irish Are In Power Now. Watch The Programs
They Have On Television. All The Irish People Are Wearing Green Shirts And Green Jackets And
Everything Is Green. This Is All Subliminal. They Are Pushing The Color Green Because It Has
Been Known To Be Synonymous With The Irish. Now They're All Holding A Red Rose In Their
Hands. You'll See A Red Tie, And Some Of Them Wear Red Handkerchiefs. They All Symbolize
The Red Rose, The Blood, Which Goes Back To The War Of The Roses. This War Was Between
Two Royal Families Of Europe, The Yorks And The Lancasters. The War Occured In The
1400's. The Symbol Each Adopted By Each Side Gave The Struggle Its Name. The Yorks Used
The White Rose As Its Emblem And The Lancasters Used The Red Rose.

Ques: Why Is A Pyramid On The Dollar Bill?

Ans: The Egyptian Pyramid That Appears On The Dollar Bill Is The Pyramid Of Khufu
(Cheops) And Represents The Egyptian Project Built By Hebrew (Israelite) Slaves. If You Look
In Genesis 15:13,

Ques: What Does The Eye On Top Of The Pyramid On The Dollar Bill Symbolize?

Ans: According To Freemasons The Eye On The Pyramid Has Two Meanings. One Being
That It Has The Capacity Of Being Everywhere At All Times. The Law That Will Punish The
Freemason That Reveals Their Secrets Is Everywhere And You Cannot Hide From It. The
Second Meaning Is Defined As "The Open Eye Was Selected Because Of It's Watchfulness And
Care Of The Universe, Being The Eye Of Deity". It Is A Symbol Of A Deity. They Believe This
Deity To Be Osiris, Being The Sun, The Source Of Light And The Principle Of Good. Yet, Some
Believe It To Be The Eye Of Lucifer, The All Seeing Deity Of The Universe.
"The Eye Was Also The Symbol Of Osiris....His Symbol, Therefore, Was An
Open Eye, In Honor Of The Great Eye Of The Universe, The Sun....The
Egyptians Represent Osiris, Their Chief Deity, By The Symbol Of An Open
Expert From The Book "The New World Order" Authored By A. Ralph Epperson, Pg 141
Rex Hutchens, A Freemason, States In His Book Entitled "A Bridge To Light" On Page 247,
And I Quote:
"On The Right Side [Of A Sash By A Member Of The Mason Inside The
Temple] Is Painted An Eye Of Gold, A Symbol Of The Sun Or Of The Deity "
Expert From The New World Order By A. Ralph Epperson, Pg 141
The "All Seeing Eye" Is The Freemasonic Symbol Of The "Grand Architect Of The
Universe", The Deity Of Freemasonry.
"The Triangle, In Connection With The All Seeing Eye, Is The Masonic
Symbol Of The Grand Architect Of The Universe... The Masons Believes In The
Great Architect..Let Him Never Forget That The Master Is Near. The
All-Seeing Eye Is Upon Him."
Expert From The New World Order By A. Ralph Epperson, Pg 141
The "All Seeing Eye" Can Be Seen Many Places Around The World.
However, The True Meaning Of This Eye Is Symbolic Of Ra (XI) Or Roi, "The Seer" Or "The
AH Seeing Eye". Ra Is From The Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Word Ra'a (ejij) Meaning "To See"
Which Is The Same Word In The Aramic (Hebrew) Word Ra'ah (nxi) Meaning "To See, Look
At". Not To Be Mistaken With The Rah (in) Which Means "Disagreeble" That Is Why You
Will Find So Many "Eyes" In The Government. These Eyes Are Known As The FBI Or The
Federal Bureau Of Investigation. The FBI = F Is The 6th Letter Of The English Alphabet, The
B = 13 Because When You Put The Number 1 And The Number 3 Together, You See The Letter
"B". And The I Is The Eye, "The All Seeing Eye". That Is Why All Of These Organizations
Are Called The C.I.A, (Central Intelligence Agency ) The I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service),
Or The I.V.H.S. (Intelligence Vehicle Highway Surveillance) Just To Name A Few AND
You Will Find "The Eye" Incorporated In All Parts Of The American Culture. One Of The Early
Giants In Cable TV, Home Box Office (F£BO), Followed CBS's Lead And Incorporated An
"Eye" As Its Logo. This Symbol Represents "The Right Eye Of Horus", The Rising Sun Is
The "All Seeing Eye", Which In Egypt Is Ra, Or Sometimes Mispronounced As Re. Ra (N~i) Or
Roi, Represents "The Seer" The Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) Has Used A
Reserved Version Of "The Eye Of Horus" On Their Television Stations For Many Years. As
Late As 1991 A.D., An Eye Was Used In An Equilateral Triangle As A Backdrop During Their
Station Identification Breaks. For The Last Several Years In Some Areas, The CBS Local News
Broadcasts Have Been Referred To As "Eyewitness News". And Now Almost Every News
Station Uses Eyewitness News Briefs. According To CBS Inc. Since 1952 A.D, The Television
Network Has Been The World's Largest Medical Publisher And The Symbol Used To Abbreviate
Medicine Prescription Is "Rx" Which Is Also A Symbol Of The "Right Eye Of Horus". Take A
Closer Look At The Word Net-Work. This Telling You Right Here That They Are The
Entertainment Businesses, And Are A Part Of The Secret Societies, Who Are Working
Collectively On Pulling You Into Their "Net".

-Atum Re




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