Facts Of What Matter?
Poetry & Story Telling By C.L.Boeve © 4/2002

There is this wild romance
with the western lifestyles
city folk imagine from T.V.
in their suburbian country,
on a lot, homes single file.
This kind are kinda funny.

They look out into "yards"
to see neighbors lookin in
set out to meet their pards
with shiney new 4-WD cars
a twenty dollar hat, big grin
chasin' fillys n playing hard.

Then there are yet others
who live on a lil' bit of land,
say they were real cowboys
but never touch any horse,
forced as kid to be a hand,
ignoring it for all other toys.

These are the oddest ones
they do love what they hate,
payin' for their old mistakes
with the guilt of selling out
without any good pay rate
for 24/7, blood, tears, mate.

You bumped into cowboys
who'll keep on family places,
run a couple head in ropin'
hit a jackpot now and then,
longing for old open spaces
familure smiles, a easy hope.

Those ole boys get broke in
doing jobs imprisoned inside
chained onto computer chips,
or travelin' dog n pony show
gettin blisters when they ride,
gimpin' from wrecks and slips.

And the biggest gripe I hear
is you're not a real cowboy if
you don't live the life, eat dust
do what you can do and must.
If you disrespect women I hear
or if you lie to yourself my dear.

You're not a real cowboy if a
whinin' to hear yourself go on.
To brag what a good guy does
strokin' sympathetic approval
to cut throat on someone else
less a knowledge lost track of.

You're a cowboy if you live it
A cowboy if you never give up
You're a cowboy if you're real
A cowboy when it's time to feel
You're not a cowboy without wit
Cowboyin' is a big beautiful deal.

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