March 15, 2005



ack in 2002 they found out Religious Teens make better sheep behave better in school.

Last month it was reported that Teen devotion is high, but their actual knowledge of religion is low.

This is getting a little more coverage this week, as papers are reporting that Mormon teens scored the highest.

If you were wondering where your religion stands in teen "engagement in practicing their faith"...

On most of the measured criteria, Mormon youths-- whose church runs daily high school religion classes-- were the most engaged in practicing their faith, followed in order by evangelical Protestants, black Protestants, mainline Protestants, Catholics and Jews.


Only 12% of Jewish families talk about Religion at least once a week.

This is not good. The unaffiliated families talk more about religion.
However, we are good at sending our kids to summer camp.

March 12, 2005

BookCrossing and Music Updates


'm back at the library again. I am on an every-other-Saturday schedule, picking up some new music to listen to, and checking the BookCrossing Zone shelf to see if any interesting books are available.

There was a Tom Clancy this week -- The Bear and the Dragon. But I'm not a huge Tom Clancy fan, but if you are, and would like a free copy, there's one currently at the Brentwood Public Library.

I personally released two books into the wild, which can be found at the exact same place as that Tom Clancy.

1) Richard Lederer's Anguished English. If you have a love for the English language, this book is guaranteed to either make you laugh, or cry, or both.
2) The Celestine Prophecy. It didn't change my life, as the book claims it will, but it changed some people's lives, I'm sure. (For example, it probably changed the life of the author.)

The five CDs I have decided to listen to this week:
The Best of Earth Wind and Fire vol 1
Dixie Chicks' Home
Mary Chapin Carpenter's Between Here and Gone
The Very Best of Cheryl Crow
John Mellencamp's The Best that I Can Do

I tried to follow the advice given recently on Warren Zevon music...but apparently ITunes doesn't have a complete collection of his albums available. They do have The Wind, which I already have, and Life'll Kill Ya, as well as the tribute album, and an album just titled Warren Zevon, but not much else. I bought Mutineer with one of my Pepsi caps last night. I may try to look for the entire Life'll Kill Ya album rather than buy it from Itunes.

A friend recently introduced me to the music of Stephen Lynch, and I am now also in search of more of his stuff. If you are easily offended, I advise you not to listen to any of his music.

March 11, 2005

Legal in France


rance joins Canada in making P2P legal.

(The key is that there's a tax on blank media that goes towards artists, which even those who are using the blank media for other purposes have to pay.)

For the Love of Money


el Gibson must have decided he didn't make enough money last year, so he's re-releasing The Passion. (Because the merchandising of the movie last year proved that was what it was all about.)

He's cut a few minutes from the movie, hoping for non-R rating, but he didn't get it, so it's unrated instead.

Because of the non-rating, and the fact it's out on DVD, many theaters aren't playing it. Which is bound to lead to protests.

March 10, 2005

Coolness from Google


oogle News now lets you customize the news page. So if there's a specific topic you want news on --- besides Entertainment, US, World, Sports, Business, Tech or Health, you can just add it. Or if there's a topic you never can be deleted.

Here are my current sections

Science Fiction
Victor Hugo
Natalie Portman

I wonder if I just revealed too much about myself...

March 09, 2005

The Devil, you say?


he Gorgon was a maiden bold
Who turned to stone the Greeks of old
That looked upon her awful brow.
We dig them out of ruins now,
And swear that workmanship so bad
Proves all the ancient sculptors mad.

-- Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

March 08, 2005

Real or Photoshop?


y guess is photoshop.
1) While it is a transliteration of a Hebrew word, so spelling can be diverse, I've never seen 'shul' spelled that way.
2) It's hard to imagine a congregation that would put that on their 'sign'.
3) A congregation that is likely to use the term 'Temple" is unlikely to use the term 'Shul'. Shul is predominantly an Orthodox term, and the Orthodox believe the last Temple was destroyed around the year 70 CE.

But, still funny.

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