VEF Aircraft

If you know of any VEF aircraft tested by the Luftwaffe not listed below please email details direct to Mike Murphy.

VEF I-16

below: VEF I-16. This is an ex-Latvian fighter that was designed by Karl Irbitis. In the 1970s, Mr.Irbitis published a book about his career entitled 'Of Struggle and Flight - The Story of Latvian Aviation'. The Germans were interested in his aircraft, I think mainly as a potential trainers for Luftwaffe fighter pilots. However, again, I don't think they followed through with plans to mass produce the VEF I-16 or any of his other designs. This photo is actually from the Czech publication L+K, issue 11/95. The photo is in color, but may have been hand-tinted after the fact. The color scheme is correct according to information that is available.

below: A series of photo's taken of the Latvian VEF I.16. They were published in an unknown Dutch aircraft magazine (via J Vd Heuvel/LEMB)