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Publish a "people directory" in minutes
If you need to publish directory information to your Website or intranet, AboutFace is for you! AboutFace eliminates the need for time-consuming custom development and delivers a feature-rich database publishing tool right out of the box.

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An Easy ROI
AboutFace is the best way to publish a directory to your intranet or Website because it's simple, cost-effective and easy to implement.  And, it provides the most robust set of features.  For example, here are some of AboutFace's unique capabilities:

  > Completely Web-based administration
  > Automatically links images to data records
  > Integrated floor plan manager
  > AOL Instant Messenger integration
  > Multiple permission levels
  > User self-service
  > Dynamically-generated data entry screens
  > Integrates with other HR databases
  > Customizable user interface
  > Developed, tested and ready to go
  > And much more...


See how AboutFace can help your organization

Publish an employee directory,
facebook and knowledge index.

Schools & Colleges
Eliminate the need for printed facebooks.
Save time and money each year.
Membership Associations
Put your membership directory online
and offer member self-service updating.
Publish medical staff directories for
internal and public use.

Latest News

12/30/03: AboutFace announces
AOL Instant Messenger integration --
now with presence information!

1/15/04: AboutFace announces new version and
new customers.




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