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It all started when this picture was posted on in the Community Forum at the Superhero Hype website:


All it took was one manipulation and then everyone had to get their turn. Many drew parallels with the "Asian kid" manips that were floating around the internet. Below you will find all the pictures done so far. At the bottom of the page, you will find a requests section listing manips that people would like to see but have not yet been created.

On a final note before you move on to the manips, I'd just like to make a couple of comments (in the event that the parents of this little one find this site).

  • We are aware that the baby is a girl.

  • We think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread and hold her in the highest regard. Without her, none of this would be possible.

  • None of these pictures have been created to intentionally harm her or her family. It's a bunch of kids having fun on the internet with Photoshop.

  • We ALL have baby pictures of ourselves with wacky facial expressions. We're just lucky enough that they haven't made it onto the internet :-D

  • Please sign the guestbook on the way out to tell us what you think!

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