Otis T. Carr & his Flying Machine
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Over the years, the name of Otis T. Carr comes up with regard to a flying machine he was said to have built and tested as well as a power source which he dubbed the U-tron. Scant details are available as seems to always be the case with such reports.

However, in Carrs' case, he did receive a US Patent 2,912,244 for an 'Amusement Device.'

On reading the patent and examining the diagrams it seems to be a Trojan Horse method of recording his discovery, much like the means afforded to Keely to record some of his discoveries in the form of an 'occult novel' back in the late 19th century.

A search of the net for Otis Carr and the Utron finds several sources selling information about his work and this online document from France;

French page on Otis Carr

CARR Otis T.

Otis became acquainted with the reclusive Nikola Tesla at the hotel where he resided. Tesla loved to feed the pigeons in New Yorks' Central Park and one day instructed Otis, then studying art and working in the hotel, to buy two kilos of unsalted peanuts as pigeon food for him.

Over a period of three years, after each delivery of peanuts, Otis had the opportunity to converse with Tesla on his various discoveries. From that knowledge and his own insights, it is claimed he went on to invent a free energy generator (U-tron) and a flying device.

In 1947, Carr had finished his research on a flying vehicle (resembling the levitation disc of John Searl) and tried to interest various governmental and University agencies, all in vain because they were more interested in atomic fission.

Carr decided to direct his invention towards the educational and entertainment aspects of his work. Carr was granted a US Patent 2.912.244, for a toy apparatus which very accurately reflects the proportions and the design of his antigravitational flying vehicle.

The principle of operation stated by Carr was that "any vehicle accelerated towards an axis compared to its inertial mass of attraction becomes immediately activated by the energy of space and acts like an independent force."

A diagram of the patent of Otis T Carr

Carr would have taken as a starting point the the end of the English patent n 300.311 of T.T. Brown by transforming the cylindrical engine into a biconic engine designed to create a nonuniform field around the ship, thanks to its design combined with its rotation.

He placed in the center another larger nipple which could be used to produce local energy and also to create another nonuniform field in the center. Although confirmed, the assertions of Carr do not explain the exchange and the extreme polarization which occurs between the iron disc with segments and the electromagnets of the circumference which give a cancellation of the gravitational field and allow a antigravitational flight.

Flying disc of Otis T Carr
Note: 12 Utron electromagnets in periphery

In the disc of Carr is a key component, the Utron, which consisted of metal condensers in rotation whose form is unusual, square in a plan and round in another plan with 90. This Utron has the same function - rotary inductive component at high speed - with the steel plate segments of Searl.

This use of a condensing component (capacitor) in planetary rotation provided a measurable storage capacity of load at high circumferential speeds.

In the disc of Searl as in that of Carr, the accumulated load coming from the element in rotation is discharged into electromagnets on the circumference of the disc. On the disc of Carr, the spin zone contains uniform reserves of condensers which produce oscillations (pulses) for the loads as received by the magnets at the edges.

With the addition of the Utron, Carr appears to have improved the basic antigravitational technology of Searl, giving them both a reinforced credibility.

The following was posted on the KeelyNet BBS as CARR1.ASC on January 31, 1991. The article is from FATE magazine - May 1958 - page 17, in the regular column, I See by the Papers, the following article was found.

Gravity Machine?

The following summary was sent from a Ship's Paper of October 30, 1957, after being copied from a CW News broadcast while at sea. It is unusual because no other report of this announcement reached us. It certainly is sensational - if true.

Baltimore, Md., October 29 - A group of inventors claimed Monday they have been able to utilize gravity in circular motion machines capable of powering everything from hearing aids to space cruisers.

Otis T. Carr, president of OTC Enterprises, Inc., detailed his claims in an interview and demonstration of a crude model of a circular motion machine which he said is the principle of a "free energy circular foil" space craft he can build, if someone puts up the money.

He said the machine can be adapted to devices of any size to produce continuous power absolutely free of dissipation.

Its immediate application, Carr said, would be in a space craft - which would be able to fly among the planets in controlled flight. It could land or take off as desired on the earth, the moon or any planet in the earth's solar system, he said.

Carr and his associates said their claims are based on the most simple practical applications of natural laws and discoveries in science and mathematics. They have no formal education in science or engineering.

He said the same "free energy" which causes the earth to rotate on its axis and orbit around the sun will turn a machine he described as two cones joined at their circular bases.

When the rotation of such a machine reaches a certain velocity relative to the earth's orbital velocity, Carr said, it will take off.

Carr said the core of his space ship would be a huge battery which would spin at the velocity of the external craft and which would be recharged, he said, by its motion. Carr declared such a battery, built to any size, could be designed to power the largest electric generating plant, operate an automobile, heat a house or power any conceivable machine or device.

The principle on which Carr said such circular motion machines would operate is that "any vehicle" accelerated to an axis rotation relative to its attractive inertial mass (the earth) immediately becomes activated by free space energy and acts as an independent force.

This article was originally posted on the KeelyNet BBS as CARR2.ASC on January 31, 1991. It originates from FATE magazine - August 1959 - page 32.

The Saucer that didn't Fly
by W. E. Du Soir

The serious field of UFO's and flying saucer research received a setback at Oklahoma City in late April when a highly publicized launching attempt by O.T.C. Enterprises of Baltimore, Md., resulted in failure.

Hundreds of persons had been invited to Oklahoma City by Otis T. Carr to watch him "launch a six-foot prototype model of the O.T.C. X-1, a space craft which works on 'utron' energy." Those who were there came away disappointed. The flying saucer did not fly.

The six-foot model, well-hidden in a warehouse, never even got to the launching site, or to the amusment park called Frontier City, where it was to have been displayed beside a 45-foot version of the same X-1 which will be an amusement "ride" in the near future. The launching site was to have been a gravel pit eight miles north of Oklahoma City where Carr claimed the saucer would rise "400 to 600 feet."

Launching time was set for 3:00 PM Sunday, April 19. Two and a half hours past this time Major Wayne Aho finally announced that the launching had to be postponed because of "technical difficulties." Later it was stated by O.T.C. officials that one bearing housing was "off one-sixteenth of an inch."

Most of the major flying saucer clubs had ignored the "launching". Except for a story in early April there was no advance news on Carr's experiment in Oklahoma City newspapers. One Oklahoma City television reporter expressed the general feeling of the townspeople, "This thing will never leave the ground. And I feel that a great deal of the ballyhoo they're giving out is tied in with the ride at Frontier City. I have tried constantly to get in to see the saucer model, but they've kept it hidden."

Equally well hidden was Carr himself. He was finally located in Mercy Hospital, Room 302, by John Nebel, the famed "Long John" of WOR, New York City.

Carr did not show up at a meeting at a local church the day before the scheduled launching but a taped speech was delivered to the 70 people who attended.

"Barring any flat tires," Carr said, "I feel that history will be made Sunday afternoon when the model of the O.T.C. X-1 is launched here."

Carr did not leave his hospital room until Monday, when he was taken to the home of Major Aho, the man in charge of publicity for the company. A scheduled "victory" dinner was pretty dismal Sunday night, where again a taped message from Carr was presented.

Monday morning at 5 AM a rumor spread that the model launching would again be attempted. At that early hour a group of a half-dozen people, including Norman Colton, Carr's chief aide, went to the warehouse. But it was three hours later before anyone else showed up and most of those who had come to see the model had given up in disgust and left.

Many believers in UFO's, although skeptical, had traveled to Oklahoma City to see what developed. All of them had left town by Monday afternoon.

One member of a Pennsylvania saucer club commented, "I don't know what's going on but I feel they never had any intention of trying to launch the model. I could not see any plans in sight for the model and, in fact, I understand, that a Mr. Maywood Jones presented only what he called "three-dimensional illustrations" of Carr's ideas."

Monday afternoon there was more activity in the warehouse and finally, around 4 PM, the model was "turned on" and revolved, althought it showed no signs of taking off from the table on which it sat.

"We hoped to try to launch it again but unfortunately one of the seams burst during the test," an O.T.C. official said.

"We still hope to have a launching shortly," another member of Carr's group added.

Left unanswered were such questions as:

  • 1) Why was there no publicity about the launching in Oklahoma City for two weeks before the model was supposed to fly?
  • 2) Why did Carr ready a taped message for delivery at the "victory dinner" a day before the scheduled launching?
  • 3) How could any engineer make a mistake of one-16th of an inch in a precision part? This would be similar to a navigator landing an airplane 300 miles off course. A mistake of one-10,000th of an inch can be a major engineering calamity.
Carr was apprently undaunted by the weekend's developments. He again commented, "This indeed is an historic occasion."

Questioned about the failures of his model, he added, "The theory itself has been proven. The model will go up, if not this week, then next week or next month."

Mr. Carr also has stated that he and Major Wayne Aho will "fly to the moon in a flying saucer on December 7, 1959."

Notes about the ship

A closeup of the left and right sides of the U-shaped electromagnet;

Part 82 - conically-shaped member (gyro) may be easily formed out of a suitable sheet material, such as laminated aluminum or plastic - Positioned to move through the simulated electromagnets 86

Each simulated electromagnet 86 may be formed in horse shoe shape...with tubing or like 88 to simulate the winding of an electromagnet.

And the capacitor plates from the patent;

I further prefer to secure a plurality of plates 90 (6 plates, 6 gyros) in spaced relation around the upper face of the rotating assembly 14 to simulate capacitor plates in a space craft. The plates 90 may be formed out of any suitable material such as aluminum laminated Masonite, to provide a striking appearance.

This shows how gyroscopic motion can produce a thrust as represented by the following diagram;

As you can see with Carrs gyros being at 45 degrees the 'beams of force' would be directed to collide at the center above the space craft. Directional control would be by reducing or increasing the speed of one or more gyros on the side you wished to travel, causing the craft to 'dip' into that direction.

There seems to be something else going on here, with the spinning gyros and capactive plates being rotated through the electromagnet arms.

Now, if you look along the axis of rotation of the conical shaped members which are gyroscopes, you will see they intersect at a 90 degree angle as shown below;

Which corresponds interestingly enough to two methods to alter gravity, one involves creating what Keely called an 'artificial neutral center', the other involved using a band or ring around the object, when stimulated the ring produced weight loss;

Decker's correlations

though there are several which relate, the one I have in mind being from the claims of Dr. Daniel Fry at White Sands;

"...description of two rings. When dual magnetic fields are produced in these rings, the interaction will focus between the rings. This focal point will produce an artificial neutral center towards which the mass will be attracted by virtue of resonant attraction of the natural neutral center."

Meaning the natural neutral center of the ship will be attracted toward the artificial neutral center. It works much like a goat harnessed to a wagon....if you hold out a stick with a carrot hanging from it, the goat will follow the stick in whatever direction you so choose.

and from an anecdote from Wil Wilson;

anecdote about a newspaper article with a picture describing a levitation device that was suppressed. A cylindrical container with a series of solenoids mounted on the top of the cylinder. Each solenoid is pointed towards a central focal point. When the solenoids are pulsed at the same frequency, the combined force creates an artificial neutral center which, depending on the amplitude of energy flowing into this artificial neutral center will cause the natural mass neutral center to be attracted to the artificial neutral center. The mass will thus be pulled in which ever direction the artificial neutral center is pointed, regardless of direction.
Another file is The Ship of Heaven & the Aten band;

"...This indicates the establishment of a bubble of force that protected anyone within its confines. Rather, it produced a center of gravity that absorbed aether at its own rate, rather than being chained to the planet, thus inertia and gravity were SOLELY governed by itself. Keely said you could produce this effect to such a degree that the object would float away like a bubble, independent of the mass (referring to the earth)."

And yet another file showing an 'artificial neutral center' to deflect the aether/zpe influx that produces the illusion of gravity is about Edward Farrow;

"Book lost 1/6th of its weight due to action of his 'electrical condenser'...In Farrow's explanation, he said that the dynamo acted to "intensify the vertical component" of the Hertzian waves which it generated. This intensifaction produced buoyancy in any object to which the unit was attached. The unusual pattern of Hertzian waves fanned out in a thin horizontal plane of electromagnetic stress over a broad area.

...The condensing dynamo employed either a horizontal row or a ring consisting of a series of interrupters or breaks (gaps) for producing this field. The ring of electrical breaks extended in a horizontal line around the perimeter of the device. Power and frequency of the oscillators were not given.

The buoyant effect is similar to that produced by floating a sewing needle on water. Although the steel has a much higher density than the water below it, the surface tension permits the linkup of many surrounding water molecules in a thin film or sheet. Similarly, the dynamo lifts against the strong gravitational field by REACTION against the weak geomagnetic field. The interaction over a very wide area between this field and the Hertzian waves produces electrical buoyancy. No U.S. patent was received on the invention. "

Taking into account Carrs use of conical gryos, which would be spinning on their axis to create a force beamed at the top of the ship, they are also on rotating assembly 14 which carries them through the horse shoe shaped electromagnets. This is HIGHLY similar to Joe Parr and Dan Davidsons experiments with rotating pyramids.

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