plagiarism n 1: a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work 2: the act of plagiarizing; taking someone's words or ideas as if they were your own (source: WordNet(r) 1.6, (c)1997 Princeton University)

copyright noun : the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, and sell the matter and form
adjective : secured by copyright (condensed from: Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(r) Dictionary)

theft noun 1: the act of stealing; specifically: the felonious taking and removing of personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it (condensed from: Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(r) Dictionary)

I have decided to remove myself, Omawarisan, from Medievia as a "quiet" protest over some issues that I consider worthy of needing resolution. While I'm still a supporter of Medievia, I believe that the copyrights of DIKU/Merc and any others that might be stuffed in Med's code base must be upheld and respected. This would require, in my belief, very little effort to resolve.

Painless (albeit not without embarrassment) solution, and the morally right solution:
1. Per the copyright and license agreement of Diku, re-instate the credits and restruture "donations" to offline products (in following with the license agreement).
Painful solution (due to having to actually do a lot more work), and also morally right:
2. Write the code from scratch. Thereby securing it as PURE Medievia code, protected by it's own legitimate copyright.
3. Legal evidence is presented by Medievia that proves that indeed Medievia IV contains no Diku code and is not a derivative work of Diku.

I would encourage everyone to check out the information found on these various resources:
USENET Newsgroup:
Web site: KaVir's Site
Web site: Cestus's Site

Let me again say, I SUPPORT Medievia and wish it well, and in fact miss my friends, questing, and just simply enjoying the mud. But I stand firm that Omawarisan will not return there until a solution to this issue is found that satisfies Medievia and the Diku license holders.

So, why Did I (Oma) leave Med? Because there is overwhelming evidence that Medievia IV is not only a derivative of Diku, but contains stock and modified Diku code. All the while Mike Krause has ignored, avoided, or denied the issue. As well as not giving credit to the Diku authors PER the Diku license agreement.
My thought is simply to return the credit where credit is due. While I can't speak for the Diku team, I'm pretty positive that doing just that (giving credit) would make Diku more than happy. It is after all Diku's work at the foundation of Medievia.

For those that don't know what this is about
There is overwhelming evidence showing that Medievia IV (current version of medievia running online since around Feb. 1996 to current date (summer 2001)) contains code from a public source mud base, Merc which is a derivative of DIKU.
DIKU is a stock mud code base developed without fees or payment by some college students. Diku is the name of either the university or the computer science division of the university these students attended (I'm not positive over the exact origin of the term "Diku").
The UNIVERSITY holds the copyright to the Diku mud code base. It is the property of that school (which is overseas, not in the U.S.). It is not, legally, the property of Mike Krause. Even if he claims it to be (which in a twisted way he apparently claims).
People are free to use and modify the Diku stock code, but must follow the LEGALLY binding copyright -- which is what Medievia no longer does. To paraphase the copyrights, Medievia must show the names of the Diku authors in the log-in screen, and also have a "help credits" screen that lists the authors as well, giving them credit for the initial work (upon which Medievia IS based. Also people using Diku can not charge any fees to the players, again Medievia goes against the copyright by offering Donation items.
Mike Krause (aka Vryce) has repeatidly denied, ignored, or twisted this topic. But the evidence is there. I have no doubts that Medievia IV is based upon the hard work of the Diku and Merc coders yet slaps them in the face by claiming THEIR code as Medievia code.
Unethical. Theft.

You cannot take stock code and recode it, reinvent it's routines, rename it, port it from C to C++, add a bit of this to it, remove a tad of that from it, etc, etc and claim it as YOUR ORIGINAL WORK. It IS by all legal definitions a derivitive work, and bound to the original copyright (in this case, DIKU's copyright).

Diku's copyright requirements are extremely basic. Give credit (where it IS due), don't charge money to play. Simple. The coders of Diku mud no longer contribute their work freely to the public. Is it any wonder why? One of the authors of diku even stated that Vryce was one of the reasons he will no longer contribute freely to the public. How's that settle with you? Would YOU work long hard hours without pay so a theif could take your work, claim it as his, laugh in your face, and turn around and make money -- from YOUR work? Nah, I sure wouldn't a second time around, and now the diku team no longer does. Does your gaming pleasure outweigh any ethics you might possess? ...uh huh