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Help FAIR Grow in 2005!

With your support, in 2004 FAIR was able to expand its media activism, research and monitoring. FAIR's study of National Public Radio got widespread media attention. FAIR was prominently featured in Outfoxed, the documentary that exposed the right-wing tilt of the Fox News Channel. FAIR helped organize the March on the Media during the Republican National Convention, which inspired a similar protest in France.

And FAIR's activists have never been stronger-- all 56,000 of you, up about 12,000 from last year. We've held the New York Times accountable for minimizing civilian deaths in Iraq; we documented the weaknesses and double-standards in the media's coverage of the presidential campaign; we took action when PBS added right-wing voices to "balance" their supposedly liberal line-up; we challenged inaccurate reporting of the reproductive rights march in Washington, DC; and we continued to confront media portrayals of the war in Iraq.

FAIR was busy in the media, too. We appeared in dozens of newspapers, not to mention cable outlets like MSNBC and CNN. And FAIR was interviewed or featured on radio shows around the country.

In 2005, we want to do even more-- but we need your help.

A small donation-- even $10-- from all of our activists would sustain FAIR for the entire year (and then some!).

If you can donate $25, we'll send you a free DVD of the hit documentary Outfoxed:

To those who can spare $50, we'll send you a FAIR baseball cap to show our appreciation--and so you can show your commitment to media activism:


You can make a donation of any amount at:

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Remember-- any amount is appreciated.

If you're not already subscribing to FAIR's magazine Extra!, start 2005 off on the right foot:

Thank you! Your support is what keeps us going.

Everyone at FAIR

P.S. If you can't donate online, you can send checks or money orders, payable to FAIR, to:

112 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

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