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a new book by Dennis R. Wier

Psychology / New Age

"In Trance, Dennis Wier offers a profound and unique approach that joins hypnotic theory and systems analysis to the metaphysics of consciousness. In doing so, he discovers radical but powerful ways to both analyze trances and to create or design them. With this understanding of the deep trance state it is quite possible that the process of therapy will never be the same."

- John Granrose, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

This book proposes and describes a new model for trance. Trance is used not only by psychologists, therapists and hypnotists, but also yogis, magicians, witches, advertisers, politicians, lawyers, addicts and psychotics. This books describes Wier's trance model and theory as well as practical techniques to analyse and design trances. Wier's ideas and expression are based on his personal experience of over 35 years of meditation and as a professional computer systems analyst. He suggests that some of these ideas might represent new tools for psychology. Wier proposes and describes a trance force as an important component to understanding how the new trance technology works. Trance abuse is also described with suggestions on how it may be prevented. Practical suggestions for meditators, yogis, witches and others are included to deepen trance and to increase the trance force (wyrd).

Some earlier versions of chapters of Trance are available now on the web. You can read both and earlier magazine article as well as an early version of the trance model.

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