Grown men can learn from very little children  for the hearts of little children are pure.  Therefore, the Great Spirit may show them things which older people miss.    Black Elk

compiled by Susan Bertomeu Albert

Birds of Hope Campaign

A  craft activity for children to express their messages of caring, hope and pace.

Dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Pilar Mendez Bertomeu, who instilled in me through her actions, a  great love for children; to my children, and to my students who have all inspired me to want to help make their world better.

The following collaborative internet book project began at the Princeton Multicultural Camp during the Summer of 1998 at the Clay Street Learning Center in Princeton, NJ.   The purpose of the camp was to build understanding between cultures.  Children who participated were asked to create a picture and choose words of advice on how to 'get along' better.   In preparation, they first visited selected sites from which they could explore global issues and express their opinions to world leaders.  The internet address for these home pages is 

Each child was given a greeting card with their design and message  to take home.  Their first names and towns were included to help identify their pictures.    The web book will expand over time with more pictures gathered at children's programs sponsored by The Coalition for Peace Action and The Learning Arcade and with contributions from others working to create peace around the world with the help of the internet.

At the bottom of the page is information for collaborators and some craft projects too!!

The internet address for this web book is


LOVE.  Mom cat and baby cat love their neighbors

Lauren, Age 4, Belle Mead, NJ USA

Having fun doesn't mean hurting yourself or others.

Danilo, Age 9, West Windsor, NJ USA

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

James Barrie

Mari Cruz, Age 8, Princeton, NJ USA

 Grown ups should let kids enjoy doing things like playing and enjoy life like little kids and let them wait to be grown ups to be able to do grown up jobs.

Ligia, Age 8, Princeton, NJ USA

Don't fight, talk it out.

Erich, Age 6, Belle Mead, NJ  USA

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

Chinese proverb

Marco, Age 10, Princeton, NJ USA

Clean up the world and stop making children live in dirty places and help keep them clean.

Brandi, Age 8, Princeton, NJ USA

Be fair, be friends.

Ahmad, Age 7, Princeton, NJ USA

There is something good in every creature.

Alex, Age 5, Belle Mead, NJ USA

Protect all babies.

Lindsay, Age 4, Belle Mead, NJ  USA

Keep the world beautiful.

Eric, Age 10, Princeton, NJ  USA

The only way to have a friend is to be one.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Keisha, Age 7, Princeton, NJ USA

Be nice to all of your friends, even if they are different.

Colin, Age 5, Belle Mead, NJ USA

Share happiness with everyone in the world.

Stephanie, Age 7, Princeton, NJ USA

The World Should all be Laughing

Micheal, Age 8, Princeton, NJ  USA

No more fighting.

Javier, Age 10, Princeton, NJ  USA

The Eagle is a symbol of freedom. I like being free.

Wilson, Age 6, Princeton, NJ USA

The Mexican flag is green, white, and red and inside the flag is an eagle eating a snake.

Alondra, Age 9, Princeton, NJ USA

The Mexican flag also contains a cactus which is a symbol of peace.

Megan, Age 13, Chesterbrook, PA  USA

Stop fighting.

Daniella, Age 6, Princeton, NJ USA

Be friends.

Dani, Age 5, Princeton, NJ USA

Freedom is the key to peace. Never use weapons if you are in a fight.

Nieme, Age 6, Princeton, NJ USA

Have a Big Heart.

Shari, Age 4, Belle Mead, NJ  USA

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

James Barrie

Kristen, Age 11, Princeton, NJ USA

Stop hitting babies.

Shanice, Age 9, Princeton, NJ  USA

Don't eat your family.

Sheri, Age 9, Princeton, NJ USA

more    pictures


Image designed by Paola, a recent graduate of St. Julie Brilliart School, (K-8) Hamilton, Ohio (USA) for "The Ideal World through Eyes of Child '98" collaborative project  from Yaroslavl Internet Center (Russia).

Click here for more advice from St. Julie Brilliart School, Hamilton, OH  Fall '98

Shannon, Age 5, Princeton, NJ USA

Click here to see more pictures designed at the 2nd Annual Peaceful Toys Fair in Princeton, NJ in 1996

Mrs. Morris' reading class read about Sadako Sasaki in the book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr. When they finished the book, they decided each student would fold 30 cranes, and they would have one thousand cranes. The cranes were put on a piece of thread in groups of ten and were hung from the ceiling of their room. They plan later in the year to mail them to Hiroshima.  Their poems were copied to a peace ribbon and will also be sent.

Click here to read similes, metaphors, haiku, and other poetry about peace from Doris Morris' 5th grade class at The Warner Elementary School, Wilmington, Delaware

A lesson in values from Columbine to Colombia : advice from young people who participated in the Hague Appeal for Peace Conference in the Netherlands, May 1999.  This was an historic  gathering of Nobel Peace Prize Winners, a Queen, Prime Ministers, entertainers, and 10,000 ordinary citizens from around the world to launch the Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice in the 21st Century, now, an official UN document.  According to Cora Weiss, President of the Hague Appeal for Peace,  Thomas Simonet, a staff writer for the Times of Trenton, provided the best coverage of the Hague Appeal for Peace in the world.  Read his articles at the following web address:

YWCA Princeton

Week Without Violence  Display 10/17/99 - 10/23/99

Summit Bank, Nassau and Witherspoon Streets, Princeton, NJ

Online partners- please join in this collaborative effort!   Send a page of your students' combined work that can be added as 'chapters' to this global web book or have students choose pictures from this book to add comments to. Image type and format will be left to the imaginations of the 'chapter' designers.  Include your class name, school, town, age and country.   Send  a link  to your page or attach it to an e-mail message sent to

For this project,  I suggest first visiting  the sites that I selected for learning about and taking action on global issues.   For peacemaking curriculum ideas from a book,  I highly recommend some of the projects from Learning the Skills of Peacemaking : A K-6 Activity Guide to Resolving Conflicts, Communicating, & Cooperating, by Naomi Drew and Susan Remkus.  1995, c1987.  

Visit The Community Connection  page to learn about how adults and children in Central Jersey are working together to 'create peace'.

Some suggestions if you are just getting started with web pages...

To easily  make web pages try a free program called AOLPRESS.  You can also use any other html editor that you are comfortable with.

For the pictures, I used Print Artist  v. 4.0 (available for about $30.00).  In this, and other card making programs, students have the ability to search for quotes and choose from a huge variety of pictures.  This is a powerful program that can keep small groups peacefully designing for hours!  I had the students choose a card format.  They designed a cover and a message for the inside and each student took a copy of the card home.  Paola's picture, which represents the Ideal World Through Eyes of Child project, was made with Fractal Design Dabbler.

In order to  convert the image for the internet (as .gif or .jpg) try Paint Shop Pro.   If your image doesn't have that extension, copy from Print Artist (or any other program that won't save images as .gif) and paste into Paint Shop Pro.  Save them as .gif format.   Once files are saved as .gifs they can be added to a home page that can be easily made with a free program called AOLPRESS.  I copied the text of the message in Print Artist and pasted it into AOLPRESS directly under the picture -  including the students' first names, towns, etc...

 Free Iron-On Transfer Patterns!!  Click here to print 2 transfers of the design below.

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