Thresholds and Gardens:

           The Siege Engines of the Seven Heavens

          Thresholds and Gardens are the What, Where and When of Academy 23. They refer to two different forms of Evokated experience which the Academy encourages to promote various Pillars, or ways of Being and Becoming. To say that Thresholds are educational, while Gardens are more recreational, would not be too far from the mark, yet it is largely up to each Pillar to determine what form their particular Thresholds and Gardens will take.

           A Threshold is an event that presents Academicians with some form of information, either new or familiar, for the cultivation of the various physical, intellectual, aesthetic, or moral faculties. A Threshold may take any form, from lectures or discussion groups, to tutorials, fieldtrips, expositions, workshops, presentations of Academy research projects, the private exchange of various informative media, ad infinitum. Anything to initiate the Academician into an area of Being which they are outside of is a Threshold. Thresholds are engineered by the Magistry, and promote the growth of both old and new Pillars of the Academy, and the understanding of individual Academicians.

           Those spaces beyond the Thresholds we pass are our Gardens, intractable utopian mirages that overlap where two or more Initiates gather together in the same spirit. These are our secret grottos, invisible to outsiders, no matter how closely we are pressed. A Garden pirates time and space, transforming whenevers and wherevers into whatever form Academy 23 has taken. Without their Gardens, the Pillars of Academy 23 do not exist.

           Simply put, Thresholds are places where an Initiate Becomes, and Gardens are engineered for the purpose of Being. With diligence all places which an Academician passes through can be willfully transformed into Gardens or Thresholds, as one attains a personal mastery of one's own space and time. Such is the desire of Academy 23.

           For a better perspective on the Gardens and Thresholds of Academy23, one should familiarize one's self with the concept of the Temporary Autonomous Zone, a.k.a. the T.A.Z.