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Gate to Hamiota CemeteryHamiota Cemetery Index

S.W 1/4 - 8 - 14 - 23 W1M, RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF HAMIOTA, Manitoba

The Hamiota cemetery is situated less than 1/2 mile south of the town of Hamiota, along Highway #21, on the S.W. 1/4 - 8 - 14 - 23 W1PM. The cemetery is a well kept and has a chain link fence all along the west side facing onto highway #21 . There are two gates into the cemetery, which is bordered on all side with tall evergreens. East-west row of tall evergreens also divide the cemetery approximately in half.

The north half which is the oldest part , is divided in half by a driveway, bordered by tall evergreens running east-west from the front gate . There are three driveways running north -south across this section, one at the front, middle, another one at the back , These join up with the driveways in the south (new) section . There is another driveway part way along the north perimeter of the cemetery This part of the cemetery has several trees , shrubs , and flower beds scattered throughout it. This part of the cemetery contains blocks - A,B,C,D,E ,& F.

The south half, which is the new part is also divide by an east-west driveway entering from one of the gates. The three driveways (front, middle & back) that intersect the main driveway joins up with similar driveways in (north ) old section . At the present moment (1998) south of this driveway is not in use. The row of evergreens between the old and new cemetery cuts off 4 rows of graves through blocks J,K, & L from the south (new) half of the cemetery. These 4 rows of graves will be included in section # 2.  There will be a reference to a row of trees or evergreens where this division occurs .

This cemetery was transcribed by James W. Routledge  M.G.S 529 as part of the Manitoba Genealogical Society's goal to have all the cemeteries in Manitoba recorded.

The numbers after the name refer to the page number in the transcription.  Please e-mail me with your request for look up stating the name and page number to :

If you are unable to find the family name you are looking for please check the Scotia Cemetery Index as well.  These are the two main cemeteries for the Hamiota Rural Municipality.  Families from the Decker area may be found in the Isabella Cemetery.  If your family was from the McConnell area check the Shoal Lake, Strathclair or Oak River cemeteries.