HALL OF FAME - Class Of 2005

The 2005 AVN Hall of Fame Inductees

    AVN’s Hall of Fame honors those performers and directors and the occasional technician whose contributions to adult have helped elevate the artistry and popularity of the medium. To be eligible for consideration, one must have worked in the industry for a minimum of 10 years.
     James entered the world of XXX in 1979 as a porn journalist, became editor of Adam Film World’s special editions, was a founding member of the X-Rated Critics Organization, but he really made his claim to fame with beautifully shot adult fare. He has won his share AVN Awards to show for it, including Best Director – Film for his masterpiece Les Vampyres in 2001. At the 2005 Awards, he directed the scene that won Best Threeway Sex Scene – Video for Erotic Stories: Lovers & Cheaters and took top honors for 2004’s Best All-Girl Feature with Babes Illustrated 13.
     Influence: “In 1996-97, when everything was going gonzo, I think I was influential in keeping a lot of the high-end stuff alive and I think there’s still a market for it, though it’s become more of a niche than the mainstream of adult. Michael Raven actually told me once that I was a big influence in doing what he did.”
     Proudest achievement. “I’m most proud of Les Vampyres.”
     Thoughts on entering the AVN Hall of Fame: “Very honored and very pleased to receive recognition. I’ve worked hard to make it entertaining and different for the fans. I have a reviewing background and one of my goals was to make films I’d like to have seen as a reviewer. It’s a big honor.”
     Future plans: “Nick Orleans and I are putting together a production deal, and we’re going to be concentrating on HD projects at all levels of adult, from very high-end to gonzo-like formatted HD shows.”
     Since entering the business in 1991, Seymore has been instrumental in turning several hot young things into major porn stars. While they’ve all since gone their separate directions, Shane, Taylor Hayes and Alisha Klass will always be associated with Seymore. He also fought The Man over his Tampa Tushy Fest, successfully beating obscenity charges in a case that nearly bankrupted him but brought him the everlasting respect of the industry. Today he has his own successful series, Family Business, on Showtime, which won Best Alternative Release at the 2005 AVN Awards.
     Influences: “John Stagliano.”
     Proudest achievement. “Winning Best Gonzo Series two years in a row and being able to turn this business that I have into a mainstream television show [Family Business]. It’s helped change people’s perceptions of the industry.”
     Thoughts on entering the AVN Hall of Fame: “That’s hot.”
     Future plans: “To prosper and multiply greatly.”
     In nearly 30 years in the adult business, Rod has appeared in more than 4,000 scenes and directed 400-plus titles. His other ventures included a few years in the army and as a cop, as director of operations for Sin City, and well as Extreme Associates’ general manager. He has a mantle full of AVN Awards, including three won at the 2005 Awards (perhaps most notably Best Supporting Actor for Vivid’s The 8th Sin) out of an outstanding eight nominations. Rod is still performing and has teamed up with videographer Tucker Caine in Cuntry Boys Productions, with which, he says, the pair “intend to make adult cinematic history.”
     Influences: “The economy, it was 1976, I was in New York and broke and had a friend who said I could make some quick money, cash. My first scene was with Jamie Gillis and some girl.”
     Proudest achievement. “This year I had eight nominations and three Awards. Outside of porn, my proudest accomplishment is my two-year-old daughter and my wife Liza Harper.”
     Thoughts on entering the AVN Hall of Fame: “I’m happy and humbled and honored to be in such fine company. ”
     Future plans: “I don’t know. I take it one day at a time.”
     Kylie may not have grown up with dreams of becoming a legendary porn star — actually she was hoping to be a writer or videographer for National Geographic — but in college she worked for a video store chain where she started watching porn and began thinking she might be bisexual. She explored those fantasies when she started stripping in Ft. Collins, Colo., with, among others, a beauty who later became known as Juli Ashton. She did some magazine layouts for photog Warren Tang and then decided to head for Porn Valley to try a couple porn vids. She won Best New Starlet at the 1994 AVN Awards, and the rest is porno history.
     Influences: “Ashlyn Gere and Nina Hartley.”
     Proudest achievement. “The last 10 years as a whole.”
     Thoughts on entering the AVN Hall of Fame: “It’s a huge honor, especially after 10 years.”
     Future plans: “I’m enjoying directing, and I’m going to see where that takes me.”
     C.J. LANG
     C.J. was one of the most exciting stars of the so-called Golden Age of porn, appearing in more than 50 features and loops in the 1970s and ’80s, including such classics as Barbara Broadcast and Anyone But My Husband. She was an energetic performer who turned in some of the strongest performances of her time. To borrow from Mark Twain, reports of her death in the early-’90s have been greatly exaggerated, and C.J. is alive and well, and quite pleased about both.
     Influences: “Quaaludes, dysfunctional family and acceptance.”
     Proudest achievement. “Not dying of AIDS or drug overdoses.”
     Thoughts on entering the AVN Hall of Fame: “It’s about time.”
     Future plans: “I’ll just sit back waiting for those residual checks to come in.”
     WWW: “No, I don’t need another project.”
     Francesca entered the business in 1990 and has explored nearly every avenue open to a porn star — from dancing in dingy clubs to catfighting vids to double penetrations to starting her own production company (LéWood Productions) with husband/male performer Mark Wood in 2002. LéWood has put out 30 titles to date, and Francesca is still performing, though she intends to put a stop to that with a bang — as in gangbang — later this year.
     Influences: “Jeanna Fine and Greg Dark.”
     Proudest achievement. “My AVN Awards, especially the Hall of Fame; it’s nice to be in the company of such great pornographers.”
     Thoughts on entering the AVN Hall of Fame: “I’m very proud to be recognized for my cock sucking and anal abilities. Apparently I still looked good doing it, thus this Hall of Fame hullabaloo.”
     Future plans: “To make LéWood Productions a household name.”
     MAI LIN
     An early Asian porno superstar, Mai appeared in familiar films such as Deep Throat 4 and 5, Sexcapades, Skintight and, of course, One Night in Bangkok. She made her debut in the late ’70s and was known as one of the nastiest starlets of her time. Group scenes, anal, double penetrations — there seemed to be no limit to what this filthy little thing would do — helping set the stage for the raunchy young starlets of today.
     Influences: “Society inspired me to get in because I thought I was going to get arrested for teaching my children about sex, so I thought I’d make a video to teach them.”
     Proudest achievement. “Waking up every day with a smile on my face.”
     Thoughts on entering the AVN Hall of Fame: “I’m very happy for the recognition; thank you and good night!”
     Future plans: “Live to be 400 and good looking and socially acceptable.”
     WWW: “I don’t even have a computer, but Rhonda Jo Petty is trying to help me get going.”
     Few enjoy pushing the limits of pornography to the limits as much as Jim. As legend has it, he once had the idea of shooting a girl in the leg just to have a new hole to stick a dick in. He directs almost daily, including the Girlvert series, which won the AVN Award for Best Continuing Series each of the past two years. He has won more AVN Awards than he has room for on his mantle, and, by the time he’s done, he’ll likely have to build a room to display them all. But it’s not the accolades Jim is interested, it’s the filthy entertainment that he has so well perfected.
     Influences: “The movies of the ’70s that I watched as a kid. I love porn. I grew up drawing porno comics. My life revolved around Hustler when I was a kid. I used to hang outside 7-11s trying to get people to buy me Hustler instead of beer.”
     Proudest achievement. “I haven’t had it yet.”
     Thoughts on entering the AVN Hall of Fame: “I’m a lifer so I figure I’m going to be doing this for 20-30 years until I die, so I think it’s a little premature. Like it matters, we don’t get to go on stage [at the AVN Awards] or anything anyway. I think [AVN President Paul] Fishbein should build an actual Hall, just take a hall in the offices there, with action figures of everyone who’s been inducted. ”
     Future plans: “I just want to continue to make the greatest, filthiest porn in the industry until I just can’t do it anymore — and I don’t see that day coming anytime soon.”
     Serenity was more than just a porn superstar, she was a world-class topless dancer, winner of back-to-back AVN Awards for Best Actress – Video (for Double Feature! in 2000 and M Caught in the Act in 2001, both from Wicked) and even made an impact on the mainstream as a correspondent for E!’s Wild on the Strip, as well as a great many other Wild On episodes. She signed on as a Wicked exclusive, a contract that allowed her total control over her projects from script to talent to director. Serenity retired from porn in 2004, but her influence will still be felt — quite literally — via her sex toy and novelty company, Las Vegas Novelties, which she established in 1999.
     Influences: “Alexis DeVell with Lucky Smith were the ones who introduced me into the business, and my first movie was for Wicked Pictures, Jennifer Ate. I actually showed up to get autographs, because I was a big fan of adult films, and I was going to be making this movie with Jeanna Fine and Porsche Lynn and PJ Sparxx, and I really just wanted to show up so I could meet them. Once I was there, it seemed like a lot of fun, and I just went with it.”
     Proudest achievement. “Starting my family, starting my company [Las Vegas Novelties], winning Best Actress two years in a row from AVN and working for the E! channel. And I’d really like to thank my husband [Las Vegas Novelties’ Steve Lane] and my fans for being so supportive over the years.
     Thoughts on entering the AVN Hall of Fame: “It is truly an honor, especially with my retirement being announced this year, it was just the cherry on top of the sundae. It’s just fabulous.”
     Future plans: “I’m going to continue working on Las Vegas Novelties, continue working on my Website and continue with my family. That should take up all my time for now.”
     Shane entered the porno biz in the early-’90s with then-boyfriend Seymore Butts. After they parted ways in 1995, Shane started the Shane’s World line, a series that made Shane a major player in her own right and one of the female legends of gonzo. She’s been in and out of the business over the past few years, though she recently returned to produce lines for Phoenix Releasing like Shane.TV, a gonzo line not dissimilar to her original Shane’s World titles (which are being released on DVD by Phoenix as well).
     Influences: “Seymore Butts.”
     Proudest achievement. “The Special Achievement Award [now the Reuben Sturman Memorial Award] in 1999, the same year Larry Flynt won. I love Larry Flynt, so it was awesome. I even brought my dad to the Awards Show.”
     Thoughts on entering the AVN Hall of Fame: “Mixed emotions. It depends on when you ask me. If I’ve just come home from dropping my kids off at school or if I’m in the middle of a shoot. I have mixed emotions anyway, still working in the business and being a mom and getting it all sorted.”
     Future plans: “I just want to continue working, bettering myself and helping others.”
     Steven did his first feature in December 1992 and has since appeared in literally hundreds of titles. In 1997 he became the first male to sign a deal with Vivid Video, no doubt thanks to his acting ability as much as his ability to screw. He’s racked up nine acting and five sex scene trophies in his 14 years, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit. He has also directed and produced features as well, but no matter which direction he chooses, he’ll always be a Hall of Famer.
     Influences: “Ron Jeremy.”
     Proudest achievement. “Staying alive so long.”
     Thoughts on entering the AVN Hall of Fame: “It’s about fuckin’ time.”
     Future plans: “Settle down with one woman and be happy and write some stuff. Fiction, non-fiction.”
     WWW: “No.”
     Since entering the business in 1990, Taylor has been a Penthouse Pet (the first adult star to earn the honor), an AVN Award winner and a perennial fan favorite. The English hottie got her start when her mum entered her into a calendar girl competition, and she won. Next thing you know, she was modeling topless, and before long, she headed for Hollywood. She stuck with men’s magazine shoots for a year before getting in front of the video camera. Once she did Female Persuasion with Henri Pachard and Patti Rhodes, she was hooked. She has since racked up 350 titles and still releases one each month through her own company, Taylor Wane Entertainment.
     Influences: “Victoria Paris and Amber Lynn.”
     Proudest achievement. “In 1994 when I made the cover and centerfold of Penthouse, that was a very proud moment for me, I was a big fan of Penthouse. And being inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, that was fantastic. I could be in the industry and just get overlooked, so to be inducted was a very proud moment for me, and I was very grateful for that. And starting my own company, so there’s lots of achievements that I’m still achieving, and I’m very proud of.”
     Thoughts on entering the AVN Hall of Fame: “At first, I was like, ‘Oh my God, what does this mean?’ You obviously can’t get into the Hall of Fame unless you’ve been around for a year or two, so at first I was pretty taken aback, like, ‘Is this a nail in my coffin?’ And then I realized a monumental achievement that I’m proud of because I could have went through the industry and never been inducted into the Hall of Fame and that would be a great disappointment, so I feel very honored to be respected in that honor.”
     Future plans: “I have a lot of plans on the horizon. Just this year I’ve been in talks with Gene Simmons about a TV show to do in conjunction with him and his production crew. In Vegas, we were working on Gene’s reality show, Gene Simmons 24/7. I’m also working with some Hollywood writer friends to put together a comedy-type show. Olivia is working on a piece on me, and I’m very excited about that. I’m also working on a coffee table book. There’s a slew of new projects, and I’m going to be twice as busy as I have been, if that’s possible.”
     WWW: and

- Acme Andersson

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