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The Aquent|AMA Compensation Survey of Marketing Professionals 2005

Welcome to the most comprehensive survey of its kind ever conducted. Drawing upon data sampled from more than 70,000 marketing professionals throughout the United States, it provides the most in-depth look ever at marketers' salaries and responsibilities across a wide range of titles, markets, and industries.

It is the product of a unique partnership between two marketing industry giants. Aquent, the world leader in helping companies build their ability to generate marketing and communications from within. And the American Marketing Association, the industry's premier source for information, ideas, and insights.

The two organizations share the belief that the most essential equipment for achieving success is superior information. That is why Aquent and AMA joined together to produce the survey: to give marketers the clearest possible picture of where they and their enterprises stand relative to their peers, and ultimately, to equip them with the information they need to succeed for years to come.