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Get FireFox!

rflymen posted Spyware is bad, believe it or not. on 3.10.2005
Having trouble with spyware on ol' glory (or the american-hand-me-down, I guess for you canadians)? Well if you run windows, microsoft has a new spyware remover. It's still in Beta but its bad assed. I recommend it ;)

Get it HERE! -

Another note: No one cares if you already have it, this was for the people who don't, we don't want to hear you brag ;) thanks.

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404 posted Chappelle's Show! on 3.8.2005

Poor doggy.

Thanks for opening the door.

Damn cars.

This is supposed to be 50 Cents custom Nintendo DS.

Dime sells for $1.3 million - A dime minted in 1894 sells for $1.3 million.
200 5 Snow Sculpture Championships - Pretty neat art made out of snow.
New Particle Physics Collider - I don't know much about this, pretty interesting. I know it was brought up in science.
Cellphone Bomb Detonator - A team in Iraq found a cellphone detonator.
82-inch LCD TV - Not much to say about this except everybody needs one.
IP Addressing - Find out how IPs work.
Homemade G5 - This dude made his own G5 out of a 1.8GHz and a 1.6GHz.
Air Conditioned Jacket - All I can say is, WTF?
2005 E3 Exhibitor List - A complete list of all the exhibtors at this years E3.

Xbox2 Specs Leaked?
* CPU will use three 3.0GHz PowerPC cores, each with 32KB L1 cache, 32KB instruction cache, and the three share 1MB of L2 cache. Later alpha decks only featured two cores.
* The graphics will be handled by a “next-gen” 500MHz ATI post-X800 adapter
* There will be 256MB RAM—no word on what type; memory cards will range from 64MB to 1GB
* There will be no “next-gen” (i.e. Blu-ray or HD-DVD) drive, but instead a dual-layer DVD
* There will be an optional hard drive (as we heard before)—no word on final size - rumored to double as an portable MP3 player.
* There will be a USB 2.0 camera for 1.2-megapixel shots and VGA-quality video
* 5.1-channel audio is handled in software—X3DAudio to be exact (no word on in/outs)
More at Engadget.

Word has it one of the best shows ever is comming out with season 3 on May 31st at 10PM EST, that's right Chappelle's Show!

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404 posted Power Napin' Rocks! on 3.3.2005
Hello everyone! I'm doing great, just wanted to bring you a few links and some info. First off if you havn't noticed I have whiped The Game and added some Links to the homepage of a few of my favorite sites. The game was 104 pages I think and well played. Maybe this round we can offer prizes for the top posters, we'll see. Also, I am in a mood to update 909 (not just the mood, I actually have time) so what would you like to see? E-mail me your ideas here. All ideas welcome. Anyway, on to the post!

Power Naping - I thought I made up power naping, but I realized I didn't.. anyway PN'ing rocks!
Play World of Warcraft for free! - I have not tried this but I might.
Cool Nintendo DSs - I think these are kind of cool, I would take a white one myself.
New Nintendo Handheld? - Lots of sites are reporting a next gen gameboy. We'll see at E3 in May.
Radeon X850XT PE 512 mb - Not only does it look cool, it is cool, can we say $1,000 price tag?
AK-47 shooter, busted - What a retard, read the story.
Clown Generator - So stupid I had to post it.
Earthquake Thingy - It shows when and where earthquakes hit, a lot more happen then you think.
NASA World Wind - I downloaded this, it is pretty cool, you can view all kinds of places around the world.

That's all, I might update with some videos tomorrow. I am kind of sleepy. Later.

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404 posted Is Pedro There? on 2.25.2005
And Cy always doing what he can to help out 909. CLICK!

An image I found on CNN a few days ago. Haha.

Lucky Japanese.

Flying Lawn Mower
Nuclear Power
Organtic HTML - Not exactly sure how this works technically but it sure is cool.
Just Letters - Now this is neat, though it is hard to do with 50 others, just watching them is amusing.
First Home Brew Nintendo DS Game - Not really portable but cool none the less.
E-Mail Icon Generator - Tired of spam? Use this, not sure if they log emails but it is neat to try out.
The Five-Billion-Star Hotel - Space hotel, just read it.
Star Wars III - **SPOILERS** - Screen captures from Star Wars III.
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404 posted A few videos on 2.9.2005
Here is a few videos for ya.. more like these comming. Enjoy.

Nick Burns - Computer Crash - A SNL clip.
Parkour Video - Parkour is an underground sport, check it out. Very sweet.
Olds' Concept Car, sold 3.24m - Kind of old news but I thought it was pretty sweet.
Linux LiveCD Roundup - Ever wanted to switch to linux but don't know what to choose? Here ya go.
Screen Capture Software - Yeah Windows only, a pretty cool program to make tutorials or whatever with it, check it out.
Martha Stewart to host next Apprentice - Hmm, go to jail and get your own tv show, not too shabby.
Finding network cams via google - This is quite old and I was going to post but forgot, you can use google to find open network cams and spy on people.
$5.99 Speakers, shipped - Not nothing to brag about but for $6 you can't really pass it up if you are in the market for a pair of desktop speakers. One day sale.

I would also like to take the time to say R.I.P. LokiTorrent and Torrent Stop you served us well. I will have a round up of some alternitives for you BitTorrent users later. In other news, is for sale, interested buyers include but are not limited to: Google, Yahoo, The New York Times Company, the AOL unit of Time Warner and AskJeeves, asking price is 350m to 500m.

russ adds: is still online for torrents, its in swedish but its fairly easy to relate the words and the torrents are in english ;)

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404 posted Free LEGAL Movie on 1.29.2005
Well I found this link a few days ago and I was like ah what the hell I should let everyone know so here is your free LEGAL movie download from Southwest. Enjoy.

Free Movie

Edit. I forgot I had these, but I came across a whole while of old Nintendo and Sega commercials. I got one to show you and tell me how you like it in the new comments section. :D

BTW, that file is hosted on a mirror of ours no worries ;). -4

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CyBoRg posted Oh.My.GAWD! on 1.1.2005
We finally have 2 pics up! The first 2 pics were sent by.. well idk wtf sent them so.. yeah. Whoever sent them, send me another e-mail with your 909 name and coke name. I shall giveth you some furnith for being the firsith to sendeth some piciths that i gotith. Thank You..ith.
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CyBoRg posted HAPPY NEW YEAR on 12.31.2004

Happy New Year from all the 909 staff! We've endured one more year of many things happening in this world. Many people have died from various events, but 909 hasn't. Thank you everyone for participating on this site and keeping it alive. Hopefully this will be one more year of 909. Happy New Year everyone. Enjoy! And remember... just 3 more years until Nader becomes President. HAR!
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CyBoRg posted CONTESTTT on 12.30.2004
Okay! We've decided to end the contest a little early (the one about the poem blah blah) and we have the winners! Dan (Liable), did lots of reading and lots of research and he finally got 3 winners.
  • First place: Cruise
  • Second place: OiPunk
  • Third place: Danny
    If you wanna view their crap, click one of these:
    --> Cruise
    --> OiPunk
    --> Danny

    To collect your prize just contact me via 909 Mail whenever you're on Coke and I'm online. Ty for playing, and good job.
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    CyBoRg posted Pykchurz on 12.29.2004
    Peoplez.. we're gunna try and see what's going on over here so try sending in pics to 909. Send em over to 100s of people have been telling me they send me e-mails but I don't get shiz. So send em over to there. WHEN YOU SEND THE PICS TO ME, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE PICS INSERTED INTO THE EMAIL. If you can't send me the e-mail, add CyZ WorldZ to your buddy list and send it to me through AIM. And if any of you dare sending me a virus or keylogger, your mom=mine. KTnxox luv u all NADER 2008!

    RuSs SEZ:Forum Guidlines UpDaTeD.

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