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green tree O'Donnel, O'Donnell, Giggan (G'heggan), Stith, Steele

O'DONNEL -(aka O'Donnell)- Family Tree

Jane Lillian O'Donnel 1869; d.1958; emigrated from Ireland, via Scotland, to Philadelphia, PA, at about age 13 (ca. 1882)with about 5 sisters, *see below, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; She is my great-grandmother First marriage: to __ Giggan, first name unknown, years unknown; Second marriage to Edward Stith 1 Child from first marriage=Helen Giggan
Edward Stith Second husband of Jane Lillian O'Donnel b. (?), d. (?); no other information 4 known children: Charles, Robert, Edward,Jr., and Marie
Charles Stith (my Uncle Charlie), child of Edward & Jane; was married b. (?), d. (?); no other information I believe he had several children
Robert Stith child of Edward & Jane; I don't remember him. b. (?), d. (?); no other information  
Edward Stith, Jr. child of Edward & Jane, I don't remember him. b. (?), d. (?); no other information  
Marie Stith, child of Edward & Jane (my Aunt Marie), married to __ Scull, & divorced. b. (?), d. (?); no other information if children, unknown
Helen M. Giggan my grandmother, took the stage name of Helen M. O'Donnel / O'Donnell; aka Helen Steele b. June 3, 1891; d. December 6, 1932 at age 41 children: Robert Raymond Steele, Jr., Jane Lillian Steele
Robert Raymond Steele, Sr., FIRST (?) marriage to Helen M. Giggan, aka Helen M. O'Donnel;SECOND (?) marriage to Doris __(?) they had no children b. July 13, 1892; d. 1953--in Florida at age 61 2 children from first marriage to Helen=Robert Raymond, Jr., and Jane Lillian
Robert Raymond Steele, Jr., married to Muriel "Lee" Hamilton b. March 1912(?), d. 1998(?) 3 children=Jeffrey, Jonathan, and Nancy
Jane Lillian Steele married 1936 to Arthur W. D. Harris b. 1916 4 children=Anthony Bradley Arthur Harris, Patricia Harris, Diana Isobel Harris, Juliana Harris

Thomas Heron married to Helen aka Nelly, sister of Jane Lillian O'Donnel b. (?), d. (?); 5 children = Thomas, Robert, James, Mary, Margaret. no other information
John Kerr married to Catherine aka Kate, sister of Jane Lillian O'Donnel b. (?), d. (?); lived in Camden, had 2 sons. no other information

The origin of O'DONNEL ancestry is Irish. County of Donegal; Town of Donegal. Emigration, via Scotland, to Philadelphia, PA, USA. Residences in the USA in the States of Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, New York, Connecticut, Michigan, Massachusetts.
Miscellaneous notes found in family papers:
Mrs. Lillian Waldin, 6343 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA. = who is this?

A short story: