Following the collapse of Communism in Russia, The CoMission began sending people to help teach a curriculum on religious knowledge and moral values to Russian school teachers. These men and women were in turn teaching portions of the curriculum to the school children. World Partners USA participated in The CoMission and a number of people from the Missionary Church served as teachers and team leaders.

When The Comission assignments concluded, a number of the participants went on to become World Partners USA missionaries in various locations.

Some returned to Russia in 1995, and World Partners began its cooperative relationship with St. Petersburg Christian University in St. Petersburg, Russia. Missionaries began filling roles as professors and administrators, assisting in the training and enrichment of future pastors and Christian workers. World Partner volunteers have also gone to Russia and assisted the University with construction and remodeling of facilities.

The University's reputation and credibility is growing each year. On July 6, 2001, St. Petersburg Christian University entered a new phase, receiving a license for educational activities in Russia, granted by the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation.

Students who graduate from St. Petersburg Christian University relocate to many places throughout the former Soviet Union and other locations around the world to serve in Christian ministry.

Facts about Russia:
Size: 17,075,400 sq. km. or 6.5 million sq. mi.; Population: 146,933,847; Language: Russian; People Groups: Indo-European 88.7%, Turkic-Altaic 8.2%, Finno-Ugric 2.3%, Other 0.8%; Religion: Freedom of religion is written into the constitution. There is no formal state church, but Orthodoxy's 1,000-year history gives the Church enormous political influence; Missionaries: 8