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-4- About the game, P. N. 03

This column is going to be the last column, so I'd like to talk about the game P. N. 03.

To be honest, after I finished this project, my feelings were "This game doesn't have so much catchy point" "I wanted to put little more time into it" and a lot more.

Because the main character is human, people think this is an action game, but for me, P. N. 03 is a shooting game. I want people to feel blast by just pressing the button and destroy all the enemies. Maybe the game is a simple game, but I want people to feel "pure old Nintendo game style". (Maybe not many people like this kind of pure feelings.... but.... ) Also, I think it is good part of the game that the users can be able to change Vanessa's aegis suits to customize users own Vanessa.

I know, it not much story to tell, but still on the Vanessa and client's talk scene, it is simple but still you can see their selfishness and it is fun to read it, so I want to people to enjoy it too.

About the difficulty of the game, I made a big different between Easy and Normal. People can go sooooo easy on easy mode, but Normal mode, I wanted people to feel achievement. Maybe it depends on which mode you played, as to hoe you feel the game. But I just want you to play on whichever mode you want.

I'm currently moved out from the department head position, and trying to concentrate on game development.

I'll be happy to see you again with my other masterpiece games in the future.

P. S. Thank you for putting up with my stupid column until the end. :)

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